Aug 9, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Jarrett Lee (16) throws a fourth quarter pass against the Green Bay Packers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Jarrett Lee shows up Clipboard Charlie

Move over clipboard Charlie.  A new kid has come to town and is stealing the hearts of the locals.  His name is Jarrett Lee and before today you had probably never heard of him.

The 6’2″, 210 pound rookie out of LSU showed mad skills as he passed all over the Green Bay defense.  And by “all over” I mean ALL OVER, left, right, center, long, short – an option was not left uncompleted.  Not bad for his first ever NFL game.

With 15 completions for 235 yards and a touchdown I think I’ve found my second string guy.  I say let Charlie keep holding the clipboard and brushing his hair, which is all he has done in his five seasons with the Chargers.  Lee is a kid worth keeping.

ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • bolthead612

    I agree, keeping working with Lee! More promise than clipboard jesus! BOLT UP!!!

  • dashen87

    Here we go again ~ Scott Tolzien redux. Embarrassing.

  • Brandon Reisinger

    Super impressed with him!!! He just looked calm cool and confident both in the huddle and in the pocket, He should easily win the #2 spot if he keeps it up

  • 619chargers4life

    he sure did 15 of 22 aint bad for the Rook

  • miketuck

    @Cindi; Again Cindi you’ve nailed the management as they deserve up to this point. Lee better be on the roster, Mathews has proven that Rivers needs a #1 backup and Whitehurst isn’t it. Lee’s performance was dead on great. Browns performance was dead on great, and Ingram will be rookie of the year. I love Mathews but he shouldn’t be allowed back in Bakersfield ( Gateway to Barstow). He was a highlight of Fresno as fresno has great players but Bakersfield is a trap of doom.