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Chargers 3 – Falcons 27: Chargers Get a Reality Check

Ryan Mathews put another football on the ground in a big time spot. We were about to go in for a score that could have given us a lead at 7 to 6, but it ended up being a turnover. FUMBLE!!! Welcome back to Ryan Mathews, doing Ryan Mathews like things!

Philip Rivers also was a turnover machine! He had people up in his grill all day though. John Abraham terrorized the Chargers with his play.

Jared Gaither needs to get back on the field, like yesterday! Like 3 games ago! PLEASE!!!!!!!

Kevin Acee made me laugh with his tweets of “…AND HE DIDN’T FUMBLE” to mock Ryan Mathews. For anyone that did something positive, he added it to the end of his tweet. Then Dante Rosario fumbled the ball and it wasn’t funny anymore.

Too many turnovers for the Chargers!

The Falcons are pretty darn good! And they made us look stupid!

Philip cannot find a connection with Robert Meachem. Meachem was open and Philip just can’t hit him.

The 9000 people that didn’t buy tickets didn’t have to live through that misery.

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  • Ignatius

    Ernie, what reality check? This is a common theme of the Turner-led Chargers! Where o where have we seen this before? Like ever! I’ve never liked Mathews when he was drafted and haven’t seen the stellar play that AJ and the rest of his yes-men have said. We used to have a tough-as-nails-downhill running back and today he scored on us and giving an LT like salute.

    This is going to be a painful season and another one wasted by the likes of the triumvirate of Rivers-Turner-Smith. I really hope Mathews stays away from the field and lets Battle play, for me, it’s the only good running back the team has.

    And don’t get me started on Rivers, I don’t what has happened to him, he keeps trowing interception after interception when he dearly knows that he shouldn’t throw it. He needs a different approach, another direction and a new offensive scheme, and while they’re at it, a new left tackle!

    I’ll keep praying for Turner and Smith to be fired… ASAP!

    • arnie

      Hey, in the words of Phillip an Norv, ” it’s only one game…there’s still a lot of work to do…an we’ll get it fixed….” sound familiar?

      • Ernie Padaon

        You are right… Sounds familiar

      • Ignatius

        It’s like the movie Groundhog Day but instead of getting better, they’re getting worse!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    To much negativity being slung around like apes do at the zoo.. Whack fans that can’t even try to stick by their team. You guys only wait for something bad to happen so y’all could talk smack. Chargers will get this figured out and will win a Super Bowl! Word is bond.

    • Ernie Padaon

      I love how you signed off on that

    • blu3ny3llow

      Hey man with you all the way man….hey we lost…but to a good team people who already yapping out the side of their neck probably became”fans” what like in 2005 2006….chargers fan win or lose……..barely 3rd game people……..look the “best team in the nfl” lost to the sorry ass vikings…BOLTZ UP HATERS DOWN

      • Richard Vaux

        quit making fucking excuses

    • arnie

      i’m always here. win or lose. negativity is saying, they suck! the truth is laying out the facts is not negativity. it’s just something some people don’t like to hear. so they perceive it as negative.
      the truth is, no amount of ” GOOOO CHARGERS! WHOOHOOO! is going to change the way they play. how Norv runs things. or how AJ goes about his business. they lost this game because of turnovers, lack of QB protection and still unable to get off the field of third downs.
      not because it didn’t cheer loud enough.

      • James P Derrick

        Ha Ha! So true Arnie…Just like when you call someone out on their BS…If they get upset, angry, whatever…It’s because it’s most probably true and the truth hurts…..
        Here’s one for ya…Give me 6! Give me another 6! That’s 66! Yeah he had a bad game today! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAO

      • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

        Early in the season. Still things that can still be fixed and will be. It is expected and I believe this TEAM will resolve this issue before next weekend. CHARGERS!!!!

        • arnie

          yes it’s early in the season, but it’s still the same coach showing the same results. And giving the same excuses on how they will “get it fixed”. Your “belief” is commendable, but it wasn’t belief that lost that game. It was a consistent pattern, over the last three years, that showed up all at once, is why they lost.
          simply put, i want them to fix this. i believe it “can” be fixed. i just don’t see any evidence that it will be. the pattern is, they will play poor teams and win. play good teams, an lose.

