Dec 18, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; A San Diego Chargers flag blows in the wind before the start of a game against the Baltimore Ravens at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Where does your Bolt Flag fly?


I am currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I haven’t lived in San Diego since my younger sister was born.

Well, she’s only 16 months younger than me.  Meaning that I haven’t been there for thirty years.

I received a direct message a while ago from @djmkid saying that she had what she believed to be a great idea for an article.  Although I agreed with her, I have been extremely busy since receiving that message and have yet to do the article.

That leads us to this very day.  And, although it wasn’t planned for this reason, something happened that made it ever so perfect to do this article tonight.

While on Twitter, I noticed a very true Charger fan that does not live in San Diego defending his opinion, and many facts for that matter, against a complete d-bag that does live in San Diego and claims to be a fan.

Living in San Diego does not make you a Charger Fan.  Although, if you live in San Diego and you’re not a Charger Fan…… how dare you!

The Bolt Family is spread out far and wide across the U.S. and the world as well.  If you don’t believe me, go back and read some of my Fan Perspective articles.

When ignorant people start to act like you are unable to be a fan of the Chargers due to the fact that you don’t live in San Diego, they are earning said title of ignorant.

For those that are completely unaware, the people of Australia, England, Ireland, etc., have an extremely difficult time supporting the Chargers.  Not in showing their love for the Bolts, but due to limited ability to even see highlights of them.


Yes, I meant for the caps and I apologize for raising my voice.

And I sincerely mean “my” team.  I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the Chargers.  I have spent years and years bleeding blue and gold.

Watch your mouth when you think you can attempt to call out another true fan because of where they live.  I am not the only one.  We are EVERYWHERE!

Ahem…… So, thanks for listening.  I would kindly ask that you list your city and state to show where you are repping the Chargers from at this time.

I don’t care if you live on the moon.  I’ll be able to tell if you love and care about the Chargers.

I wish the same could be said for some “fans.”


Thanks a lot for reading.  Please leave a comment showing where you are at representing the Bolts!






P.S. My boy @CharlieMack29 held it down while being put down by pseudo fan @AirMaxSk on Twitter.  And for that, I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of all of the true fans of the Chargers……. Thank you very much sir!

P.P.S. Please check out the #sandiegosportsjunkies Ohhhh, about right NOW!


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  • MNickErickson

    Chargers fan in MN representing!!

  • Boltmaninabq

    Got to meet Dan Fouts on a Harbor cruise of SD Bay back in the late 70′s.  I happened to be wearing a “Frightning Lightning” T-shirt, which he signed.  I’ve been a Bolts fan ever since; probably 35+ years.  Flying the flag the Albuquerque, NM

    • Gpettooh

      Ive been tailgaiting next to the Frightning Lightning for 7 years straight! Had no idea it went back to the 70s! So rad!

      • davie726

        @Gpettooh Bro in right by u every home game!! F3 we def need to hook up this season! Go Bolts!

      • Boltmaninabq

         @Gpettooh  @Boltmaninabq Thats cool Gpettooh!  I would so love  to see a game live in the Q.  Will be heading to a game @ denver this season and will be rockin Blue & Gold.  There are mostly Denver & Dallas fans here in ‘Burque.  Not sure what I’d do without Sunday Ticket!

  • BoogaP

    @Chargers_101 Thx Nick!

    • Chargers_101

      @BoogaP Hope the people mentioned read it too :)

  • KarenLuvsSports

    I lI’ve in So Cal and am blessed to go to all home Chargers games. I respect and admire those who don’t live here, yet love this team with all they’ve got. They get no local tv coverage, no local sports radio coverage, no “hop, skip and a jump” to the Q. No other Bolts being rocked in their neighborhood, yet they love the Chargers anyway. Mad love to you all.

    • biggsybolt

      @KarenLuvsSports That is one thing I really miss about SD is the local sports coverage, oh and real carne!!

