Chargers 24 - Saints 31: Start Venting Now

Start venting… GO!!!

We should have won this game!!! WOW!!! That was some crap in the second half! Why can’t we hold onto a fricking lead EVER and why does our 2 minute drill take 5 minutes?!?!?!?!? CRAP!!!!

What was up with those refs at the end of the game?! Where was the pass interference on Malcom Floyd on the interception and what were those penalties on the Chargers in the 2 minute drive?! THAT WAS CRAP!

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  • tiiitsss11

    Melvin Ingram ladies and gentlemen!!
    Antoine Cason, Jeromey Clary, and Quentin Jammer should not be starters on any team that is serious. But we are not a serious team. We are FUCCCking clown shoes

  • James P Derrick

    As fans, we’ve been Norved yet again…Yes I said it….Poor game management by thee Head Coach. I felt like I was watching last years squad all over again in the final minutes…..Very frustrating when all they need to do is play sound football, score, run up the lead (not hold onto it), and take the victory…..However, that isn’t the case with a Norv coached team, always gotta try fancy ass crap plays….Just punch the ball down their thoat Norv! It was a given how bad the Saints D has been and SD could not capitalize on it. Could have been 2 games up by now….Pffft…They can’t play like this and be a contender…..On to the next game….Go Chargers…

  • zeus619

    The game was ours, our defense was making plays and our offense was putting points on board. Secondary was horrendous jammer giving up ground and Cason being Cason, when is the front office finally gonna bring in another CB. Front 7 doing great but corners are blowing coverages. AJ hurry up and get a cornerback.

  • Morty

    Ingram messed up big on that third down play, defense did a good job holding them to three on that last drive. The call against gates was absolute horse shit, I want the replacement refs back. Funny how every bad call by them was highlighted but no one talking about the ridiculous calls made by these refs.

    • Evan bonahoom

      I dont think that was a mistake on ingram. How the hell are you supposed to stop your body from hitting someone in.3 sec notice? Straight up Bologna. The Refs just absolutely love BREES that PLAY changed the whole outcome of the game man.

      • Mark G

        I agree that it is ridiculous to expect a guy to play 100%, but not rush with his head down and stop on a dime. Brees milked that play by laying there waiting for the call. There is no doubt the refs were biased last night. Even my Steeler friend couldn’t believe that call – and the lack of calls for holding, pass interference….I really think part of the “make football safer” crap is allowing holding. There is holding on every play. Then they show their bias when they choose to be hypocrites and throw the flag. It’s ruining football. Did you see in college ball they can call “fair catch” for an onside kick now? Crazy.

        • Ernie Padaon

          for an onside kick… whats the point of onside kicking then>?!?!?!?!?!? WOW

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Worst. Officiating. Ever. Those were complete BS calls and cost us the game.

  • Dan L.

    Our corners can’t cover elite WRs. Cason so afraid of getting burned he plays 15 yards off with hips wide open. Norv got away from Mathews who was beasting tonite after we jumped out to 10 point lead. Have to rotate Harris is for Gaither, as he has worn down last 2 weeks. Refs screwed us. We’re still in 1st though, with critical Denver game next week.

  • peppybean

    Cheap penalties on the chargers and not enough penalties called on the saints!!!

  • Lance Vallery

    The Gates PI call was horrific and the non hold call where he was held had more contact then the supposed “PI he committed. HArris should have been subbed in as Gaither was clearly hurt. The ingram hit was a great hit but was just on one the shortest qb’s.

  • @BOLTSFAN1972

    I love my team but we needed that win!!! We’re headed into a tough part of our schedule !!!

  • Ernie Padaon

    what was that stupid offensive pass interference call!??!?!? that gets called NEVER! wow

  • Keenan Rickless

    Fuck this game
    That is all

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahahha… YES

  • Ernie Padaon

    i dont understand why ryan only has 12 carries in this game… we were leading most the game and we abandon the running game?!?! milk that clock!

    • Dave Hogan

      Norv does not know who is at RB at any given time, therefore Ronnie Brown subs for RM(at critical time) who had the hot hand,Brown missed blocks and ran backwards leading to Rivers Sacks, Reminded me of the Denver game last years loss in OT, Norv said the position coach dictates personnel, Mathews was running over the Denver D, But inexplicably Tolbert is subbed in, taking the Chargers out of FG range. Norv cannot make gut decisions. therefore losing record in one possession games

      • Pels04

        “Norv does not know who is at RB at any given time”. Shouldn’t someone, ANYONE, have noticed that Ronnie was in instead of Ryan after the first play?

  • Ernie Padaon

    12 carries for 80 yards!!! 6+ yards per carry and no sign they were going to stop him!

  • SDFAN1

    1.- with these cornerbacks don’t want to imagine a peyton manning 4th quarter comeback
    2.- SIT jerome clary
    3.- that PI call was shit!!!

  • Kenny

    inconsistent officiating… that is all

  • Dave Hogan

    Corners took the night off, Mathews is back, not a debilitating loss as the team seeks it’s identity. Abandoning the run game was really stupid with 2 and half minutes left,(w 3TO’s) would have avoided the penalty’s and who knows? Mathews seemed the only starter left with any gas in the tank to break and ability to score on a long run.. Denver divisional game is the key to the whole season next week at home

  • Kenny Redman

    What the hell was up with Norv having Novak kick a 55 yard field goal, knowing that the saints would get the ball on the 45 when he missed?

