Chip Kelly Could Have Eyes For the NFL Next Season

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly could have his eyes set for the NFL next season. Kelly showed his hand past offseason when he nearly took the job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He would be another hot name for teams like the Eagles, Panthers, Chargers, Jets and Cowboys to look at.

It appears, according to those close to Kelly and the University of Oregon, if the Ducks win the National Championship this year, it will be followed by Kelly’s inevitable move to the pros.

A source close to Kelly who didn’t want to be identified told Dodd that if the Ducks win the national championship, Kelly will have accomplished everything he wants to accomplish in college football, and will turn his attention to the NFL.

San Diego fans would almost be happy with any name other than Norv Turner. Could the Chargers bring another offensive mind to town? The offensive style would be very different, but it could be explosive.

So, Chip Kelly and Jon Gruden on the potential list. Who else is going to be available at the end of the season?

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  • syco kali

    Bill Cowher talked about going bacc to the NFL as a HC. I believe Tony Dungy was also talking about it.

  • blu3ny3llow

    Cant believe ppl still want Cowher……14 yrs ONE superbowl (i know its better than none) i would rather take a chance on a new face thats currently doing something in college or Nfl other than in broadcasting

  • arnie

    this would be a welcome chnage. the patriots have already gone to Oregon to see how Kelly has gotten so much success in a short time.

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  • 1961 Fan

    Leave it to Dean Spanos to screw things up; A. J. Smith still has two years (2013-14) remaining on his contract and if he fires Norv he will eat that last year on Turners contract. The cancer that plagues the Bolts franchise is at the top in Dean Spanos and his very poor decisions in choosing who guides the Chargers. If Smith is left in charge he will find a way to screw things up.

  • 1961 Fan

    News: Marty Schottenheimer in talks with the Chiefs. What position, who knows?
    Interesting match up for the 2013 season; the Bolts “new HC” against the Marty led Cheifss. Let the new season begin.

  • James P Derrick

    I’ll buy in…..after today, it can’t get worse…so if Chip can be the next HC, who’s the next GM? AJ caused this ship to sink too….

  • miketuck

    To good to be true, Spanos would never stoop to getting a proven winner like Chip. Funny I’m a Duck fan too! Until some of the local writers and owner of the Chargers pull their head out of their @## the Chargers will not be contenders. Even a NOVICE like me knows this BOOGA. The defense this week was terrific, and we still have a offensive line that needs complete overhauling. Smith is satisfied with big guys whether they have good feet or not. Our guys tryed to pull to get out in front of Mathews several times and fell 15 ft short of doing so. Offensive lines win games. Smith,Spanos and Turner paid no attention to the O-line this off-season with Booga and a torrent of readers applauding the upgrade in defense. Johnson OLB failure, McClain FB Failure, All the extra D-help up front no help. Why. Again in tight situations pagano is rushing 4 using the 4th as a excuse for a blitze. Johnson couldn’t get past the line most of the time. Ingram and Barnes are being wasted.

    But all in all it’s what this novice said the beginning of summer, we have to get some veteran oline help, draft some help, and let the defense stand since it is the system that is failing and not the personnel. I’d love to gloat but I’m just sad that so many so-called experts can’t see the forrest for the trees. Rivers I backed until he stood up for Norv, they blew it letting Lee go as a back-up. In a great team, Rivers would have been pulled to give him some perspective. But money plays in this league. if your getting more cash you’ve bought your spot on the 1st unit.

    Everyone points to Smith and Turner, but the problem here is their employer, Spanos doesn’t have a clue. he’s playing Corporate earnings insted of winning football and the profits to follow. he hired a lousing Coach when fisher, Cower, Chuckie and more saw the potential the Chargers had and where the flaws were. My statements haven’t been far off from what these winning Coaches have said. But it’s easy to look back at Superbowl teams that continued their winning year aftwer year and see why. Ernie knows it well! Family first, take care of your guys. Spanos and Smith stepped on a LBing legend with little reguard for his years in San Diego. That told the community just what kind of owner they now have.

    To put it in a nutshell, don’t blame the QB that can’t get out of the way of his own shadow when his front line stinks. Don’t blame Mathews when there isn’t a hole big enough for a flea to squeeze through. Anderson joins the troops and is better than the Royal/Meachum’s hullabalooed joining of our WR staff. That’s because Smith looks for sellers not players. brown Anderson and Floyd are a great unit. I said Brown was twice the WR Meachum was and still is even injured. Recievers aren’t suppose to be barnburners. Quick feet, precise route runners, and great hands. gates and Rosario are great, but it was Chandler that Smith released!!! Welker Smith released, and on and on. Marty was 14-2 and fired by Smith ( he didn’t win in the playoffs, Tomlinson had a boo-boo) so Smith fires him. He wanted his son to help coach and he’s doing great elsewhere. Every decision Smith has made has cost the SD Chargers. Ego that wasn’t deserved, riding on Butlers coat tails. I LOVE MT CHARGERS AND I DO KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT WINNING SPORTS< I WON"T QUIT MY TEAM BUT I"LL BE DAMNED IF SOME LITTLE YOUNG WRITER THAT CALLS ME A NOVICE GETS AWAY WITH IT. Booga grow up alittle and learn by watching your team, get alittle history behind you before you think you know it all.

  • miketuck

    One other thing I hope you noticed. I called out for the offense to set different rythems to their game so they weren’t so predictable even if the plays Turner calls are a dead giveaway. Rivers has one speed, and he has shown it week after week. he doesn’t even try to change up his cadence or speed up his game. If he has to take that much time to read the defense, he’s playing right into the other teams hands. he’s playing their game and not his own. No matter what the defense does he needs to call his play get to the line and execute the play. The way you make a defense guess your plays is by changing up the rythum of the game and the speed it is played. Any sport depends on keeping the opponent off balance. The amount of different looks or the amount of plays is secound to how you run your game. You can’t approach a game at the same speed every play, the idea is to lead the dance not follow. Next year Rivers needs to get in shape and have to compete with someone other than a clipboard. jarret lee had 1. Feet, he proved his ability to scramble and move in the pocket, 2. His release was very quick because he read the defense just as quick, 3. he got rid of the ball safely when he had to, which made his percantage pretty good. Everyone of these attributes worked well with a substandard line, which is giving them more credit than they deserve. OLine, it isn’t your fault, you were given 0 help from your owner/management. Bottom line; It should be the end of Smith, Turner, Rivers and if Chip Kelly were approached by Spanos he best be given all control of the Chargers to creat a winner.