July 29, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo (93) during training camp at Charger Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Releasing Luis Castillo… What is the Worst That Can Happen?

SOMEONE COULD GET INJURED, THAT’s WHAT! Knowing the Chargers history with the injury bug, the Chargers still decided to release a veteran defensive end. There are four defensive ends that will make the roster in Corey Liuget, Vaughn Martin, Kendall Reyes and Jacques Cesaire BUT behind them are a bunch of guys that are fighting to make ANY NFL roster. If one of the top four guys gets injured, the Chargers can’t rely on Ogemdi Nwagbuo being available again! Someone give Tommie Harris or Andre Carter a call.

The Bolts cut Castillo, but keep two veteran kickers (Nate Kaeding and Nick Novak) on the roster? What is the reasoning for having both of them on the team?

It is sweet that they the team is giving Castillo an oppotunity to catch on with another 53 man roster, but the team needs to be looking out for themselves. There is no reason to cut someone off the roster at this time unless someone else is going to fill that spot…. still waiting to see that transaction.

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  • ntman68

    @BB_Chargers Rumor was he wouldn’t make it through camp and this gives him a fighting chance to catch on somewhere else.

    • BB_Chargers

      @ntman68 but if someone got hurt, he would have a chance… he was insurance till the end of camp

  • boltsfan1972


  • Jessiemyvrb
  • gpettooh

    Is O.G still on the market?

    • BB_Chargers

      @gpettooh I think he is in Carolina

      • gpettooh

        Thats right.
        Thank you

    • BB_Chargers

      @gpettooh think he is in Carolina

      • BoogaP

        @BB_Chargers @gpettooh he is in Carolina.

  • BoogaP

    Damik Scafe. BOOM!

    • charger17/tkc

      Plz explain who scafe is hahha??

  • SkinnyDuzIt

    @BB_Chargers Nah. Neither. The undrafted kid from A&M (I believe) will spell the middle & ends, way more versatile.

    • BB_Chargers

      @SkinnyDuzIt Eddie Brown? I had to look that one up. I think damik scafe might have a shot

      • BoogaP

        @BB_Chargers @SkinnyDuzIt Agreed on Scafe. Tweeted it earlier and left a comment in ur last article.

      • SkinnyDuzIt

        @BB_Chargers Yes. Brown. Couldn’t remember. He will make squad, 321 and had 33 reps.

      • SkinnyDuzIt

        @BB_Chargers Scafe is cool, like his frame but only 21 bench reps?

    • BB_Chargers

      @SkinnyDuzIt I would love tommie Harris to get a shot

      • SkinnyDuzIt

        @BB_Chargers Agreed. But we’re okay in middle as long as Cam is starter. Not sure howd he do in a 2-gap though.

  • chargergirl80

    @BoogaP : saw the news earlier..wearing my #93 in his honor…love big Luis Castillo. http://t.co/uN0lfIOC

    • BoogaP

      @chargergirl80 nice. I got love for Castillo too. Glad he was back. I dont have his jersey but my daughter does. :) Powder Blue too. >>>

    • BoogaP

      @chargergirl80 (cont) I know he had injury issues & its easy 2 say that he had been given plenty $$$ and chances. A lil bummed. I get it tho

  • charger17/tkc

    I hope we go pick up a stud CB

    • Bleu

      @charger17/tkc thats wut page im on they need to pay more attention to that secondary because that is easily our, biggest flaw hands down. cason jammer gilchrist wright….. not enough can were get atleast 1k shutdown corner…..

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    Damn we’re talkin bout a REAL Charger!!! Castillo will be missed, at least by me. F#ck!!!

  • Cheech619

    @BB_Chargers Why Luis Again? The dude missed more than he played. Don’t expect him to make a comeback at all anywhere else.

  • KennyRedman

    I just dont see how this made us better.

  • street

    no reason?? iam sure they moved him out because he wasn’t good enough..
    the only reason…. good luck to him, but
    iam not surprised.

  • arnie

    The worst that can happen? we don’t have any depth at the position. really there was no reason to make this move until training camp. i agree with you Ernie. the Chargers seem to rely on the starters very heavily to stay healthy for an entire season. But when that doesn’t happen, they turn to the backups, who don’t seem to step up, then Aj goes fishing for FA. We’ve seen this before. let’s try something different. Castillo had a one year deal, let him play on it. You let Bob Sanders. if he can’t play release him and move on. in releasing Castillo you bring in a new player, that still has to learn the system, an still may not be able to contribute this year anyway. At least WITH Castillo you had an experienced player, you could reduce his snaps, to keep him healthy, and give the Chargers a better chance at being a better defense.For what it’s worth, i hope they know what they’re doing. 

    • Bleu

      @arnie maybe they saw some flaws were dont know about in camp. were got more depth on the dline thank were do in the secondary. I hope they used some of the cap space they freed up and try to do something with the secondary. but you are right hopefully were can stay healthy because that would be our achilles heel….

  • 1bryanborde

    @BoogaP why would we do that ?? Who took his spot ?? And do you think ingram is Gunna impact our D #BOLTUP

  • http://www.boltbeat.com/ PowderBlue619

    Kaeding for the regular season & Novak for the PLAYOFFS!!!

  • Nightsblade

    “history with the injury bug”? There goes your credibility as a writer right there. It’s the NFL everyone gets injured! Anyways the chargers roster depth is insane and the front seven is no exception. You forgot that we are a 3-4 defense, DEs are not that important. Besides that we have 4 good ends like you said, as well as two potential starting nose tackles in garay and the rookie. Also you forget Melvin Ingram can play on the defensive line at any position as well as the LB position. And there is plenty of depth at LB to cover Ingram if he has to pull extensive d-line duty. Luis Castillo was a good player, but he mostly lived off the wake of destruction left by Jamal Williams, shawne merriman(w/roids) and Shaun phillips. Now that they are gone he is just an average veteran DE as evident by his recent performance. Not someone who is going to be missed. As for the kickers, it’s not to late it’s still the post season. Plenty of time for a good old fashioned battle for a roster spot. Remember Ernie, the roster hasn’t been finalized. Don’t rage yet.