  • charger17/tkc

    Indian Rocks Beach FL! Fan since the age of 7! Nvr lived in Sd but  i support my team from wherever i am! As for how i became a fan my stepdad was from Longbeach cali and luvs the chargers so i grew up watchin LT break recoreds! I acually cried a lil when nate missed that Field goal vs Pats!
    #BoltUp #Boltfam #BoltSoHard

    • KeenanRickless

       @charger17/tkc Orlando here

  • loraco313

    @BoogaP San Tan Valley AZ

    • BoogaP

      @loraco313 leave a comment please!!! @DLocke619 is gonna do a map out from the comments that are left. :) Ur pretty! :)

      • loraco313

        @BoogaP thank you!!

    • FooMoDee

      @loraco313 I like that bolt-like emoticon. Nice.

      • loraco313

        @FooMoDee @BoogaP @DLocke619 #BoltNation

        • FooMoDee

          @loraco313 nice. Following.

        • loraco313

          @FooMoDee thanks follow back!! #Chargers

  • vapper1971

    @BoogaP I already told you lol

    • BoogaP

      @vapper1971 lol. @DLocke619 is gonna help make a map out from all that leave comments on the article. I cant remember everybody! lol.

      • vapper1971

        @BoogaP Gilbert AZ


    I am representing the San Diego Chargers FRROOOOOMMM,…..drum roll please….San Diego!! LOL I have ALWAYS said that if you have lived in San Diego your entire life and are NOT a Chargers fan, you must also cheer for the other person who is in a physical fight with your mom.  Like it just doesn’t make sense!

  • KarenLuvsSports

    For the map: San Pedro, CA

  • BoltBaby1

    Southern Oregon Bolt fan to the end!

  • boltsfan1972

    The Bat Cave , Gotham City

  • boltsfan1972

    Sorry I wanted the BatCave on the Chargers map sorry I’m a nerd!!!

    For Real Reppin SD Chargers from Panama City Beach, Fla

  • boltsfan1972

    To all the Chargers fans in SD I hope you know what I’d give to sit at QualComm stadium on a Sunday. How Lucky you are to be near your team.

  • CallyUlrich

    I’m proud to be a Charger fan and thankful that the team hasn’t been relocated clear across the country but regardless I’m a fan for life!  My flag was raised last week here in Canyon Lake, CA
    Let’s hear it for the Temecula Valley gang!

    • CindiSpears

       @CallyUlrich We love Temecula!  Our home away from home is South Coast Winery.  :-)  #boltup!

  • c0dykn0x72

    I live in Murrieta CA which is 80 miles north of San Diego and 95 miles east of LA. This town has lots of Bolt fans but bigger on the Oakland and Denver fans. I fly my Blue and Gold about 20 feet in the air for all to see.

  • pels04

    Born in SD but now live in north Idaho. 3rd generation charger fan. Been watching charger games with my dad as long as I can remember. I vividly remeber him freakin out as we watched the chargers in the superbowl. I was wondering why he was freaking out so bad, me only being 9 at the time. Now i know cuz i have it now just as bad as he does. All i can say is thank god for sunday ticket!!

    • biggsybolt

      @pels04 just north of you!!! Went down to Ironwood Shopping center yesterday to pick up my new yellow lab named Charlie Joiner!!! I too was born in SD and spent my first 37 years there! Been bleeding blue and gold since day 1!

  • 619chargers4life

    San Diego CA. up the hill from the Q.  Charged up for life. earliest memories of me being a fan was watching the Daygo Frisco SB….. im 28  years of age. and i love it

  • mark_dub619

    Born and raised in America’s finest city. Now attending school near the Bay Area at UC Davis, home to nothing but Raiders and Niners fans. Deep in enemy territory, im still repping the blue and gold! 

  • davie726

    Still living in Americas Finest City and if u haven’t took notice….I bleed blue and gold! #BoltUp no matter where u may live we’re all connected by Bolts! ⚡ #BoltFam4Life

  • SDFAN2378

    @BoogaP @fansided @bb_chargers @charliemack29 @boltzpride21 That’s Awesome with a capital A baby #Boltup

  • Casey Bullis

    In my heart! Where else?