  • farfromabandwagoner

    ROBBERY to the fullest!!! Tihe pass interference against Gates was whack! Cut the momentum of the drive. This game rightfully belonged to the Chargers. Have to have a short memory on this one and move on with the focus….Donky week. CHARGERS did a great job though.

  • Ignatius

    The Chargers we high flying until that Ingram penalty turned it over, even Michaels said that the momentum changed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Norv Turner has to go! He again mismanages the game, plays affraid and always says the same stupid things.

    This team needs a new coach, period. I can’t believe he was unaware of Gaither’s injury, even Collinsworth called it! Keep Gaither out, insert Harris and the team may have a chance.

    I’m sick to my stomach because this game should have been ours and to add insult to injury, Brees of all people, brakes a longstanding record!

    Well, hope the Chargers beat the crap of fhe Broncos, then maybe then I could stomach the sight or Norval and AJ Smith.

  • Pels04

    That game was almost as bad as the seahwaks packers game. havent been this mad from a game in a ling time. So bad it got national attention. So many bad/missed calls I don’t even know where to start. It won’t be in the sports news tho. Just the saints highlights will

  • Mark G

    Ingram – Big rookie mistake, cost us a 14 point swing
    Our Corners – They don’t cheat by holding receivers back like the rest of the league – we better start if that is the way the refs are going to call it
    Officials – I don’t know the reason, but they were against the Chargers, especially last two minutes. Making up calls – OPI on Gates, holding, etc…disgusting!
    I pleaded with Norv to let Matthews run in the 4th QTR. The Chargers will never be great with him running our ship aground with emotional, immature play calling.
    I can only hope in San Diego next Monday night, the refs will be on our side for a change. Our front 7 will beat anybody if holding isn’t aloud as it was last night.

    • Keenan Rickless

      Now in no way am I saying what Ingram did was a good decision, BUT….That hit was clean on ANY other QB in the league save for Drew Brees and Russel Wilson. If it had been someone like Brady or Manning, the very same hit would have been in the chest, Brees is just itty-bitty.

      • Ernie Padaon

        hahahaha… i was thinking the same

  • blu3ny3llow

    Doesnt it seem godell n the nfl want to make good with new orleans all offseason all the bullshit bout bounty gate……seemed to me once we had a win a good chance to win the refs became saints fans…….BS

    • blu3ny3llow

      Yes i know ingram messed up lets trade him n mathews n rivers n cason n jammer……..oh yeah fire norv…..n aj smith……oh n cut clary….blah blah blah…….BOLTZ UP HATERS DOWN

      • Ernie Padaon

        hahahahahhahahaha… epic

  • Pete Spinning

    I’m not sure what was worse, Norv’s playcalling, the bad penalties, or Payton’s shirt.

  • Evan bonahoom

    4 or 5 drives of over 80+ yards wow. thats called shitty PASS D. Bigby WTF we got a stoner on the team… thats gay as hell

  • Pete Spinning

    I will never understand this hesitation with Mathews. One fumble, and now they avoid him like he’s cursed. Only 12 carries? Seriously? After what he was doing to their D? I just don’t get it. I was expecting them to not only punch them in the mouth with Mathews, but to KEEP punching them in the mouth!!! That did not happen, and we lost. And I’m also looking forward to opposing offenses getting at least one freebie TD per game, where either Cason or Jammer has no clue the receiver is in the endzone, while they are 20 yards in front of them.

    • Ernie Padaon

      and this is sooo true… SIGH

  • Brandon Reisinger

    As soon as the roughing the passer call happened on that pick six i said “Here we go, self destruct mode initiated”, Refs…… WTF!

  • David O

    Wanna throw a conspiracy theory out there, just to mix things up. Is it possible that the NFL REALLY wanted Drew Brees to win that game. Good to make the saints finally look like the good guys; good for the NFL as a whole; and, most importantly, good for ratings.

    • Pete Spinning

      I’ve been thinking that for years. There always seems to be SOME kind of Anti-Chargers move going into any game like this. Example.. out of nowhere the NFL suddenly decides to let a coach who they just banned for a bounty program, (and has been given a no-contact order) attend the game, and give a his team a HUGE motivational boost! Then, we start getting mystery calls from the refs, just when it looks like we are going to secure the win. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I got the feeling that everyone except for us wanted to see the Saints win.. and, lo and behold… TA-DA!!!! … phantom bad calls. I hate to sound like I’m bitching about the loss, but it gets old. You shouldn’t have to get a huge lead in all of your games, because the refs are routinely calling game-changing penalties against you.

  • arnie

    Why vent? the Chargers lost. it’s “…just one game.” isn’t it? they’re 3-2.
    Robert Mecheum showed up, for “TWO TD’S!!!” then politely disappeared for the rest of the game. Aside from that, the problem still remains, the offense still has difficulty scoring, consistently. most of it’s points came from the defense, and a short field. this is how the Bolts scored against the chiefs. defensive plays and short fields. you can’t depend on that from week to week. let’s not forget the ticky-tacky calls, that the bolts got on their final drive.

    but the most outstanding stat. Norv got out coached by a team with “no head coach”. a new low for Norv.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i seemed to see their head coach a lot on the television last night… haha

  • Bill Stockwell

    The Chargers have rarely been able to close out a close game (sorry Acee), even go back to the LT era…..just not enough grit to put somebody away…always soft…..too bad
    Bolt Fan for Life

  • Jorden r medina

    Who blows a 24 point halftime lead?????? You guys are killing me