September 16, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Jackie Battle (44) runs for a short gain during the fourth quarter against the Tennessee Titans at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 38-10. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Message To Chargers Fans That Want Jackie Battle to Start

Jackie Battle is a load to bring down. He runs hard and carries defenders with him and he doesn’t FUMBLE! He destroyed a haggard Tennessee Titans defense and he busted a long run against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Now some people want to see more of Jackie and some even think that he should be the starter…


Jackie Battle, the guy the Kansas City Chiefs let walk in free agency for Peyton Hillis. Peyton Hillis! Jackie Battle, the guy that was a free agent till the wee hours of the offseason and finally lucked out with a job in San Diego. Battle, the guy that looks like he is running in quicksand. BaTTLE, The guy that has concrete blocks strapped to his shoes.

This is the who people want to be the starter? This is who people want to take carries away from Ryan Mathews?

He has been impressive early on in the season. He beat down a tired, tired Tenessee defense in week 2. Then in week 3, he busted a long gain on an Atlanta prevent defense. But he is not a starter.

Battle is best suited as a short yardage back. He is a stud on special teams. He also can be used late in the game when the defense is tired, but that is where his role ends. That is what Jackie Battle is. You can ask any Kansas City fan about his skills.

He gets the yards that the defense gives him. Nothing more, nothing less. He won’t be able to CREATE yards like Ryan Mathews can. But he won’t put the ball on the ground though.

If you want to play conservative football, then let’s go ahead and play conservative. Let’s have Jackie Battle gain his 2 yards per carry and NOT put the ball on the ground.

If you like the sound of that, then let’s go ahead and sit Philip Rivers too.

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  • Pels04

    Always love it (sarcasm) when fans jump ship on a starter just because a no name/ backup player has a break out game. I even saw one “charger fan” say they should cut Gates and start Rosario……..

  • Nick Diaz

    We are trying to win a championship and the best players should be on the field. If Battle is playing better then Mathews, then start him! @Pels04 Rosario was playing better then Gates. Lets be real for a moment and acknowledge that Gates is old and heading for a downward spiral. the best player should be on the field. Not someone who the team is paying too much to play at an average or below average level.

    • Pels04

      “Rosario was playing better then Gates”. He started ONE game because Gates was hurt. Ya it was a huge game, but you dont sit someone thats been the staple of our offense for the last 9 years just because the next guy up had one good game.

  • James Carr

    thank you boltbeat. I can’t believe everyone is so eager to get rid of Matthews after one bad drop

    • #TheBoltFather

      Thanks for being one of the few lucid fans out there; in regards to the RB situation.

  • Ignatius

    I’d rather like to see Jackie Battle for one full game that Ryan “Fumblelator” Mathews. He may have slow feet but he’s reliable and he has never fumbleled.

  • JimmyCarter

    well giving Battle the ball two times and having a 3rd and 6 is better than 3rd and long with Mathews in the back.. jus my opinion.

    • Ernie Padaon

      not understanding a 3rd and long when Ryan averages 4.5+ per carry, plus averages over 8 per reception.

  • oc

    let’s put the guys that want to win and that are not pre madonas like the author of this post…this article is a brick! stick to your day job. punk!

    • Ernie Padaon

      so your argument for Jackie Battle to start is because he wants to win…. and because I am a “prima donna”

      Thanks… I guess.

      • Pete Spinning

        Ernie… you should ask for a $55,555,555.55 contract, or walk ; )

        • Ernie Padaon

          holding out!

    • 619chargers4life

      i think we all want the chargers to win but just to make Battle the starter, come on are u serious. ok i understand Mathews puts the rock on the turf in critical situations. but sheesh. dont u think if Mathews put the rock on the turf that a better idea would be to sit Mathews for the next drive or two as a little time out other then just start Battle. lets be logical here. Battle’s game shows up with limited carries, not with the bulk of them. Oh and if u forgot i think the whole team wants to win also , not just Battle. Relax , stay awhile, its a long season, dont give up hope now. we will be alright and Mathews will be alright and the team will be alright. its football, stranger things have happened . Go Mathews and the Chargers. i got there back like a car seat. and Go Bolt Beat!!! they will show the world

      • Pete Spinning

        Great answer! Very well put, and diplomatic, too!

  • Pete Spinning

    Look… Mathews has to right his ship, and not fumble.. and that’s that. He’s been back one game from injury, and people already have their pitchforks out. What is this… “The Lottery”? (If you don’t get that reference, you probably missed high school English all together). Starting Battle OR Rosario is ludicrous. Gimme a break.

