June 19, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) smiles while he runs during minicamp at Charger Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN's Player w/ Most Pressure to Win Title: Philip Rivers

The mothership listed their top 5 NFL players that have pressure to win a Super Bowl and here is their listing:

5. Mark Sanchez, NYJ
4. Joe Flacco, BAL
3. Tony Romo, DAL
2. Jay Cutler, CHI
1. Philip Rivers, SD

Philip Rivers tops their charts for players with the most pressure to win now. Can you really argue against that?

Philip has led a powerful offense for a number of years and was part of the draft class with Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning. Both those guys have a pair of championships and Philip is still looking for that first one. He has had high expectations in seasons past, but now those expectations are dropping after missing the playoffs 2 seasons in a row.

The pressure is on Philip to win now. Will he be able to get that championship? Will he even be able to lead this team to the Super Bowl?

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  • ferguson1015


  • BReisinger86

    Of course he is capable, The real question is can we maintain a complete healthy team for a full season? That will be the key! I believe the other X Factor will be Rich Bisaccia, I think he brings a lot to the table as Ast. head coach, might be our next Head Coach if things don’t pan out with Norv

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @BReisinger86 i love coach bisaccia and wish he had already taken over the coaching duties. He will get a head coaching shot soon. i think he will help out a lot 

      • BReisinger86

         @epadaon I was one of his biggest advocates for the job before it was announced that Norv would be returning. And ill continue to be if we are looking for a new coach after this season. For now, Norv is our man so ill continue to support that, but i think if we make a big run this year it will be largely in part to Bisaccia

      • RMainwaring

         @epadaon I do believe, if I’m not mistaken, Mike Tomlin climbed the coaching ranks the same way. He started out as a special teams coach and went on to be asst. head coach and from there to head coach. We all know what kind of job he’s done for Pittsburgh. If it doesn’t work out with Turner, I’m all for Bisaccia as head coach. I know this might be a little pre-mature but depending on how our defense does this season, maybe Pagano as head coach?

        • BReisinger86

           @RMainwaring  @epadaon I think Pagano has a way to go before we can talk about that, I would think he needs to get a couple solid seasons as a coordinator under his belt first.

        • BReisinger86

           @RMainwaring  @epadaon And by a couple i mean 3-5 lol

  • Bleu

    we past due for a superbowl lets do it. we have a championship caliber roster now its just time to gel….defense will be what gets us there our offense will always be a powerhouse..

  • chargerrocket

    Yes he can! Rivers now has a lot of new weapons. We are SOLID in all areas including the coaching staff. He will not be affected by the pressure. He is motivated, excited, and will thrive this year! #ThisIsOurYear!

  • RMainwaring

    I don’t think Rivers feels any pressure.

  • davie726

    I’m glad he’s getting this attention. I want him to feel he has to deliver a CHAMPIONSHIP to not only his teamates but OUR city!! I personaly think he will deliver one to us. Even though a lot of writter/bloggers may not agree with me, I think he’s going to have a great opportunity to do so this year. #GOBOLTS #IN17ITRUST

  • Chargersfan4life

    This is our year!

  • the gorn

    Rivers is the best active qb that hasn’t won a Superbowl.  The other guys are flawed or crummy.  I feel sorry for Cutler.  Lots of talent, but it can’t be easy playing with diabetes.

  • tcronin1

    This is finally Rivers year. He has been snakebit last few yrears. The biggest difference this year in my opinion is Special Teams, both sides. Best return potential perhaps EVER with 3 legit home run guys. add to that the depth we have at linebacker position only means those guys go to the special team squads, very srong! Game changer for sure. could be the deal that brings us to the show finally! Offense / defense very exciting this year for sure. McClain being the difference maker on O for Matthews pro bowl yr / maybe mvp. 

  • Jackson57

    Phil Rivers is the quarterback with the greatest ability in the NFL. However he is a poor leader and has a people pleasing personality. He just does not have the drive a Peyton Manning does. Two years ago in the thick of a playoff bid , he asked Norv for an extra day off for the Chargers due to Christmas. The Charger’s lost to a 3-11 Cinncinati Bengals team . They did not make the playoffs by one loss , Phil and team may have had a good holiday , but possibly at the expense of the team..

    • davie726


    • davie726

      @Jackson57 Bro, lacking leadership?? Are we talking about the same Rivers?? So he asked for an extra day off. This is the same guy who played in the AFC Championship with no knee!!! And how quickly u forget he’s the same guy that organized last season “offseason” during the lock out. So please don’t question his Leadership and work ethic. #GoBolts

    • pimpinjordan23

       It had nothing to do with a day off we could not block nor pass rush with those guys so for you to second guess is foolish at best. If we had some how slid into  the playoffs and then went one and done would that have made you feel better? Did you see something we all did not a Super Bowl contender? Some teams are not good enough some years thats just how it goes. So use your spilled milk and make a milkshake and enjoy the 2012 Chargers. Go Boltz

  • Jackson57

    By the way I am a huge Charger fan….but with River’s lack of winning drive, mind you he loves to play more than anyone, and Norv’s uninspiring  coaching style , we will have winning season but no play-off run! AJ has done everything right this off-season except fire Norv….

  • MikeTuck

    I think the pressure lies in Turners lap. Rivers can run the plays flawlessly but if Turner calls a safe game giving these high powered teams a chance to pull it out at the end it’s not on Rivers. Lets hope Bisaccia is the difference maker this year. Rivers proved a couple years ago he can get it done even with half his team there. Turner is the Miastro so he better change his tune.

  • Jackson57

    Maybe I was a little harsh on Rivers , it’s obvious he’s a great competitor and I liked it from the beginning when he had his “jawing” matches with Cutler. My point is if Norv can’t get mad and Rivers can’t , who lights the fire . Junior used to light the fire , unfortunately his team wasn’t as loaded as these teams. I don’t back down from the Cinncinati game comment , you tell me Belichick would have given his team the day off, when they are in the playoff hunt…. inexcusable Norv and Rivers!
    Celebrate Christmas in February if you are in the NFL !
    Davie726 , are you saying the extra day off was a good idea and did not  make a difference? 
    Go Bolts this year ! Don’t take prisoners!  Black Flag!