Is Drew Brees calling in reinforcements?

This weekend in New Orleans, Saints quarterback Drew Brees will break Johnny Unitas‘ record for most touchdown passes in consecutive games if he tosses one touchdown against the Chargers. Brees petitioned the NFL to allow banned head coach Sean Payton to attend the game and his request was granted. Payton was suspended for the season by Commissioner Roger Goodell for the Bountygate scandal and can’t return to the organization until after the Super Bowl. On the surface, it looks like Brees just wants Payton to be there to witness history. Is there more to it than that?

The Saints are winless on the new season without Payton at 0-4. The offense has been toothless without Payton, who is one of the best play callers in the league. Under the guise of just being in attendance to see the consecutive touchdown record broken, it would appear Brees wants him there because behind the scenes morale is down. The Saints went into the season with the proverbial ‘Us against the world’ mentality and the world is winning. Handily. Knowing Payton is in the building could be a move to re-inspire the team, provide a semblance of normalcy. Even if Payton is locked away in the press box, every player in that locker room knows his eyes are looking down on them. Another loss could mean no playoffs. As it is, the Saints are going to have to win at least 9 of the next 12 games to even have a chance. After their bye next week, the Saints hit the tough part of their schedule. Games still remain against the Giants, 49ers, Broncos, Eagles and two games against the undefeated Falcons.

The Saints have no running game. The feared quick strike passing game is gone and they are losing to teams they should beat like Carolina, Washington and Kansas City. Now the 3-1 Chargers come to town, another team all the talking heads say they should beat. As the Saints see now, nothing in the NFL is given. As for the streak, how ironic and microcosmic of the season would it be if the record is denied at home against the team Brees began his NFL career with? Nothing is given and Brees knows that, so he’s called in reinforcements. Looks like a simple sentimental gesture from a player to his coach. To this writer it looks like the last resort of a desperate team.

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  • 619chargers4life

    yeah it does seem odd. but im sure our D will be playing for the Pagano brothers. i would love to see the streak end in this fashion i know Brees is to good to not break it but at the same time i remember when he was here and when pressure mounts he blows it unless there is some sort of bounty going. they got some bad Karma going on over there and the pressure is mounting. Brees is human and cant carry his D also. the saints have come back down to earth, and i hope the chargers keep them there.

  • Stefanie Smith

    They are probably getting the microphones and transmitters set up in the booth right now.

    • Ernie Padaon

      would not surprise me one bit!

    • Pete Spinning

      Clearly, they have no respect for playing fair, so I would not be shocked. I think they should make him stay home, personally.. especially after the way Brees bad-mouthed Goodell. Why should RG have any compassion after the way Brees acted during the bounty scandal? Since he has been cleared to attend… Payton should have two full time chapparones (one appointed by Goodell, and one by the Chargers) to make sure he goes straight from his car.. up to the EMPTY booth… and not allowed to come into contact with Brees until after the game (unless it’s a just for a quick no-contact good luck). Just like they do in Prison. If he wants to act like a criminal, he can get treated like a criminal.

      • Ernie Padaon

        dang it Spinning… your comments are great. the end

        • Pete Spinning

          Why, thank you good sir ; )

  • Ernie Padaon

    just having payton sitting in the stands with all the fans will cause a raucous!! hate that the NFL allowed it. if you are going to suspend someone, shouldnt they stay suspended without exception? if not, then just let him coach again

    • Stefanie Smith

      Exactly. Loud fans are one thing. Eavesdropping on plays, etc, giving coaching advice–this is what is possible.

      • Ernie Padaon

        just give him a seat on the bench… just do it… might as well.

  • Stefanie Smith

    The guy is not a saint. He took all that money while most of his offense is making $500k

  • Stefanie Smith

    There is a reason Brees is creating all this distraction. The Unitas record breaker–just do it. Having Payton and the rest of the clowns there is a distraction.

  • #TheBoltFather

    First off, Greg, in my opinion, this is the best article that I have read of yours. Huge props to you. Can’t wait to chill again in San Diego on November 1st!! You’re my dude.
    Secondly, I find it to be total and utter bull manure (ahem) that Payton, Loomis, and Vitt are being allowed to attend this game. I say that without any regard to it being a game versus the Chargers.
    Third, to the people/puppets that are complaining about Goodell YET buying into the taping/tampering/ microphone BS shame on you. Don’t tear him down and then provide validity to what has actually been proven by the FBI to be a false claim with no substantiating evidence.
    I have made it clear that I have lost my faith in the commissioner’s ability to govern this league in a respectable, business sense that benefits all parties involved (fans, players, owners, organziations as a whole, etc). However, don’t just throw crap out there without knowing what has truly transpired. It’s beyond pathetic.

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