Chargers 6 - Browns 7: Can We Fire Norv Now?

What an ugly ugly game!!!! Rain and wind throughout the game.


There is no chill pill for this! There is no way to excuse this! We just lost to the Browns!!!! Tomorrow, headlines need to read “the San Diego Chargers fired Norv Turner.”

What else can you say about this? Jeromey Clary had more catches than Robert Meachem!!! We couldn’t score a touchdown!

Wonder what the PR department will tell me about this game! We have played AWFUL!

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  • 619chargers4life

    our D did there part and they been doing there part for the most part. we can only score if our D or ST gives us a short field. its been that way for the past three games. norv dont know how to call a 90 yrd drive. so sad . he is canned and im sure if we lose again we will see a post on craigslist that the chargers are accepting application. but as E put it. FIRE NORV NOW!!!!!

    • Matt Dorlaque

      The Spanos family should sell the team. Archie Manning called it. We are a classless (AJ Smith and the PR man), clueless (Spanos family, Norv Turner), and incompetent (all of the above) organization.

      • arnie

        when Archie Manning was apart of a losing organization, then i guess he’s an expert at recognizing “disfunction”.

  • Keenan Rickless

    Haha I love this loss. If anything set up a position to fire Norv its this game. Loss to Falcons? Good team. Loss to Saint? Good team. Loss to Manning? Good team. Loss to Browns??? lololololololol
    I hope this is the moment. This is where we fire our Offensive play caller. 0 TDs and a loss to the Browns.

    • Ernie Padaon

      But will they actually make the move? Idiots up there

      • 619chargers4life

        God Willing!!!!

      • Russell Grant

        AJ won’t fire “his man”. We’re stuck with him.

    • Ignatius

      Remember that they lost against the interim for the interim coach.

  • Nomorenorv

    Unbelievable. Very disappointed. I can’t close a game at all on either side. What is this crap?

  • bolthead612

    I don’t know what to say… a joke i guess! D played good, except i wish Bigby could catch the ball for a pick six. Meachem is playing like shit and our play calls are suspect! Its hard to Bolt Up!

  • 619chargers4life

    why run on 2nd and extra long. so so sad

  • jacobk5

    How do you lose 6-7 coming off a bye…. to the BROWNS?! If Norv doesn’t get fired by the end of the season, I’m done with this organization. Life is way too short to invest in a garbage
    organization like this.

    • Ernie Padaon

      He needs a pink slip waiting for him when he gets off the plane!

  • JoseSD

    Ive had enough fire Norv now, bench Bigby til he learns how to wrap up a RB, not to bite on play action, and how to catch. Start Mike Harris at RT. Move Meachem to the slot as soon as Royal or V Brown come back. Theres too many things wrong to name them all

  • Stefanie Smith

    Something has to be done. Why do the Chargers expect the stands to be filled to watch something like that in SD and at a high price? It’s not supposed to be painful to watch the Chargers.

  • Stefanie Smith

    And AJ Smith is just as responsible for the deterioration of the Chargers. He should be told to start packing also.

    • Keenan Rickless

      This off season was too little too late. Trying to replace V. Jax with Meach was a mistake. And Troutman SEEMS like a wasted pick but we will see, I haven’t passed judgement on him yet.

      • blu3ny3llow

        Mark my words Troutman will be a pro bowler… carl nicks…believe that

        • Keenan Rickless

          Awesome! Can’t wait for him to get healthy.

        • veazy

          Where do the Chargers plan on placing him? Guard or tackle?

          • blu3ny3llow

            I say left guard..i think he has what it take to win the job over green….i think harris will give clary a run for his money

          • tiiiiiiiiiiits11

            Clary must be replaced ASAP, and head coach, and general manager

        • JoseSD

          I thought it was a good pick, I think they said he never allowed a sack or had a false start at Penn State as a starter. Too bad he had that pectoral tear hopefully he can takeover left guard when healthy, Tyronne Green is terrible

      • Pete Spinning

        I know Keenan! I wasn’t under the delusion that Meachem was going to be AS good as V-Jax… but DAAANNGGG! Homeboy is just invisible! When he’s not invisible, he sticks out like a sore thumb by dropping crucial passes. What a disappointment. And Royal’s hamstring is shot, apparently.. he either can’t stay on the field, or is playing hurt. He has been borderline useless. I have to give some peeps credit.. the ones who said they were a bad idea. I never really liked V-Jax’s attitude, but they were right. He was much better than this crap… even if he was too expensive.