  • CT2SD

    I’m an East Coast transplant (CT). When I moved here 12 years ago, I didn’t have a football team that I was overly attached to, so I decided to adopt the Chargers (Padres & Aztecs). YES, that was the 2000, 1-15 season. It was a tough start but I stuck with them and couldn’t be happier! I get crap for not being a “local” , an “East Coaster”, etc but guess what, not many people are actually from San Diego and if you only relied on a “local” fan base there would be 12 people at the Q each weekend. Embrace those that love your team regardless of where they were born or currently live. 
    Also, respect a healthy rivalry. I am friends with Raider & Broncos fans and we rib each other all the time but it’s all in good fun. For me, sports wouldn’t be half as fun without those moments and rivals.
    I know I will eventually move back to CT and I will ALWAYS be a Bolt fan. So I’ll be like @BoogP and will I be any less of a fan? HELL NO!
    BOLT UP!

  • boltfanindenver

    Bolt fan in enemy territory.  I live in Denver and proudly drive around with multiple Charger stickers on my truck.  Being a Military brat then joining the Army National Guard ive been a displaced charger fan my whole life, Maryland, Russia, England, Iraq, Arizona.  Bolts for life!!!

    • djmkid

      @boltfanindenver wait, wait, wait…are you in the Tower and 104th-ish area??

      • boltfanindenver

         @djmkid  @boltfanindenver no Im like cap hill area, 10th and Pennsylvania 

  • KennyRedman

    I live here in San Diego, so my flag fly’s in the nearest raider fans Ass.

  • djmkid

    I’m in Denver, CO…that’s right folks…in the middle of Bronco Country! Luckily I getta go home on occasion. I haven’t been to a game since it was Jack Murphy (I my ❤, it will always b The Murph!!)

  • koreyelizabethk

    San Diego in the summer time and Phoenix for the remainder of the year.

  • CoachRRRjr

    Living in southern Illinois, but my heart is in sunny San Diego! Dedicated Bolts fan for 35 years and counting!

  • Steve Carpenter

    No flag, But the Bolt is always ride’n hard on the back window of my truck all year long every year!!!!!

  • KeenanRickless

    All the way from Orlando, Florida. Think I’ll try to make the Bucs game this season.

  • WyattWarren

    Im up at Chico, north east from the bay area, for school. I constantly have to deal with dumb and ignorant raider fan’s that think black and silver is the best team in the NFL. Not to mention the sudden apperence of all these n9ner fans this year because of their recent success. Anyways, I always make sure to have my presence felt by wearing my bolt gear all around Chico. I cant wait to laugh at them this coming year.

  • CraigHasan

    @BoogaP @fansided @BB_Chargers @CharlieMack29 @SDFAN2378 @boltzpride21 saw the article on Bolt Beat, loved it. GO BOLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CraigHasan

    @BoogaP @fansided @BB_Chargers playing madden 12 as SD vs GB, up 34-6

    • BoogaP

      @CraigHasan @fansided @BB_Chargers I like that score Craig. #BoltUp

  • Cally Ulrich

    Great article! There are fans from everywhere. I cheer for the Chargers in the Temecula Valley about 75 miles inland from SD

  • BReisinger86

    Phoenix, AZ, I spent the first 23 years of my life in SD though

  • CindiSpears

    I’m a second generation San Diegan raising three third generation San Diegans.  We bleed blue and gold.  Oh, and our flag really does fly from our master balcony.  It’s getting a little shredded so I gotta get a new one.  ha ha

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    BoltHeads if you believe or not, I spread that BoltSpirit in Austria, Central Europe. That means staying up till 4 or 5 a.m. to watch the games. This also means to pay over EUR 100 for Duty & shipping when buying Chargers gear (btw which I´m currently doin for some friends of mine).
    The Chargers are by far the coolest team in the NFL and that´s what I preach here over the pond :)
    So what´s left to say? -> BOLT UP!!!!!!!!

    • BoogaP

      I had no clue that you weren’t in the US??? Wow, ummm Fan Perspective? Haven’t interviewed anyone from Austria yet.

