Chargers Only Team That Could Fill The Requirements To Move To Los Angeles By 2013

If the NFL were to return to Los Angeles by 2013, there would only one team that would be able to pull it off:

The Rams can’t leave St. Louis at the earliest until after the 2014 season.  The Jaguars must demonstrate three straight years of losses before being able to exit Jacksonville.  The Raiders’ lease situation is irrelevant, because (as we’ve previously reported) the league won’t allow them to move to L.A. unless Mark Davis sells controlling interest in the team. – Pro Football Talk

A recent memo that was sent out by Commissioner Goodell to the rest of the league outlined the requirements in order to make a move happen. The Chargers would be able to meet all the requirements that were set out by Goodell.

There is also the mayoral candidate race in town where both the leading candidates do not support using public money for a possible new Chargers stadium.

2013? Definitely a possibility. Enjoy the team in San Diego while you can, we don’t know how much longer they will be around. I sure like the sound of Los Angeles Rams though!

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  • Torin H. Brown


  • Bolts_NFL_music

    That sounds not very good…All hope on the Rams.

  • Dave Johnson

    damn, this city need’s to get there shit together and work it out with my bolts. It would tear my heart out if thay moved. Iv been a charger fan since 1970

  • Huy Nguyen

    Cmon rams…and dean spanos keep working at it….god I fucking hate la.

  • Nydia Lopez

    They better not move to stinky L.A. :(

  • Memo Esco

    Fuck that I will be pissed the fuck off if they went to L.A. Dam it

  • RMainwaring

    I don’t think the Chargers are going anywhere for these reasons: 1. The Spanos family has spent millions of dollars to find a way to get a stadium done here. 2. One of the stipulations for the Chargers or any other team to move to the new LA stadium would require the team to give up a majority ownership to AEG. Do you really think Spanos would do that? No way. There was a write up in the SDUT that compared the financial numbers and according to that article, the numbers aren’t that much different, ie it wouldn’t be much of a financial advantage for the team to move. The issue is supposed to go on the ballot for the voters to decide. If the team and the city can come up with a decent financing plan that is attractive to the voters, a stadium will get built. I personally wouldn’t mind paying a few cents more on the dollar to help fund a new stadium. I sincerely think/hope they will get something done.

  • drewwall1

    I don’t think LA will get a team because LA is in much worse financial shape than SD. The only think I hope does not happen to us is what happened to the Seattle Sonics. 

    • drewwall1

      think is suppose to be thing.

  • russ51

    The NFL wants to put Two teams in the LA market, one NFC the other AFC.They have said that expansion was out of the question, except into foreign markets. So it’s looks like the Rams and Bolts are it.    

    • epadaon

       @russ51  i still dont understand how the Jags can stay in Jacksonville…. if bolts and rams do end up in Los Angeles…. who tries to get the Jags.. not going to be San Diego, but who!?!?! probably St Louis

      • russ51

         @epadaon the “tell” on the NFL’s position on the Jags is the clause in the contract that the Jags can’t be moved till the club shows three year of losses.I  think they will move a team in before 2015, if not both. What better way the sweeten the pot on a stadium deal, it’s home to two teams.
        as far as the Jags, they should start to learn the Canadian National Anthem.

  • RMainwaring

    Look, the way I see it, if Spanos and the Chargers REALLY want to stay here, they could build a stadium with their own money. God knows they have it. A.G. Spanos is a huge real estate developer who’s net worth is over 1 billion dollars. He could finance and build his own stadium for cryin’ out loud. I think it just may come down to that. Why would a billionare give up majority ownership/control of his team to another billionare? Doesn’t make sense. As I said before, I really think the Chargers are gonna stay right here.

  • VEazy

    I seriously hate Shareece Wright more than usual right now.

    • epadaon

       @VEazy fricking Shareece… you know he is smiling about this right now! 

      • charger17/tkc

         @epadaon Why is the hateing of shareece happing??

        • epadaon

           @charger17/tkc hahahaha… check this article:

        • RMainwaring

           @epadaon  @charger17/tkc Come on Ernie…if Shareece Wright was here right now, what do you think he would say to you? @shareecewright was joking when he made that comment on Twitter and you know it. Why do you have to push it? Nothing like opening old wounds.

        • epadaon

           @RMainwaring  @charger17/tkc  i didnt open it… @VEazy is the one that brought it up.
          and you know better than that. he wasnt joking at all. he shut down his twitter cuz he got so much grief. he gave other chargers fans crap because we stuck up for san diego. 

    • biggsybolt

       @VEazy I am very sure that shareecewright is very sorry he made that comment, in fact I can almost guarantee it was made in jest.I know that as a kid and a young adult I have made comments that I reget, and I assure you that you, @epadaon  and every other human being on this planet and those that have past on and have yet to join in, have and will too! Its all part of being human, I have forgiven him for that Tweet, I hope you can find it in your heart to do the same. Life is too short to hold a grudge against a person, that you have zero personal contact with, for such a long time ( unless it’s Al Davis). 