    • Rudy Rivapalacio

      Agreed. AJ built this roster with sub par drafts and poor free agency decisions. AJ is also the guy who shoved Marty out and HAND PICKED Norv.

      “Fire AJ” should be the mantra for Chargers fans. Firing Norv is academic.

      • Richard Harrington


  • John Thorley

    I’ve had it, I will not watch another charger games with Norv as head coach. I paid for filet mignon and all I’m getting is fatty hamburger. enough is enough. where the hell is the “genious” in the offensive genius. I hope the rest of the home games are blacked out so I won’t be tempted to watch them.

    grow a pair for gods sakes Deano.

  • Jeff Holliday

    I do not think this team cares about winning. It’s pathetic.

  • veazy

    Can the Chargers please trade for DeAngelo Williams? I can’t believe Matthews still doesn’t have his shit straight.

  • Ignatius

    I’ve been saying this since the last year and there’s nothing that will change my mind. I thought this game was a win-win for the Chargers, I mean, if they win well it’s always good and if they lost then Norv has one more step out the door, hopefully!

  • RussinSactown

    Guessing PR will tell us to start drinking heavy.

  • RussinSactown

    I’ve been ready to see Norv fired for the last two years. If AJ fires Norv then he has to admit he was wrong in hiring me. Anyone see that happening? I don’t.

  • arnie

    “…Hey, it’s just one game…” Mr weddle? Mr.Rivers? mr Turner? right? isn’t that what you told us, with a little smirk on you’re faces? four games later.
    No. it’s not just one game. it’s a pattern.

  • Jeremy Meyer

    New stadium for the Chargers in San Diego??? Not with city and taxpayer funds. This team is awful and Dean Spanos need to clean house now rather then later.

  • 1961 Fan

    Stop complaining to each other. If you want something done here is the place to complain. Write to:
    Dean Spanos
    San Diego Chargers
    4020 Murphy canyon Rd.
    San Diego, Ca. 92123

    Tell him what you think, I did!
    How can a person judge the fans level of frustration unless they hear it from you?

  • Pete Spinning

    Ya know… I was in Idaho all weekend, and my Charger friend up there offered to put the game on. I told him “No Thanks”, and we went to breakfast instead. Even though we were playing the lowly Browns, I didn’t want to take the chance of ruining an almost flawless weekend. Later that day, I landed at the Phoenix airport, and I was holding my phone in my hand… contemplating whether or not I should look (this is what I have become, thanks to Dean Spanos). I figured I was heading to the bar for my layover anyway, and was simply postponing the inevitable. The Chargers website loaded, and there it was… “Chargers drop ugly game to Browns: 7-6″. I just chuckled, and said aloud “7-6.. yikes”. Normally, I would have been absolutely livid, but I wasn’t. That’s because after the Denver game, they can’t disappoint me any worse than that. Not even the Saints game really broke my will, as there was some bad officiating at the end. I have now come to accept that this is a bad team, with a bad coach. Maybe not AS much on defense… but, the offense is atroscious. I haven’t said that in so many years, that I can’t even remember the last time I did. I guess the decision they made during the bye-week, was to not only lose to elite teams, while beating up on bad teams… but, to start being the punching bag for the bad teams, as well. We are officially a “slump-buster” team. Furthermore, I will continue to get excited for Chargers games every week this season (despite this feeling)… kind of like a labotamy patient gets excited for chocolate pudding on visiting day. Go Chargers!!!!

    • akiva96

      Mna. I am in the same boat – it doesnt even affect me anymore when they lose – I just don’t care. I told my family not to buyt me any more Chrger gear for B-days and holidays as long as Norv is at the helm.

  • Dominic Seoane

    look we need a running back 4 wr’s and a coach

  • desertrose6

    It’s not Norv and it was not Marty. It is not Rivers and it was not Brees. It is a control freak bully called the GM. AJ needs to go so everyone else can do their jobs without a micro manager on an ego trip.

  • desertrose6

    I also heard from a very reliable source that Nat is perfectly healthy. He is on IR due to a spat with AJ.

  • Gene Fields

    I’ve been a Chargers fan since the days of Tommy Prothro (for you ‘young bucks’, that’s a loooooong time ago) but, this last game is the last straw!! Go Seahawks!

  • Dean Spanos

    Aj Smith and Phillip Rivers are the real problem..not Norv.