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“The starter, we’ll find out on the first play of the game” – Norv Turner

The starter, we’ll find out on the first play of the game – Norv Turner

As much as I want to know who will be the starting running back for the Chargers on Sunday night, it is better that Norv just keeps it quiet. Why give up any extra information for the Saints defense.

Who is the starter? Doesn’t matter!

Whoever does well will get the reps. That is the way it is going to be.

If Jackie Battle is trucking over people for 10 yard gains, then keep giving him the ball! If Ryan Mathews is slashing through the defense and HOLDING ONTO THE FOOTBALL, then keep giving him the football.

Who do I expect to be the feature back at the end of the day? The guy that is making plays and helping this team win!

 … and screw your fantasy teams!

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  • @BOLTSFAN1972

    Agreed!!!!! BoltUp!!!

  • Kenny

    How can everyone say it doesnt matter? Battle is supbar, mediocre at best. (There is a reason KC released him, and that he is listed as the RB2) SO, we want a RB that isnt any good to start becasue he hasnt fumbled, yet? Ridiculous. Mathews does not fumble that frequently. He DOES seem to fumble at inopportune times. However once every 160 carries is not excessive. Then when you consider the potential of explosive plays, it is hands down #24. Battle getting 2 yards a carry or Mathews getting 6, not a hard choice at all. Mathews needs to start, and recieve the bulk of the carries on SNF.

    • Ernie Padaon

      No no no…. IF Battle is productive, I doesn’t matter. I think Mathews is far better than Battle. FAR BETTER. But if they both produce, let that person keep killing it.

  • Edward Moretti

    No disrespect to Battle but Mathews is far and away the better back. His fumble against ATL was more on the coaching staff for giving him such a heavy load after six weeks of rehab that almost had no contact due to the nature of the injury.
    However, making Ryan the #2 back and weening him back into the #1 back makes sense for two reasons.

    First, the guy has had three pretty big injuries while with us. The first was a high ankle sprain against KC in week one as a rookie. He was obviously to hurt to play but, incredibly, he played the next game. The ankle sprain went on to haunt him all year long. Dumb move by the coaching &/ the medical staff. The next year he only had one fumble before he broke his hand against the Jets. Again, played the very next week with a soft cast. Of course, Chargers didn’t mention this until the end of the season. Although Ryan ended up fumbling 4 more times that season and missing a couple of games he played like someone on the verge of becoming a star in the league. 1,000 yard rusher. 50 receptions. Flash forward to today. Kid breaks his clavicle and, again, is rushed back into action. Why? AJ signed Brown, McLain and Battle in case of an injury to Mathews. Week 5 games are not make or break games. Yes, we need a healthy Mathews in the line up for many reasons. But it would serve us better if he is healthy physically, and emotionally, in January.

    Second, and maybe most importantly, this sends a very strong message to everyone in the Charger locker room. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU ARE THE #1 PICK. DO YOUR JOB AND DO IT WELL OR WE’LL FIND SOMEONE ELSE WHO CAN. I don’t believe that has always been the case in SD. AJ had a great offseason and it appears Norv is doing his best to make sure we have a great season.

    Now I believe that everyone in that locker room believe that Mathews gives the Chargers the best chance to win. Making Ryan the #2 back, even if it is only for the first drive, gives the Chargers the best chance to win in January and beyond.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Boom!! Great great comment