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Jared Gaither, You Big Lazy @&$&@":!'

I’m just getting time to sit down and really process this whole ridiculousness of Jared Gaither going onto the IR. What in the flying eff is that?!?!? What did we get from him this season? How injury prone is this guy?!?

He starts out training cramp camp with a whole body cramp. A WHOLE BODY CRAMP!! He blamed it on the lack of hydration. The water boy really screwed us on that one! A WHOLE BODY CRAMP! That is the first time I have ever heard that excuse, but I am no doctor.

Then he gets through one practice and starts having back spasms. He has barely made it through one practice before these “back spasms” started showing up. I have heard that sitting on a fat wallet could jack up your back and spine. Thanks Jared for proving that to be a true story. These back spasms lasted the whole preseason and through the first few regular season games.

His teammates gave him the nickname “ghost” early in training camp because of the new car he bought. Based off of his twitter pictures, it looked like he bought a brad spankin new Rolls-Royce Ghost (you can check the price tag on that). Who knew that Ghost would be a foreshadowing of his status on the season? Wonder if his car came with back massagers.

For some reason, Gaither was able to play both games against his former team the Kansas City Chiefs. Each time he was coming back from an injury to step into the game! That wasn’t fishy at all!

Against the New Orleans Saints, he had a great showing, but in the final minutes his body started breaking down again and he pulled a groin or something. He pulled up lame and allowed a game ending sack and fumble on a drive when we were marching. He could have pulled himself from the game, but he would rather hurt the Chargers in any matter possible.

Gaither is due a butt ton of money still. He is robbing the team and waiving his middle finger in the air while doing it. At least we were prepared for the situation and have undrafted free agent Mike Harris to back him up… SIGH.

Philip Rivers must love knowing that his back side is being covered by an undrafted free agent. No wonder his passes accidentally land in his receivers hands! I’m so excited to see how the offense looks in the final few games of the year. Expect some records to be broken!

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  • veazy

    I’ve seen Marcus McNeill once or twice on Football Night in San Diego. If he’s stuck around that might mean he’s open to returning, but based on what he had to say on Smith and Turner, I think he’s hoping they get fired before he returns.

  • RussinSactown

    He got what he wanted. Someone to pay for a few games performance. And AJ walked right up with a check.

  • sd blues

    I read an article at the beginning of the season that said what a bargin Gaither was, only costing about half of what the top tackles make. Do ya think ya got a bargin now AJ?

  • arnie

    Hold on. let’s back up for minute. gaither was good pick-up in the last 5 games of last season. and to not re-sign him for his play, we probably would have asked for AJ’s head. However signing him for that much, was not what i had in mind.

    But the real issue is, “How did we did here?” Big mac had two neck injuries, an two pro-bowls before we got to gaither. i think that’s about 5 or 6 seasons. at what point did the charger organization think, it was not necessary to “look” at the draft (above the 3rd round) for his replacement? the answer to that question, is the reason why we got “Big lazy”. With BigMac down, the chargers felt they didn’t have a choice. big lazy knew it, his agent knew it. most of all, the chargers knew what they were getting, but gambled on the up side.

    my point, let’s not get upset with a player, for being who he is. let’s stay focused on the “real” problem. How did we get here?


  • Ted L

    That’s why the Ravens let him go. He was known to be lazy and have fake injuries that would leave him out of commission for games at a time. Ton of talent, but absolutely no drive to be successful. He is just in it for the paycheck. That was his reputation coming out of Baltimore, but I guess San Diego thought a change of scenery would change him. Not surprised to hear he’s up to his old tricks.

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    I have had a whole body cramp. It’s called labor and only women have it.