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Melvin Ingram Fined $15K For Hit on Drew Brees

Melvin Ingram was fined $15K ($15,750 to be exact) for his hit on Drew Brees on Sunday Night football.

You can’t lower your crown kid! AND you can’t hit him in the head! Drew Brees is a little guy, so you have to aim even lower, but then they might penalize you for going at his knees. Just don’t touch Drew I guess!

The kid has to learn to stay away from these penalties. They are unnecessary and they take away some huge plays and give back huge yards. Love the aggression. Just play smarter!

Just to make sure we get every dollars worth of that hit, I am going to put it on replay:

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  • Pete Spinning

    You know… I am going to keep my mouth pretty much shut on this, so I don’t rant. I have moved on from this game. But, would they have fined Clay Mathews, or Demarcus Ware, or JJ Watt.. or one of the NFL’s other golden boy DE’s for this hit? I am going to go with “HECK NO”!!!! They would have said it was incidental, and a bad call.

    • 619chargers4life

      i agree

    • joerockt

      Disagree. Brees IS the NFL golden boy. You will see laundry every damn time for a hit like this on him.

      • Pete Spinning

        Good point joerockt….. I agree with that too… Unless, of course, Brees was still on the Chargers. Then it would not have even been a penalty.

    • Max Schafer

      Yeah if it was blaine gabbert that got hit there wouldnt have been a penalty either.

  • Dan Locke

    Worst thing about that kinda call, is that the penalty had nothing to do with Brees throwing an INT. It was after the throw. That penalty ruling needs to be changed. I also think Ingram is getting frustrated, he is always so close to getting that sack…

    • Ernie Padaon

      yea… i agree with that. that rule should get looked at.

      I do think that Melvin is getting frustrated. he is getting the pressures but still hasnt gotten the reqard. His first sack coming against Peyton!

      • Stefanie Smith

        Melvin has to relax. Matthews or some other guy said. Sacks don’t tell the whole picture. Pressure on the QB is good also. He’s doing fine.

    • Derak Braidy

      Sorta like when you are going to punt and a defensive Penalty gives you the 1st down. Right. Maybe we should rewrite football. It took away the play!!!

  • Mark Viguri

    Sorry but Brees was NOT hit in the head. So is the rule a defender can’t hit a QB in the chest with his helmet? Is that the rule?

    • Mark Viguri

      Packers rookie Nick Perry put the same hit on Luck and was also flagged. In both plays neither QB was hit in the head, no blood and both jumped right up. Where’s the violation?

      • Derak Braidy

        Leading with the crown of the helmet. Against nfl rules.

    • Derak Braidy

      He was hit in the chin and Ingram was leading with the crown. Leading with the crown gets the flag every time.

  • Dave

    The facemask is on his number a fraction of a second after the ball is released. I’m not even sure he made contact with his head at all. Awful call and it cost us the game. What’s Ingram supposed to do? Ask him politely if he’d please fall to the ground?

  • Savage Lizard

    What a chickenshit flag!

  • arnie

    school stuff. keep your head up, lead with your shoulders, and wrap. melvin lead with the crown of his helmet and made contact with Brees head. i think it’s BS and i don’t like this call, regardless of who’s name is on the jersey. this is football. there is going to be contact. even head contact. that’s why they wear helmets. being a rookie, it’s up to the coaching saff an ingrahm, to correct this. with said, they will call this ever chance they get.

    • Derak Braidy

      Finally someone that’s got it right.

  • Rick

    Wow so hitting a LB in the knee and tearing his acl is a $10,000 fine but hitting a QB in the chest is a $15,000 fine?

  • Max Schafer

    HE DIDNT EVEN HIT DREWS HEAD! Melvins facemask was in his chest, just like it should be. No penalty, and we would have won.

    • Derak Braidy

      Again he led with the crown of the helmet and hit him in the chin. Leading with the crown will draw the flag. It doesn’t have to be in the head or helm it to helmet. The helmet is being used as a weapon when leading with the crown.

  • Pels04

    He’s young and he will learn from this, right call or not he needs to keep playin with the intensity he has been. I hope this doesn’t derail that. Kid will be a beast specially with a little experience under his belt. For the people calling for his head you need to remember that he’s a rookie that he isn’t even in the starting lineup yet.