        • Richard Vaux

          its three years of the same shit with no difference.turner deserves to be fired just like smith should.smiths never will adapt and his management of the cap has been horrible.this franchise has turned into a boring team.fucking spanos knows nothing about winning in this league

          • farfromabandwagoner

            Good shit Dick! Jump back on the bandwagon when the Chargers start kicking ass again. Win or lose I am still going to be a Chargers fan. I will root for Norv Turner and the Air Coriel west coast ofense. I will be grateful to a general manager who has made my home team a contender every single year since he received the position. Coach needs to be more strict on his players and delegate better. There are always areas to improve on for all teams. My team will always be the Chargers 4 Life. All haters could kiss my BOLT!!!!!

  • arnie

    the reality Ernie, are all right here..
    1) the chargers can’t protect the QB. PR has been hit, under pressure, or sacked for the first three games, consistently. Norv, on the radio, was asked about his concern about the O-line. his response, “…i addressed it in monday’s meeting that we need to do a better job of protecting the QB…..blah blah blah…” thank you oh master of the obvious. “How” exactly do you plan on doing that”? It’s either coaching. protection schemes. or players. never the less , it’s’ all on you, oh genius of offense.
    2) Can’t sustain drives. 5-11 on first down conversions is not going to cut it. but this too, is nothing new.
    3) Can’t run the football. still. your run-blocking is horrible. the defense is still getting into the back field to greet the RB. see the point #1.
    4) turnovers. PR is still forcing balls where they do not belong, and doing some of those under pressure. he’s picking up where he left off. RM24, what can i say, roll out the excuses on how, “LT had fumble issues early in his career…”. or it’s be fine, RM24will still be a thousand yard rusher. yes he will, and so was LT when the chargers sucked.
    5) Can’t get off the field on third downs. regardless of how “improved” the chargers D is, they did not sack the titans Jake Locker last week. they managed two this week. yet still it did not stop matt ryan from throwing 3 td, and only getting one pick. his first of the season. pressure, must be consistent an be effective when you need it.
    Bonus+ the chargers are predictable in what ever they do.
    this is a pattern. from the last three seasons. the exception? the special teams was awesome.
    it is, what it is. 2-1.

    • James P Derrick

      Good points! I want more #54! JJ isn’t doin’ it for me…Pagano better figured it out quick with this D….I’ve been a Bolts fan since 79′ and if they keep playing like they did today, I only see our Chargers sitting at home yet again in the post season….

  • Vardog

    Rivers was Bret Favre-ish today…terrible! A little pressure and the ball is just throw in the air with a hope and prayer…dammit!

    • Ignatius

      Because it’s all that can he hope for, doesn’t he know how the team sucks? doesn’t he know he has a rookie undrafted left tackle and that the projected one is cruising all the way to the bank? He’s frustrated and it shows, just like I am whenever I see Coach Turner speak his mind. God!

      • Vardog

        Yes, that’s true but it’s still no excuse to throw a ball where it doesn’t belong. Throw it in the stands and regroup. Nothing stops a good drive like an INT that shouldn’t be.

    • Ernie Padaon

      He is a gunslinger and it hurt us bad today

      • James P Derrick

        It doesn’t help that Clary was very suspect again today. It was a hard game to sit through. Very glad my buddy brought the Coronas from the Air Force Base that are full/regular strength, as they only sell 3.2% alcohol beer in the local economy here where I’m at. SD had me pulling my hair out, and I’m bald….

        I wish Norv would quit being so candy ass scientific, and just get the guys to play sound football.

        Chargers have a fullback not being utilized…Why did they bring this guy in? To ride pi

        Rosario and Battle come to mind too… after having stellar performances vs. the Titans why didn’t they devise a game plan with them until it was already over? Stick with what works….

  • Ignatius

    Sigh, ok.

