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Roster Move Needed: Possible Chopping Block Candidates

The San Diego Chargers have to make a roster move. Chris Carr is on his way to Chargers Park and there is not enough room on the roster for him. Who gets the axe? Here are a few people that could be on the chopping block:

K Nate Kaeding
There are two kickers on the roster. Do they have the patience to keep two kickers on the roster? Do they trust Nate’s clutch kicking in the playoffs? They could move him onto the IR and prevent him from signing with another team or they could release him. He is a free agent at the end of the year and could be sent looking for a new team early.

WR Micheal Spurlock
Spurlock has been absent on offense and mainly is used on occasion in punt returns for Eddie Royal. With the arrival of Carr, the Chargers could use him in that role and there may no longer be a need for Spurlock on the roster. Vincent Brown will be coming back in a month and a move at receiver will have to be made then. The team has enough pass catchers on the roster to survive without a 5th receiver.

RB Curtis Brinkley or Ronnie Brown
Ronnie Brown looks like he could be the 3rd down back… Or maybe not. Curtis Brinkley is a younger, smaller option at running back and can be used catching passes in the backfield also. It would just be a preference of AJ or Norv on who they would like to keep.

Who is the odd man out?

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  • Dan L.

    I really liked Spurlock in the preseason and he has made a few special teams tackles as well. Yes, Brown coming back in a month, but I would hang on. I think Brinkley is odd man out. We can’t carry 4 RBs. I’ve liked Ronnie Brown as 3DRB and he provides veteran presence for Mathews. Btw, I actually really like the Carr signing.

  • VEazy

    I hope its Ronnie Brown. I didn’t like the signing at all and I feel he isn’t productive if he isn’t catching the ball.

    • Ernie Padaon

      He is awful running the ball… Eddie royal actually has more rushing yards than him. He is the teams third leading receiver though

  • Nick Diaz

    Cason needs to go ASAP. Lets make it happen people.