  • MikeTuck

    I hope the Comish trys to keep SD right where it is, the advantages of a AFC original team with loads of history, thye perfect SB destination. I for one don’t know how the league doesn’t contribute to buiding a new stadium in SD. They’ve been successfull at SB games and fans and networks like to telecast from there. There are so many good reasons to keep them there. Spanos wants his own luxury boxes in a stadium with the Spanos name. This is a league about Football not Corp greed. When it comes down to it all Boltbeat writers seriously pray to God allmighty that the Chargers can’t move, unless it’s Oceanside and they can call them the San Diego Chargers from Oceanside.

  • MikeTuck

    I know there’s a ton of readers on Bleacher Report that think I’m so full of BS that I shouldn’t write at all. I’ve been told I know nothing about the game of Footbal Check right, My ideas are outlandish and most of the writers know more than I knew in 1st grade.Check right ‘ And the current owner/Management has done the best job for the Chargers to date Check right.
     I ought to quit pretending I have anything to say because it’s all BS. But I’m not going to be doing you the favor. !. The Chargers won’t be moving to LA in the next 10 years.
                    2.  Rivers will lead the #1 offense in the league to a 14-2 record
                    3. Mathews will have 1600 yrds running and 400 + recieving this year.
                    4. Floyd will lead all recievers in yardage, Brown a close secound. Gates will have best year.
                    5. Weddle and Gilchrist will have 6-8 ints
                    6. The Chargers will be the 3rd highest Defense Barnes, Phillips &  Ingram will combine for 27 sacks. With the team having a 48+ sack year to lead the league.
                     7 The Superbowl will be there for them to win if they play it like the regular season.
    This comes from Mr. Absurb and at the end of the season you can send all your hate mail here. I thought as a Chargers Nation we’d stick together different opinions or not. But Boltz fans don’t treat Bolt fans like some of you do. Respect for your fellow fans is not only the right thing it’s Gods will to have us respect each other. So when you write your piece, express your oppinion and you don’t have to direct it at anybody if you can’t do it w/ respect. Come September there will be some 2 million Charger fans in the US. Real fans! By mid November there will be some 15 million nation wide. But they won’t feel the joy a true Chargers Fan will feel after years of disappointment after a hyped season. We will be on top of the world and God willing we get some Oline help for the next 10 years we’ll be the team everyone trys to emulate. If you have a Raider fan give them a hug, they’ll need it. Just let them know Halloween is over. Manning will make Elway glad he didn’t stick with Tebow & Tebow won’t care because the Jets will be in the playoffs and Denver will be in Denver. Last is KC our main enemy this year. Their not to deep and they have some good D talent, but math says they don’t have enough D to cover the Chargers. Unless were in KC and then old players come out of the cornfields to threaten the Ref’s.
              That’s it, take it or leave it but this is what my dog told me. And he doesn’t lie, so see you at the post season glittery.

    • BoogaP


      Mike- I’d rather sign up for the “Double Root Canal, Colonoscopy, Manual Kidney Stone Passing Day at the DMV with Fran Drescher and Joan Rivers,” than read a Bleacher Report article.

      I used to read their stuff a couple years ago and finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

      Don’t waste your time.

      • epadaon

         @BoogaP   are you saying that you don’t like slideshows?!?! hahahahahaha!
         @MikeTuck i believe in your dog

        • BoogaP

          @epadaon @BoogaP @MikeTuck

          LMAO!!! I hate the writing even more than the slideshows, to be completely honest.

        • BoogaP

          @epadaon @BoogaP @MikeTuck

          But yeah, I HATE the slideshows.

          Am I at the In-laws family reunion??

        • RussellGrant

           @epadaon Most of the major bleacher report hate I’ve read on the Chargers comes from established Pats fans.  Enough said.

        • biggsybolt

           @RussellGrant  @epadaon Most of their articles are filled with Charger hate, one example is the article  from last season titled “12 reasons the Chargers wont make the playoffs”! and they write plenty more just like it.

        • RMainwaring

           @RussellGrant  @epadaon And Raiders fans. There’s one guy on there that comes to mind that always rips the Chargers.

        • RMainwaring

           @biggsybolt  @RussellGrant  @epadaon Right, and the one that says Ryan Mathews will never be an elite RB. That’s like telling a child that they won’t ever amount to anything. How stupid is that? I quit reading their crap.

        • epadaon

           @RMainwaring  @biggsybolt  @RussellGrant i love how this has become a whole tangent on why we hate bleacher report… i hate them because some crazy numb nutz just bought them out for $200 mill! what in the world?!?!??! that is crazy! i hate their slideshows, because i only want to see one person on it and i have to scroll through like 5 pages to get there. then they get 5 extra clicks because of it. BUT their slideshows are much better than their writing! JUST WOW! do they know what they are talking about?!!? CRAZY!

  • BoogaP

    This Is Our Year.

  • sdchargerzfan

    Reading this just makes me sick. If the Chargers leave SD I’ll probably die haha

  • marten608charge

    Had a great idea! Let’s just move the Padres to LA. Baseball SUCKS anyway.

    • epadaon

       @marten608charge and just use PETCO for the Chargers? If I had a choice, would keep the Chargers over the Padres any day!

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