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Chargers Lose to Saints: Questioning Norv Turner

Maybe this should be a weekly post. Whether we win or lose, there always seems to be some instance in which we question what the heck Norv Turner is doing on the field?

Of course when we lose, the questions are even larger! So, let’s begin:

Why didn’t we give the ball to Ryan Mathews more in the game? Why did we abandon the running game completely? We only rushed the ball 18 times in the game, but averaged of 6.5 yards per carry! Keep feeding the ball to the running backs. Even old man Ronnie Brown was gaining yards on the ground in his 2 carries!

Ryan Mathews was successful running the ball down the Saints throats, but they stopped feeding him the rock. We should have ran that ball at least 30 times last night!

Early in the game, we are on the 2 yard line, THE TWO, and about to put seven on the board. On first down, Jackie Battle rumbled for 4 yards up the middle to get the team at the 2. Every Chargers fans figured that we would just give it to Battle again and he would jump over the pile for a score. Maybe Norv thought the defense was thinking the same, because he decided to be cute on 2nd and 3rd down. Battle is great at the goal line and we should have pounded it through! Sure, Meachem and Gates should have caught the ball also, but they didn’t! That is 4 points off the board!

On the Chargers very next possession, Chargers have a 3rd down on the New Orleans 28 and Philip Rivers gets sacked for 8 yards. A 47 yard field goal, turned into a 55 yard field goal attempt and it was missed. Maybe we should have ran the ball with that successful running game on 3rd down and maybe we should have punted that ball away.

I can’t get too pissed at Norv for that 2-minute drill, even though we really suck at it. That 2-minute drill was dead with the refs calling every positive gain back with a huge penalty. Someone does have to be blamed for not seeing that Jared Gaither was hobbling around though. Cris Collinsworth noticed it easily from the booth and knew that the game would end with a sack, but nobody on the Chargers sidelines saw anything. We didn’t notice Kris Dielman stumble around last season either with a concussion. Does anyone even look at the field?

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  • arnie

    hey excellent article Ernie. you are correct on all points. you can’t blame Norv for what the officials call, or don’t call. however he can call a time out, to check Gaither out. Or assess how important this drive is, and get gaither some help. Or, keep feeding the RB the ball, to take the heat off the QB.

    I would only suggest, it’s not a matter of fault. rather who is responsible? Then how do you go about making corrections? Example?The penalty on ingrahm, is correctable.

    i’m not mad or the least bit upset at this loss. the chargers had this game won in the 2nd quarter. they left a lot of points on the field that would not have allowed Drew Brees to come back an win this game.
    The irony. Norv got beat by a team “With No Head Coach”.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      I didn’t think about that Arnie. Their head coach was in a luxury box…hmmmm Perhaps there was some communication going on?

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    I did not get the 55 yard FG attempt? Even Rivers was yelling at Norv that it was not the right move. Ugh.

    • Ernie Padaon

      right…. love when our QB second guesses our coach… that makes us look little league. SIGH

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        We are like the peanuts gang. ARGH!

    • boltingindiego

      On the 55 fg i blame rivers on it. Throw the ball away its a much easier 47 yd fg try.

  • Ignatius

    That picture is priceless, it almosts looks like Norv and Brees planned this from the begining.

  • Stefanie Smith

    This game was all about the Drew Brees show. Even the Sunday Night Football song only mentioned Brees. No pictures of any Chargers. We were the afterthought.

    • Ernie Padaon

      someone called it the WWE….and it really feels that way right now!

  • boltingindiego

    I question the refs when we spent our 2nd time out when Floyd clearly went out of bounds. I would rather lose 2 yards and save a time out then get 2 yards and waste a time out. Horrible call by the refs. Which then screws us on the Gaither part because we could have possibly spent a to on his injury for harris to sub and still have another to in the bag.

  • Will Raborn

    so predictable :/

  • aaron

    How about a overpaid loser at LT and a QB that moves like a turtle! Throw in some unfavorable calls and BAM! We lose. I am sick over this!