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A Heartfelt Goodbye to a Fallen BoltFamily Member


A couple days ago the BoltFamily was dealt a serious blow to it’s diehard fan base.

Matt Rossi, @BoJackRusso as known on Twitter, has passed away.  I have spoken to Kristen, his other half of 14 years, via telephone tonight and confirmed this to be true.

Although I was never fortunate enough to meet him in person, he and I did have a day set up to hang out when I visit San Diego in August.

BoJack was absolutely hilarious and witty.  Furthermore, he was a great writer.  The only thing that rivaled his writing skills was his love of our Chargers.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to talk to him in person, I had spoken to him on the phone many, many times.

His love and support of the Bolts could hardly be matched by any of us.

The details of his passing are unknown at this time.

Matt was 47 years young.


BoltUp BoJack!




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  • jshambrick04

    RIP @BoJackRusso thoughts and prayers to his family! Sad day in the #Boltfam @BoogaP

  • boltsfan1972

    Matt tell #55 I said hi. My thoughts and prayers are with the Rossi family and friends. @BoJackRusso BoltNation will miss you my Bolt Brother.

  • Caparthia

    @BoogaP @BoJackRusso sad….#BoltUp

    • BoogaP

      @Caparthia @BoJackRusso agreed.

      • Caparthia

        @BoogaP I just checked that @BoJackRusso feed, his wife (i presume) is looking for you. At least, sounds like you….#BoltUp

        • BoogaP

          @Caparthia @BoJackRusso thx bro. I know. I’ve talked to her 3 times today. Sad for sure.

  • biggsybolt

    Bojack, I have enjoyed our twitter interactions. My you rest in peace my friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    PS go hillers!

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    Prayers out for the family and friends. I have had interactions with him through the blog many times and he loved his Chargers and I know that he was strenghtened by the interactions he had with others here. He will be missed.

  • Charger_Gal

    @BB_Chargers @BoJackRusso WTH! He was one of my first followers. This is sad news… He was just on my TL few days ago. RIP <3 to his fam…

    • BB_Chargers

      @Charger_Gal yea… just had twitter interaction with him a few days ago… crazy

      • Charger_Gal

        @BB_Chargers Pass on my condolences to his family… Sad, sad news…

        • BoogaP

          @Charger_Gal @BB_Chargers Still unsure of exact reasoning for his passing. Talked to him on the ph the day before he passed. Talked to>>>

        • BoogaP

          @Charger_Gal @BB_Chargers (cont) Kristen tonite a cpl times. Sad for sure.

        • Charger_Gal

          @BoogaP Horrible news…

      • Bolts_NFL_music

        @BB_Chargers this are awful news, he was one of my best #twitter buddies. but cool that @BoogaP has written an article bout him #RIPBoJack

        • CraigHasan

          @Bolts_NFL_music @BB_Chargers @BoogaP hey guys, heard the terrible news. Chargers even more now must win SB

        • Bolts_NFL_music

          @CraigHasan @BB_Chargers @BoogaP Yes now more than ever. We also had a music project goin on together…now no more #RIPBoJack #BoltFam

        • CraigHasan

          @Bolts_NFL_music @BB_Chargers @BoogaP damn

  • Bleu

    my prayers go out to his family……..

  • Cally Ulrich

    I’m speechless what a true loss for the Chargers family of fans. Prayers go out to the Rossi family. RIP Matt Rossi


    I’m on the verge of crying…..we were JUST talking a few days ago about getting to meet you. I am definitely at a loss for words. May you rest in paradise and watch the Chargers win the Superbowl from heaven! We will truly miss you, Matt. #BoltUp

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    That is…IDK what to say…….He was one of my 1st followers on twitter and the only one I´ve told that I´m not from the US (of course 2 days ago I placed that here on Bolt Beat too, but before that he was the only Bolt Head who knew it).
    And he also was one of the 1st supporters of my Chargers Music Projects on Youtube. And damn, these days we wanted to finish our project we´ve started – a little Chargers song with MATT ON THE VOCALS!! But damn it, I didn´t receive any audio files from him yet and now never will…that song would have been a nice BoJack memory…DAMN!!
    But very cool @BoogaP to write an article just for him…another reason why Bolt Beat rocks!
    RIP Matt – although I never met you in person, I will miss our routine chats – Bolt Brother now you can enjoy chats with our buddy Junior #55…

  • Sportsguy307

    @BB_Chargers @bojackrusso #RIPBoJack #BoltFam4Life #BoltNation sad news. Enjoyed talking to him. God bless his family. Sad news.

  • http://twitter.com/ChargerGrlCindi Cindi Spears-Cahill

    Oh man. I too had many chats with him on twitter. He was a super nice guy and I will miss his wit and kind words. :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.spinning Pete Spinning

    So sad when you told me this today, Booga. I am not going to pretend I knew him very well, but he we did have a great time doing what we all do best together… talking Chargers. Always sad when a fellow Bolt passes on. Especially one so young, and good vibe. My heart goes out to his family. I will pray for them tonight.