Robert Meachem - "You don’t want to be somebody that got your coach fired."

The players don’t have blinders on. They don’t have ear muffs. They hear what the fans and the media say. They hear about the head coach, the general manager and the quarterback.

Here is what Robert Meachem recently said on the NC Times:

“You hear about your coach, and they talk about firing your coach. You don’t want to be somebody that got your coach fired. You don’t want to be somebody that they talk about your quarterback because they said the year before he threw this many picks and all the sudden now, five picks or nine or however many he threw, three of them were for me.

The talk is getting louder and louder. FIRE NORV! FIRE AJ!
Fans are pointing fingers in all directions. Philip Rivers is a turnover machine. Ryan Mathews needs to learn how to hold onto the football. Robert Meachem just SUCKS. Antonio Gates is old. The corners can’t cover anybody.

If the losing continues, the players will start to point fingers at each other. Losing becomes a habit. The confidence has dwindled down to nothing. Our three straight losses will do that to you. It is not just the losses, it is the way that we lost. Our hearts have been ripped out.

Together, they must stop the landslide and fight out of the funk.

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  • sd blues

    Then don’t be the reason the coach got fired or the QB has 3 xtra picks. All you have to do is get open and catch the ball. And once you master that Meach you can run. But don’t worry, you’re not the only reason he’s getting fired

    • Ernie Padaon


  • Russell Grant

    He won’t be the only reason for Norv to get fired. The team needs to decide if they are here to compete and win or here for a paycheck. The answer to that will decide if Norv is fired.

  • Pete Spinning

    Poor guy…… NOT!!!!!!!!

  • Ernie Padaon

    he gets a chance to win the game by one WIDE OPEN catch and we get that!!!! wow

  • Pete Spinning

    Oh… and this feeling of disappointment he is having is NOTHING compared to how the fans have felt since this team has been driven into the ground, repeatedly. Glad you got a taste of that stomach ache too, Meach… hurts, don’t it? ; )

    • Stefanie Smith

      Puts a knot in my stomach any time I watch the Chargers. Used to be fun, but not anymore.

  • arnie

    it’s not about one play or any one player, getting Norv fired. It’s not like Norv won a three superbowls as a HC before he came here. This is about a body of work, Norv had complied “AS” a HC, long before he got here. While his tenure here, he has not done much, to change that. While it has been said Dan Snyder was a “meddler” with the redskins, and All Davis ran a dysfunctional team. That these are the reasons why it wasn’t Norv fault and it should not be held against him, while he was the HC at those franchises.
    Meach…that’s the problem. it’s always something with norv. the injuries is why we lost, Not Norv. Norv didn’t throw these picks. Norv didn’t fumble the ball. Norv doesn’t let the QB get sacked, repeatedly. it always something, never Norvs’ fault.
    Well i got news, Norv is not in Washington or oakland. as a matter of fact, not only does Alex and Dean Spanos not “meddle”, they have rolled out the red carpet for Norv, and got him some of the best players, with a 14-2 record, to get the job done.
    it’s not you. it’s team effort on this one. everybody has done there part to Help Norv out the door (and AJ).
    so let’s try the one reason you and the rest of the Norv apologist fail to accept.
    Norv is a good “coach”, just NOT a good “Head Coach”. and the facts back that up.