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Will Beating an 0-4 Team Make Chargers Fans Believe?

There still is doubt from San Diego Chargers fans. We are beating teams that we should and beating them handily. That has not been enough to get some to believe in the Norv Turner led team. Beating the Raiders, Chiefs and Titans have proved nothing to these fans, but will beating an 0-4 Saints team bring a glimmer of life?

The Saints come into the game with a reputation of being an elite team. Their season has started out UGLY, but they have the potential to be great. Their offense has weapons all over the field and can still put up a lot of points on the board. After beating a team with a reputation, but without a record, make people believe? OR will people say that we just beat a team that has no wins this season.

When we beat the Saints, they will be the best team that we have beaten this season, despite their record. The Raiders are a mess! The Chiefs have a train wreck at quarterback and the Titans are still a young team trying to get the train on the tracks.

The Saints will offer up another test for the Chargers defense. The Falcons have similar talent on their offense and they ripped up the Chargers defense. Let’s see if we learned anything from that beating. Beating the winless Saints should give the team more respect.

Will you start to believe after we beat the Saints?

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  • davacho

    saints are a sleeping giant and i really hope & pray we can make it out of the big easy alive… i think a ton of points get put up by both teams and it comes down to a field goal by novak for the win. : )

    • Ernie Padaon

      by getting out alive, are you referencing bounties? hahaha

      • davacho

        dang son! is vilma playing?

  • SaintsWillWin

    If the Chargers don’t score a lot of points, don’t blame the Saints defense!

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahahaha… is it really that bad on the defensive side out there?

  • Pete Spinning

    Here’s the “hater breakdown”. We have nothing to gain, except a W in this week.. which is just fine by me. If we beat the Saints, they will say it is a garbage win against an 0-5 team, even though it is on the road (which is lame, because everyone has the Skins ranked above us right now for beating the Saints, and the friggin’ Bucs, and the Skins are 2-2.. and also they have us ranked lower for losing to the Falcons.. even though Washington lost to the Bengals, and the effin’ Rams). If we lose to the Saints, we will have been beaten by an elite Drew Brees team, and the “we can’t beat an elite team” conversation will continue. If the Saints win, they will have beaten a good team, even though everyone is saying that we aren’t a good team RIGHT now. So, we’re damned if we win, or lose… just an opinion. Until we take out Manning, and possibly another “elite team”, this convo will be around for weeks to come. GO BOLTS! SHUT THESE NAY-SAYERS UP, PLEASE!!!

    • Pete Spinning

      Also… Do you think PR cares if people think they are good? Nope… He just cares about W’s. And we have 3 out of 4 right meow… Lol.

    • Pels04

      I agree 100%. I said the same exact thing the week after the Falcons loss. If we shut down Brees it may not get national attention but it sure will get my attention

  • arnie

    Hold on. who said we don’t believe? there doing what they’re supposed to be doing. winning football games. that was never in question.the question is can they do it consistently enough, to not only get into the playoffs but win, and compete for a Championship.
    See, “we”(the non-beleivers) know what hey can do. So it’s frustrating to see them, consistently be in-consisstent. You can’t tell me PR should be staring down his receivers, forcing the football into pics, not going to his check downs when there is nothing down the field. even throwing the football away, instead of taking a sack. not at this stage in his career.
    As for beating an 0-4 team, hey that could beat an 4-0 team and i’d still question them. why?

    Because we’ve seen this before.

    when they are winning we get all excited, call out the “haters”, then when the season goes poof. the cheerleaders disappear, and everything the nay-sayers cautioned about, early in the season, comes home to roost. Look i want the chargers to win as bad as anybody else. When it comes to beating the the teams, you need to beat, in the post season, they have consistently looked un-prepared, and get out coached. ( see the falcons game)
    if they beat the saints, great! if they don’t, we can all take comfort in the wisdom of Norv, “…it’s only one loss….”

  • danimal

    We could go 8-1 and the haters will say we haven’t played anyone yet. (next 5: NO, DEN, CLE, KC, TB)

    • Ernie Padaon

      sounds about right. dont mind the haters saying we did nothing… thats the sched we got and will take advantage of it