October 15, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer (23) is congratulated by head coach Norv Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers (17) after returning an interception for a touchdown during the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

A Norvous Breakdown



There were no words. I sat on my couch stunned, not wanting to believe what had just happened on Monday Night Football. There was an odd calm about me; no yelling, no cursing, as if I had just accepted my fate of being a Chargers fan. We had just blown a 24-0 lead and lost the game.


The Broncos came out in the 2nd half and easily drove down the field like a player playing Madden on Rookie difficulty.  The Chargers responded by driving right back down the field and were in field goal range, when IT happened.

Our offensive line finally didn’t just crack, it got the doors blown off it.  Elvis Dumervil blew right by Jeromy Clary and hit the ball as Philip Rivers was getting ready to throw. Watching on TV, the call could’ve gone either way.  It was a fumble and returned for a touchdown cutting the lead to 24-14.

The panic set in. We had all been down this road before. The Chargers have had a knack for letting momentum slip away and not being able to stop it. We don’t have that one coach, that one player who can fire up a team and get them to rally. We’ve been typecast as a soft team, and I have a hard time disagreeing.

The call to fire Norv Turner will be talked about as well as the questioning on if Rivers is still elite, or even a great quarterback. As a fan, we deserve the right to express our anger.

I personally thought Norv called a great game. Especially for the first 2.5 quarters. The players didn’t execute. Rivers went out there after every mistake and looked determined to win us the game. But, we ALL knew that our real weakness was OL and our cornerbacks. I can’t blame Rivers 100% when he has no time to throw. Our cornerbacks can’t cover anyone, and I lay this blame solely at the feet of A.J. Smith. We knew we had issues in the offseason and he didn’t address it.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a doctor’s appointment to see if they can prescribe anything to help calm this Norvousness.



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  • Pels04

    Ive always had Rivers’ back. This is the first time i am doubting him. When we were up 24-0 at the half i knew the game wasn’t over. I knew Rivers still had his 2 horrible throws per game coming. I even told my Bronco buddy that i expect the Broncos to make a push, i still thought the Chargers would win but i knew the Broncos would come back and make it close. It was embarrassing but not totally surprising. It may not be all Norvs fault but ive had enough of this. Im so sick of the roller coaster rides. We do have the talent to be an elite team. We just need elite coaching. I thought we would overcome it this year but this game has proven to me that nothing has changed and now i dont see any reason why things will change.

    • Dan Locke

      Completely agree. We all expected at some point the Chargers would find a way to let them back in. Like you I’m a big Rivers fan, but his deep throws are not what we have seen from him over last few years. He is pressing too much as well. I think we all thought that a coaching change would be made last offseason. I don’t think Chargers have any choice now but to fire Norv/AJ this offseason unless Bolts make deep playoff run.

      • arnie

        Actually i would like the organization to fire the GM, an Hire an OC. improve player personnel, while continuing to look for a viable HC replacement.

  • arnie

    WOW. i agreed with you, right up until you said, “I personally thought Norv called a great game..”. i don’t think Turner called a great game at all. My opinion,The first to scores came off 2 turnovers, caused by ST. which gave the offense a short field. this was after they went 2 straight, two an outs’. only one drive the chargers moved the ball, and scored a TD to Gates. The last was Jammer on the pick six. other than that, the offense was on cruise control, in the second half. Norv called run play after run play, like he was running out the clock. The offense could not move the ball consistently which has been a struggle for the Chargers, for the some time now.
    Now on the feeling of no yelling? That is called “acceptance” i am in a state where i don’t expect better than what happened on monday night. I know my team. why should you or i expect anything different with the same HC, and GM making the same decisions? But, i hope they spend the bye week digesting this loss, and making a run at the playoffs.

    • Dan Locke

      Good points, when I said “called great game for 2.5 quarters” I should’ve clarified that it was compared to last 2 games. I rewatched game this morning and he called plays that minimized risk and didn’t allow Broncos to exploit weak OL. It is sad that we don’t expect anything different from management. I haven’t been huge Norv supporter, but I lay much more blame at the hands of Dean Spanos and AJ Smith. Regardless of what happens this season, this game will be a turning point as to the direction we go.

      • arnie

        thanks for the clarification. i mis-read that. i agree this is on management, you will get no argument here. This is why i got off the Fire Norv bandwagon. Norv is a good coach, his resume says he’s not very good at being “The Head Coach”. His system, in dallas, is a direct reflection of his success as an OC, because of the quality of players. and the chargers do not have the personnel to make his system work the same way.

        Now i hear what you saying about the OL. but if five people that can’t stop a 4 man rush, it doesn’t matter. They don’t run slants or three step drops. they don’t disguise the run. and when they do, PR is looking down the field with two guys open underneath. My point is as HC you benched Mathews for one fumble. whether i like Charlie or not, you got to look to him, to go out there and not make more mistakes. keep it simple. Gates, Gates, and more Gates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.spinning Pete Spinning

    It’s just sad that we already came into this season handicapped. Whether it was good playcalling by Norv, or not…. if we DO make it to the playoffs this season… it will probably not be because of him… it will be in spite of him.