Chargers Blackout Watch: Several Thousand Tickets Still Need To Be Sold

It is not looking pretty for the first home game of the Chargers season. There are still several thousand tickets available for the game and they all need to be sold by tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

I just went on stubhub and noticed some tickets available for less than $30. Go buy some tickets because that may be the only way to catch this game.

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  • @BOLTSFAN1972

    How do you not sell out QualCom when their retiring Juniors number 55 at the game!!! SMH

  • Ignatius

    I understand that tickets may seem cheap at first but right now coughing up $50 bucks for one ticket in the nosebleed section, $20 for parking or $5 for the trolley and the hassle of getting a seat, $20 at the concessions and $8 for a cup of beer that totals upwards of a $100 not to metion being seated next to Bill, the drunken bastard who keep yelling profanities and spilling beer or whatever all over me. I’d rather be at my house with my favorite sofa, a nice cold beer and some guacamole and enjoy the NFL season pass. If they blackout thr game then so be it, I can always download it from some torrent service and watch it later, also, a $100 bucks it’s a week’s budget for groceries, a month’s worth of mobile service or two full tanks of gas. 

    Not that I don’t like to go to the Stadium but until they reach the playoffs, I will pony up the cash to see them play but until now, let’s how they roll and we’ll go from there. 

    • Vardog

      I’m going to let ESPN know I found the #1 clip for the C’mon Man segment!

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      I get it. I love love love going to the game, but sometimes you just can’t. They should come up with a way to get credits for people watching. I would pay $5 to watch at home if there was not a blackout.

  • bolthead612

    You call yourself a Charger fan?! I go to Qualcomm once every season, whether i know playoffs or not and i live in Queen Creek Arizona! That’s atleast a $500 weekend! Not just a $80 day. And its pathetic if its blacked out since their retiring one of the greatest linebackers ever! Come on its a white sunday, i wanna see that stadium glowing bc i get get to watch it either way on sunday ticket!!! BOLT UP!!!

  • Vardog

    Right on bolthead612! We used to have season tickets, but now live in Wisconsin for the past 6 years. My wife and I have been coming back to SD for 2 home games every season and this dude is complaining about $100…LOL

  • bolthead612

    Thats hilarious about the c’mon man! I actually have to pay for a whole family vacation bc thats the only way to get my wife to go to Qualcomm….. she’s a Donkey fan! Ha i guess opposites attract!

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      It must be true love. :-) My husband was a 49ers fan when I met him, but he is now a Chargers fan. Be persistent!

  • Ignatius

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting so many answers but I guess I pull a nerve between some of my Charger mates. Well, maybe $100 bucks may not seem a lot to some people but for me, as someone who earns about $40 per day is quite a lot of money, it takes two full days of work just to earn enough to see the Chargers at the Q. 

    I used to remember a time where the plaza tickets were $26 dollars and you could easily get them at the gate, obviously it was a different time but right now things are quite different and more expensive so I have to give up going to the games in order to have a decent life. 

    And for some of you who maybe wondering what is my job, well, for starters, I’m not an American nor I live in the US, I live south of the border in Tijuana, earn my paycheck in pesos so things for me are a bit more expensive than my American counterparts. 

    I wish I could go to all the games, I really do! I wish I could earn enough money to pay a full season ticket and even have a few extra bucks to invite a lady friend but alas I don’t qualify enough income to enjoy the livelyhood of being in the Stadium. 

    That doesn’t stop me from being a Chargers fan, which I have been since the great days of Humphries, Means and Seau, so I have this to vent and speak Charger talk. 

    With that being said, I promise to go to one Charger game this season and  support our beloved Bolts as they rumble and tumble in the sacred ground of the Q. 

  • bolthead612

    Hey im not trying to talk you down at all,(the economy is very tough) im just saying if your a bolthead you will find a way to get to the Q. If theres a will theres a way. Im glad to see fellow boltheads in other countries! BOLT UP Mexico!!!

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Sorry Ernie. I didn’t look before I posted. Oh well, two of us whining about the blackout is better than none!

  • 1961 Fan

    Buying a ticket on Stub/Hub or any other private seller will not cure the ticket sales problem. You must purchase from the Bolts direct in this matter. Expect at least four blackouts this season; this game may be the first. Poor performance on the field the last two seasons and a lack of good positive ownership shows the fans that they have a mediocre team at best, along with some of the highest priced seats in the 32 team NFL. I got a call from the Chargers group sales department where they would sell me Broncos (the best game of the year) if I purchase the same number of Titans seats. In the past I have gone for those deals (even in the crumby View section) but not with the lack of success and “no shows” in the playoffs. I have said it before, brace yourselves it is going to be a bumpy ride for the 2012 Chargers.

    • Ernie Padaon

      oh yea… i know that it wont cure the blackout situation, but at stubhub, you can save yourself some bucks from all the denver fans that bought those tickets and are trying to dump those extra tennessee tickets. just trying to help out the peeps that dont have the ability to pay full price

  • Matthew

    Don’t be fucking rude. Not all of us come from the same walks of life. 100 bucks to you may be a different story for some of us. Why should wealth decide how much of a fan you are?

    • Matthew

      sorry, shoul’ve put that in a reply to one of these specific comments but it’s directed at all of them saying things like “pathetic”

  • bolthead612

    Ok MATTHEW im a 25 year old single father that makes $16 an hour and i still make it to one game every year with my daughter all the way from Arizona! If your a true fan you’ll find a way to see your team live! Im not being rude, just telling it lime it is, so FUCK OFF AND BOLT UP!!!

  • bolthead612

    And yes my wife use to go w me but we are not together anymore, so me and my daughter still make it out there!

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