Wow NFL…. Just Wow!!!


I just saw the ending of that Packers-Seahawks game and WOW!!!! What kind of circus is the NFL running here?

Offensive pass interference and an interception called a touchdown… Errrrrr… Called an interception… Called both!

Better just give it to the Seahawks because the fans will kill them on the way to their cars! We want Hercules Hochuli back with Mike Carey and crew! Bring them back now!!!

Oh nice. Someone just posted the number for Roger Goodell:

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  • Keenan Rickless

    If anyone had money on me saying the following, I owe you a lot of money.
    “I miss Ed Hochuli”

    • Ernie Padaon

      It is a sad day when we miss muscles… But bring him back!!!!

      • Ignatius

        Bring back Ed Hochuli? Yeah right! May I remind you of a certain Chargers-Broncos game a few years ago? An “incomplete” pass by a guy named Cutler right at the end of the game? Jeez! Bring back anyone on the NFLRA but not Ed Hochuli :)

  • AJ Smith

    Still think Mathews knee was down prior to the fumble.

    • Ignatius

      AJ Smith, is that really you? If so, please get Jared on to the field or out of the Chargers! Sincerely, every freaking Chargers fan.

  • Mark

    It’s easy to do because of how outlandish the last call was, but the whole game was reffed very poorly. Not just the final play. Both teams benefited and suffered from it and ultimately it came down to the refs deciding it.

  • Ignatius

    These replacements refs are getting the end of years of officiating frustration. I agree they have made many mistakes here and there but these guys are small college refs, they are happy to be calling a Torero football game and they accepted the challenge of the big game and being paid small potatoes for it, not like the original refs who, as a part-time job, they are being paid handsomely.

    These guys are like you and me, they love football just for the sake of it and are doing this to be closer to it and it’s hard, I know because I have refereed a few junior high school games, especially when some idiot parent is yelling at you behind my back, needless to say, I believe the NFL has their back and hopefully they will get better.

    Now, on the other side of things, why hasn’t the NFL and NFLRA haven’t agreed on a new CBA? It baffles me because it’s not like it’s about the money nor the pension plans, it has to be about something more, something we, the common fan, don’t know about, maybe something deep in the gambling world or something stupid like Goddell having a grudge against Hochuli.

    Methinks this thing is going to go on for the whole season. I just hope that these refs don’t get physically abused by the players and coaches.

    • arnie

      the refs could be back to work, for 60,000 per team. the owners are refusing to cough up 60,000 more to officiate an NFL football game. that is the reason the “real” refs are not here. for us that seems ridiculous. but remember, this is the same league that fines players 60,000 without blinking, in the name of safety.
      this is not going away. if this nonsense that happened on monday night continues, i see the refs gaining some leverage. however, as long as we keep watching, an keep going to the games, and buying nfl stuff, and the owners know this, why should they give a dam about what we think. they’re getting paid, from us, anyway.

    • Keenan Rickless

      From everything I have seen, no one blames the refs. Everyone is mad at the NFL. The refs will be fine