June 19, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Luis Castillo (93) participates in a drill during minicamp at Charger Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Chargers Have Released Luis Castillo

The San Diego Chargers have released DE Luis Castillo (Kevin Acee). Castillo was coming back from a season ending broken leg and it is possible that he has not recovered fully from the injury. It will be up to the youth at the position to lead the charge at defensive end. Vaughn Martin and Corey Liuget are the expected starters with Kendall Reyes and Jacques Cesaire rotating in for playing time.

Castillo was released earlier in the offseason and was brought back at a smaller contract. He has been released for the second time.

The Chargers are still looking to add a veteran defensive back onto the roster and this could open up a roster space for that player.

The Chiefs had him over for a visit in March and that could be a possible destination for the defensive end.

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  • JROD56

    @BB_Chargers To release him before camp tells me that the younger pieces are coming together quickly. #GoodSign

    • BB_Chargers

      @JROD56 i can see that… looks like they have confidence in martin and reyes to get work done!

  • arnie

    that a good sign, that they are willing to move on from players that may not be able to stay healthy. Now there is another injury prone player i have in mind for release….

    • Bleu

      @arnie lol….. they have ben cleaning house this season. its just, time for a new looc on defense we have ben to stagnant its time to bounce all them old guys. the next dude I say bounce unless he gone be a safety is jammer. he is a liability in coverage but he can tackle thats for, sure. we need a coach that is willing to identify a pkayers strengths and flaws and utilize them. thats what sets bellichik aside from all other coaches.

      • arnie

         @Bleu  @arnie i agree, but what makes Belichick special.  he has already drafted a replacement for the bounced player, 2 or 3 seasons ago. The Chargers tend to bounce vet players, not because the young ones are ready, more so they se the potential in the young guy, and can save some money too.

        • Bleu

          @arnie I agree but that is wut all coaches are supposed to do. I just admire how he can really utilize the strengths of the players he has he can really get a guy to maximize his potential…… he stays away from big name guys and sticcs to, the basis….

        • arnie

           @Bleu  True. but we were supposed to win the Superbowl with Norv. the difference between what “ALL” coaches are supposed to do, is in wins, and loses.  Potential is great, but knowing when a player is ready? that is a different story. In fact Belichick has turned that “knowing” into 5 Superbowl appearances, and three Championships.

  • Huy Nguyen

    Good! He gets injured every other play

  • Johnny144

    @BB_Chargers Love the guy to death but he has been injury prone last two years. Time to move on and get younger and that position is crutial

  • boltsfan1972

    I guess they have their reasons I thought we had a good DE rotation with him in it.

  • Ferguson1015

    @BB_Chargers I’m very surprised. I liked the depth in the DL. DE position is full of ?s now

    • LorenSCasuto

      @Ferguson1015 @BB_Chargers it has two ?s (Liuget/Reyes) one starter with upside (Martin), one solid vet (Cesaire)

  • Cameron_Statler

    @BB_Chargers made sense….I wasn’t sure why they brought him back in the first place. Time for some new blood that can make plays #Chargers

  • Eugene Kitagawa

    he was great depth

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    Damn Castillo cut for the 2nd time, and now definitely. Maybe it’s the right decision, but damn Castillo was a great Charger, I always liked him, damn. And now he will end up in KC? WTF?

  • Bleu

    no disrespect to mr.castillo but we had to stick to the youth that we have. looc how young our dline is getting. we loocn real good now. that means that martin thomas reyes and liuget have even more snaps on there hands. we have to focus on athletic young productive players so we can utilize them. castillo was solid but he only had 19saccs and he ben with us since 05. to me that is unsatisfactory. he laccs in athleticism and thats not cool. all we have to do now is focus on the secondary. I think our front 7 is cool. everyone in the secondary outside of weddle scares me. im tired of seeing our, corners get toasted.

    • arnie

       @Bleu Not so fast. Castillo’s job was to eat up blockers, so the Linebackers could make plays an get sacks. Which Castillo did his job. he was double teamed on almost everyplay. more than Garay. maybe the coaches saw he had lost some spring in his step? maybe the broken leg was still an issue? either way we will see if it was the right move. i just hope the Chargers don’t suffer any setbacks due the loss of experience on the D-line.

      • Bleu

        @arnie you rite about castillo in that regard but you have to be extremely durable to hold, up against, the, run. not to mention if he was eating up blockers all tuff our sack total would be up. I just think it was time to move on for the chargers. good lucc to, him and he is a solid player byte were need someone who can really disrupt the qb and force him out the pocket and be good against the run get tackles on rb for losses all that good stuff. we need tenacity up front period….

        • arnie

           @Bleu  @arnie  i hear what your sayin’ but our sack totals don’t necessarily go up because he was doubled teamed. the 3-4 is about using lining up your players to make plays, and attacking the weakness in protection schemes.  The Chargers used to do that under Wade. Luis was in 90% percent of the snaps, that should tell you something. Like i said we’ll see if it was the right move.

      • Bleu

        @arnie I will take the guy franklin were just signed as an upgraded over luis castillo anyday. chargers have ben smart this offseason it seem like they actually have more of a strategy….

        • arnie

           @Bleu  @arnie everything looks good in practice. everything looks good on paper. And everybody has a plan, until they get hit the mouth. I know what we have in Castillo. Franklin? We won’t know until he puts the pads on and takes his first snap. again this wasn’t necessary until after camp.

  • ChurchService

    @BB_Chargers apathy. Hard to argue that he’s any better than the next guy on the waiver wire, and no upside at all