    • #TheBoltFather

      Perfectly put Pete.

    • Charger Fan

      I don’t think Battle has proven enough to start (though he did run all over us last year), but he does deserve more touches. The combo of Tolbert and Mathews was fine last year, and clearly Sproles made a huge difference too. We don’t have LT anymore – time to realize what we have now and use it to our advantage.

      • Charger Fan

        Sorry – when I was referencing sproles, I meant during the years LT was around. We were great mixing-up the backfield with both LT and Sproles, Mathews and Tolbert, and now it could be Mathews and Battle.

        • Pete Spinning

          Great points, Charger Fan! I’m down to give Battle touches.. but, limited. We need to give Mathews the chance to be the bell cow, despite an early redzone fumble, and the early injury. He’s only played one game. He gives the defense MUCH more to worry about when he is in the backfield, as he is more than just a running threat. If we get more of the same moving forward, we can re-evaluate. Things could be worse.. we could have CJ2K = p

  • #TheBoltFather

    Apparently I am a “pre madona” as well. I agree 110 with this piece. I like how the trolls don’t log in to BoltBeat in a way or fashion that we can hold them accountable. Maybe it’s just to dark down in mommy’s basement. Pathetic.

    • 619chargers4life

      there aint no faith in that basement lol we lose one and its the end of the world. the Raiders win one and all i hear from there fans is Superbowl . and the trolls will be trolls lol Go Chargers, Superbowl dangit, here we come!!!

  • bolthead612

    The Fumbleator…. what a stupid ass nickname! BOLT UP!!!

  • Charger Fan

    I think Battle proven enough to be a short yardage guy – he’s clearly a bigger built capable of holding onto the ball and getting it into the end zone. Ryan Mathews’ durability alone should put him on notice as a guy who doesn’t deserve to be an every down back. Fumbles are fumbles, but he’s consistently shown problems holding on to the ball the past couple of years. Time to mix the backfield up until someone comes out a winner. Automatically rewarding Mathews the ball again is a recipe for disaster.

  • Dominic Vinti

    Battle should not start Matthews should, but when we fall inside the 20 yard line Battle goes in and he should get the job done. I would rather see Matthews with 1200 yards and 2 tds and Battle with 300 yds and 10 tds and a team total of 1 or two fumbles lost, but if the chargers kept Sproles and Tolbert and used a combination of the two backs and forgot about Matthews i would like that situation a whole lot better.

    • Richard Vaux

      you cant be serious.mathews was a 12th round draft pick for christs sake.he has to produce .if he cant he has no place in pro football.time to quit making excuses .his fumble was the most important play in the game.

      • Clay Jones

        It started the disaster it would have been 7-6 who knows where it could have went from there

      • #TheBoltFather

        12th ROUND huh? I get what you are trying to say.

  • ChargerFaith

    2 yards per carry? Show those facts. Battle is a great back when used correctly. He and Matthews should start and share carries. Great counter punch. Proof is in the pudding. The blocking is there. Last I checked Peyton Hillis has not proved a thing so Kansas City did Battle a favor. San Diego had Jackie all along. They just waited for him to heal up.

  • Bill Nichols

    Finally I hear someone making sense!! Mathews was looking good, fighting hard for every inch. He just fought too hard on that one and didn’t cover up as well as he should. I want that man to stay confident, hope he doesn’t read all the crap written from all these fair weather, under cover, Gaider Nation Trolls>>>> Go Bolts

  • Richard Vaux

    pasing the football is san diegos first priority .these wide receivers have got to step up or its going to be a long long season.san diego blew a golden oppurtunity to distance itself from the rest of the division by not showing up for the atlanta game .what a pathetic performance.this team looks like a middle of the road team now.smith has not brought in impact players.the one impact player they had was jackson now hes the player at a skilled position that can make the huge game changing play.teams that win in this leauge have impact players the chargers do not

  • arnie

    the chargers average 2 yards per carry. with mathews they average 3. plus minus? battle is healthy and does not fumble. battle is perfectly suited for running a ball, for a team the can’t run block. if mathews wants to start, he should earn it by proving he can be trusted with football, an staying healthy.

  • M&M

    This is why you guys always suck, you stick with a guy year after year who obviously can’t get it done. Your coach is a bum and your QB is better off picking corn than throwing a football. YOU GUYS BLOW!

    • Ernie Padaon

      mmmmm… M&Ms

      disregarding everything you said. which team are you a fan of? PLEASE SAY KC!!!! because you let go of Jackie Battle for a broke Peyton Hillis.


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