    After a few hours of venting it’s now time to see the Chargers next foe, the Chiefs. Kansas City has a 1-2 record product of their losses to Atlanta and @Buffalo but a win @New Orleans which was a nail biter. Here the common sense is that the Chargers should beat the Chiefs in their home park but lets not get over our heads, the odds in Vegas and most oddsmakers have the pair dead even with and over/under 44.5 which is not surprising given their recent past. Given their first three games, I see the Chiefs way on top on the Chargers in rushing but the tables are turned because they do also give up a lot and while the rest of the stats are almost dead even between the two, I say, here is the key for the Chargers but not on the shoulders of Ryan “Fumblelator” Mathews but, you guessed it, Jackie Battle. He’s primed and ready to show the Chiefs why they shouldn’t let him go, think of it, cut by the Chiefs, lands in San Diego and gets a chance to stick it to Pioli, it would be great! Forget about the first and third down passing, forget about five or seven step drops, we all know that seldom works, let Rivers do a Ryan, three step drops, boom to the TE or flanker, keep it simple, short and fast, mix it up with a power running game and slowly wear down the Chiefs defense to the breaking point. I can see this if they stick to it.
    On the defensive side, they just have to get to the quarterback with it should be easy because Matt Cassel moves as fast as a walrus. I want to see more of Melvin Ingram and Corey Luiget get pressure on the line and quarterback, and what about Larry English, is he hurt again? is he cut? He hasn’t recorded a single tackle in the regular season nor he’s in the official injury report, what the heck is he waiting for? An invite?
    Anyhow, I see the Chargers winning this game… barely, if PR just manages the game and avoid mistakes, Coach Turner goes against his impulse (a la George Constanza),coach Pagano keeping his defense in check and for the love of God, handle the center-quarterback exchange.
    Thanks for reading… Bolt up!

    • Vardog

      That sounds like the game plan against the Titans. The short & sweet passes to Brinkley out of the back field worked great, along with pounding it up the middle with Brown/Battle. Yes Norv…K.I.S.S.

  • phillybolt1

    Everyone calm down. 2-1 and it’s the end already. Only three teams out of 32 have better records and some very good teams have worse ones.
    Get a grip.

  • Stefanie Smith

    I would have liked the Chargers to win, but at the very least, make a decent showing. Not even that. We have issues. Hope someone in charge has something in mind to fix at least some of it.

  • Saul Lopez

    not happy about our performance but at the end of the day we’re still in 1st place in our division.

  • 1961 Fan

    As I said in my post last week, the Bolts should have played Battle and Rosiario. It is apparent that Rivers has lost his utility as an elite QB and is just average. I watched those two (Rivers & Turner) go at it on the sideline again and it is just more of what occurred last year. Rivers does not like Norv’s play calling and Norv does not like the fact that he has a lead footed QB who can’t get away from the rush allowed by a weak front line. Expect more of the same this year as the Chargers settle into being a mediocre team with wins over very week opponents and some good showings when they decide to play football.
    This franchise is in transition and on a downward spiral. Unfortunately I have seen it many times over the past 50+ years that I have attended Charger games. The problem with this team is clearly Dean Spanos. He allows this mess to flourish, and us fans are the ones that suffer.

  • Pels04

    I think the defense can be fixed. I am confident with the personnel on the defensive side of the ball. This is what i got out of the game……The OL is where we all knew the problems would be. That problem was glaring yesterday. Rivers was constantly pressured and this has me worried because the Falcons aren’t known for their pass rush. Our Oline needs help BAD. We all know the kind of QB Rivers is and we all know if he had as much time as Ryan had he could shred up any defense no matter how good they are, just like what Ryan did to us yesterday. Im not sure what else we can do there as far as personnel, other than getting Gaither back

  • bellasdaddy0121

    So my Sunday went a little like this: I cried threw my jersey in the trash and dry heaved and repeated that about 8 times BUT I have pulled my self together for the most part and am now ready to go on with my week!! No thanks to my CHARGERS or the 35 people that text’ed, called and messaged me to rub it in!! *very cruel and unusual people in this world*

    P.S Still predicting an 11-5 season 10-6 at the worst!!