Melvin Ingram Getting Less and Less Playing Time

Melvin Ingram is seeing less and less of the field. Through the first 4 weeks of the season, it looked like the team was prepping him to take over a majority of the snaps at outside linebacker.

Over the last couple of losses, Melvin has been getting less playing time. He has seen less than 23 percent of snaps in both those games. In both those games, we had a nice lead at the half and knew that the opposition would try to pass the ball to get back into it, but Melvin was still on the bench.

In the last game against the Denver Broncos, Melvin only saw 14 snaps! Against the Saints, he only took 21 snaps which was 29% of the defensive snaps.

When we know a team is going to try and pass the football to make a comeback, wouldn’t it be in our best interest to keep our best pass rushers in the game? When the Saints and Broncos are trying to mount a comeback, wouldn’t it be best to put Melvin in the game?

Maybe the Chargers don’t want to use Melvin in a prevent defense? Maybe we shouldn’t ever use that stupid prevent defense!

Even though Melvin is still looking for his first sack of his career, he is a far superior pass rusher to Jarret Johnson. He constantly is getting pressure on quarterbacks and he uses his short arms and athleticism to bat down passes at the line. Johnson has never had more than 6 sacks in a season and has never been considered a good pass rusher.

The Chargers need to find a way to get Melvin on the field. He has big play potential, but can’t contribute anything on the sideline. Let Supa Melvin PLAY!

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  • Dan Locke

    Johnson’s 4year $19m contract seems crazy now. Wonder what that money could’ve done to help our OL or CB!?!? I’d love to see what Ingram could do with more snaps and get in flow of a game.

    • Arnie

      My goodness you are correct Dan. an i agree with you. i broke out these numbers to get a little perspective. we’re paying JJ $19 mill, Royal $13.5 mil, Meachum $25 mil, an Gaither $25 mil, an none of these players are making any real impact? English, he’s only making $1.1 mil this year. and we all know Dombrowski and Clary are not “long” term answers on the OL.
      who said we couldn’t pay VJ an Sproles?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1311604274 Russell Grant

    I like JJ for the experience but Melvin brings the heat on the rush and even if he doesn’t get the sack, getting the QB to hear footsteps is invaluable. Melvin’s seeing less snaps in the last two games. What’s our record in the last two games again? Someone needs to be in the mix a little more.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      i cannot understand how we use personnel on this team. Melvin on the sideline. Mathews on the sideline.

      can we get some playing time for these youngsters!!!!

      • veazy

        I just wanted to see 54 get his first sack.

      • Jose Martinez

        Totally agree! Mathews only 6 carries in second half against Denver after running so well in first half. And, was Manning even sacked the whole game? Wasn’t Ingram Rookie of the Year material. I’m so pissed off!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.bushby.773 Andrew Bushby

    Of course he’s seeing less playing time…. Look at our brilliant coaching staff!!! He’s a beast, they have proven they can’t put our guys in position to succeed!!!

  • Ignatius

    Maybe he’s being punished because of that personal foul on Brees, anyhow, hope this time they let him roam free on the gridiron and do what he does best, rush the quarterback!

  • tubbs45

    The folks at ESPN Stats & Information have put together a great chart on rookie snap counts. Let’s look at some significant AFC West figures.

    Total snaps by team

    1. Denver Broncos: 513

    2. Kansas City Chiefs: 499

    3. San Diego Chargers: 326

    4. Oakland Raiders: 298

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      not trusting the draft class… so sad!

    • Jose Martinez

      More and more evidence is pointing towards coaching..or…. This season is becoming a scandal. There is a conspiracy theory that ownership wants to skip town. Why would disgusted fans fight to keep the Chargers in San Diego?