      • Bolts_NFL_music

         @BoogaP Yeah thought about it too & and yes would be cool – thx for asking. But currently it´s a “little” bit hard to focus on that (yesterday our new boss fired bout 30 people *clusterf#ck* – and next 1,5 weeks I´m on vacation…). But maybe in about 2 weeks or something?

    • BoogaP

      Nice Austria.  Throw another shrimp on the barbie!
      Can’t wait for responses from the people that haven’t seen that movie! :)

      • Bolts_NFL_music

         @BoogaP Haha, Austria and Australia isn´t exactly the same :)

      • KennyRedman

        @BoogaP @Bolts_NFL_music
        “I don’t know Lloyd, these places don’t really do it for me.”

        ” Why hare, some little Philly break your heart?”

        “No, it was a girl.”

        • pels04

           @KennyRedman  @BoogaP  @Bolts_NFL_music
          One of the greatest movies of all time…….

    • Didier Dubrit

      Hey I had no idea you were from Austria either! I know what you mean about staying up all night in order to watch our Super Chargers!!

  • Jacko1889

    @BoogaP you need to expand to over this side of the pond get the world tagged for the #boltbeat global empire

    • BoogaP

      @Jacko1889 Nice. Gd point! I have interviewed BoltFans from all over the world in #FanPerspective. Australia, London, Ireland, Scotland, etc

      • Jacko1889

        @BoogaP we may not be many but we are always there in Wembley stadium showing the lightning when the NFL comes to town

  • pubrelationprof

    I wave my flag in New Jersey and on a daily basis explain to people why I am a Chargers fan

  • MCali1986

    @BoogaP my girlfriend is in cape coral,fl (you might have her) I am in Poway , ca

  • ChargerName

    I’m in Nashville, TN. I became a Charger fan in 2005 when I first got the idea to move to SD one day. I was fortunate enough to live there for awhile and plan to go back as soon as I can. The city left a mark on me that is hard to describe, but sometimes I feel like a San Diegan at heart. I’m die-hard Chargers and Padres. I even root for SDSU. Hell I even listen to 1090 on my phone. So currently, Nashville is where my Charger flag flies.

  • boltzpride21

    @BoogaP back of my truck!!and my back 4life! #boltzpride #boltzdiehard

    • BoogaP

      @boltzpride21 Hell yeah bro! #BoltedUpForLife

      • boltzpride21

        @BoogaP stoked baby!!!! #FtheFaiders #Fthedonkeys #FtheCHEFS #BoltedUpForLife

        • BoogaP

          @boltzpride21 Yezzir!!!

    • BoogaP

      @boltzpride21 @sdfan2378 do either of you have that link from Monday’s show? #sandiegosportsjunkies All SD sports!

  • MikeUrsery

    @BoogaP @fansided @BB_Chargers @DLocke619 I couldn’t leave a comment on the site. I’m in Springfield, MO. Bolt fan in Chiefs Land.

    • DLocke619

      @MikeUrsery @boogap @fansided @bb_chargers idk about the site, but I’ll add you to the map! Will send out updated one tomorrow afternoon

  • @BOLTSFAN1972

    Panama city beach , fla

  • @Medeiros83

    I am originally from Vancouver Canada but I relocated to Sunny San Diego to be with my awesome hubby! Rep’ing the Charges no matter where I live.

  • Dude

    Middleboro ma,

  • Chase Izidoro

    Repping Daygo baby. Charger country all day. San Diego, California

  • Pete Spinning

    The only Charger Fan in a sea of Faders… holding down Santa Ana, Ca in tha OC BABAY!

  • Didier Dubrit

    Chargers fan in Switzerland here!! From Yverdon-les-Bains exactly. So if by any chance a fellow bolt head comes in Switzerland, come and say hi ;)

  • Christopher Maniachi

    I rep the Bolts in Boston, Massachusetts right in the center of diehard Patriots Nation. It’s a very hard life dealing with these bozo’s on a daily basis, but somebody has to do it. Bolt Up!!!

  • The 1& Only J.T.Bear

    San Diego born and raised! I have lived all over this fine country from Alaska to Maryland and some of these san diegans take this team forgranted… But not me! Ill defend my team till im blue and gold in the face!