Jonas Who?

One name that hasn’t exactly been in many Charger fan thoughts is Jonas Mouton.

Remember him?

The Chargers drafted him last year in the 2nd round.

In the 2011 NFL draft, Jonas Mouton was considered a mid to late 3rd or early 4th round pick, so it kind of raised eyebrows when A.J. Smith picked up Mouton late in the 2nd round. (61st overall).

We all know how Smith’s attitude is when it comes to the draft. If he wants a guy, he’ll get him no matter what, even if he has to waste a 2nd round pick to get the same guy he could’ve picked up in the 3rd round.

With that attitude, it’s no wonder we’ve had a series of underwhelming drafts.

Out of Michigan, Mouton had a solid College career. In 2010 he led the Big Ten Conference in tackles and was a second All-Conference selection my the media.
There’s no doubt this guy has a competitive mean streak after being suspended for punching an opposing player in the 2009 Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry game.

I’m thinking and hoping that once he gets into the groove of being in the NFL, Mouton will be a solid force with our already vastly improved linebacking core.

“I’m just trying to be the player I know I can be. Everybody tells me I have potential. It’ll take a little time,” Mouton explains.

Takeo Spikes turns 36 in December and will be entering the final year of his contract in 2013. As much as I like Spikes, he’s nearing the end of his football career, so it’s possible that Mouton could be starting alongside Donald Butler next year.

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  • boltsfan1972

    I think Mouton has benefitted by having Spikes and butler for advice in his recovery look what Spikes groomed Butler into in one year Mouton will be no Different!!!

    • RMainwaring

       @boltsfan1972 Even though Spikes has one year left on his contract, I think he has a LOT of gas left. He led the team in tackles last year and he’s a great team leader.

  • boltsfan1972

    Agreed spikes teaches these young guys sound fundamentals was my point not a knock on Spikes but if Jonas Can help Keep #51 fresh he can stay in Beast mode I hope he gets his SB ring or at least deep in playoffs this season!!!

    • RMainwaring

       @boltsfan1972 How can he go wrong with a name like “Spikes!!”

  • BoogaP

    Let’s not forget the fact that Mouton is strong as an ox!
    He definitely has a meanstreak to go along with that strength and I’m very excited to see what he can do in a Bolt’s uni.

  • BoogaP

    Just a reminder that tonight at 7:00 pm pacific, I’m doing S/Os on Twitter to help bring as many BoltFans together as possible…..  until they throw me in Twitter jail, that is… 
    Want more BoltFollowers?  See you at 7:00!!

  • BOLTSFAN1972

    @BoogaP What’s good Been getting my #BoltBack on lol follow @BoogaP #BoltHead Uniter exstrodinaire !!!

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    Don´t know exactly what to expect from Mouton, but having Spikes (and Butler) as some kind of mentor, it´s definitely a big plus for a young guy like him.

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    @r_mainwaring @BOLTSFAN1972 @BoogaP @biggsybolt @LeeBo619 @Da_Great_Gonzo Cool article, Sad to see Spikes nearing the end of his career

    • r_mainwaring

      @Bolts_NFL_music @BOLTSFAN1972 @BoogaP @biggsybolt @LeeBo619 @Da_Great_Gonzo I know. Thanks for reading.

      • Bolts_NFL_music

        @BoogaP @r_mainwaring Thanx for the S/Os really cool! #Boltup

  • biggsybolt

    As I wrote in my article on the defense, I expect huge things from this kid! I like the fact that he has time to learn behind TKO and Butler. It also makes it so that TKO doesn’t have to be in one every play, freshness is key!

  • arnie

    Okay this is exactly why i’m so critical of AJ. not that he can spot talent. not that he’s kept things interesting, with his picks.  just the fact that he picked up a 3rd/4th rounder with the Chargers 2nd round pick. You like a guy? fine. trade down to get him. because right now, a 2nd rounder pick cost more money to sign, money that could’ve ben used to sign FA coughVJcough. But when he has made no impact, to the point where this article reminded me he was even on the roster.
    that. is. my. gripe. with. AJ.
    Jonas. make some noise. AJ’s job depends on it. because the next guy might not see the same potential that AJ does.

    • biggsybolt

      @arnie I call BULLSHIT! Because a first rounder with today’s rookie wage cap barley gets what VJax is getting. Ingram’s contract is a little over 8 mill plus incentives. VJax is gone its time to look forward with who we have and enjoy this Superbowl run.

      • arnie

         @biggsybolt  @arniereally? so you’re telling me a 2nd rounder gets paid as much as a 3rd or 4th? i disagree. and so does the rookie salary agreement . this is why so much enfaces is put on, by rookies and their agents, on draft status. So to the point is, if Jonas was a 3rd/4th round pick, being drafted in the 2nd means he makes more. if he were drafted to were his value placed him, a portion of that money would be freed for cap space to go towards players that earned it. we’re not talking “one” player here. i’m talking about AJ consistently taking players, over their value, and allowing them to play out their contract, even though they never “reach” their potential.VJ, SProles, whatever. they’re gone. i get that. but i refuse to ignore there is consistent pattern. which leads us to, ” who’s next”  that we’ll have to get over it and move on?
        Jonas i hope turns into a great player for us, i’m still on that same list for English. Buster didn’t work out, even though he was allowed to play out his entire contract. and other players, proven players were allowed to walk because, you can  guess it, money.  there are several players, on this roster right now, that we should “move on” from. however they remain to collect their money on tuesday, while a player like Castillo get released then resigned, not because he sucked, not because got doubled teamed more that antonio garay, guess? money. Sproles, LT, turner, Williams, VJ the list goes on. released beacuse? money.
         AJ over pays the ones that do not deserve it. and continued to hard ball and under pay those that do.

        • biggsybolt

          @arnie And I still call BULLSHIT! Keeping LT and Turner at that time would have cost 20 mill… sproles at the 7 mill franchise tag was over payed for his production that year…. in 2009 when VJax should have been signed for around 8-9 mill a year he had 2 DUIs and a suspended license and had to have his qb pick him up before the playoff game against the Jets which was a huge distraction to the team. There is a cap that the team has to adhere to and the last time I checked money doesn’t grow on trees! Like I said in Randy’s article about AJ, if you could do better you would be! The only thing i don’t like about what AJ has done since becoming GM is hiring Norv, he may have been able to pull in Gruden at that time but, we will never know. We do know that the mess between him and Marty soured other coaches in the Shotemhiemer tree like Herm Edwards and Bill Cowher.

        • biggsybolt

          I forgot to add to your part about Williams and LT being released do to money. I call BULLSHIT on that too. Both were released do to age Williams didn’t do so well in Denver and LT didn’t do so well in NY. As much as I really liked them both they ran out of gas and needed to be released to make room for younger players!

        • arnie

           @biggsybolt call it anything you want. facts and opinions are two different things. you and i have two different opinions, the difference is my is based in facts.Besides your nit picking and ignoring the overall issue. Which is, drafting players above their value,  overpaying for little or no performance, then watching good FA’s leave because of issues with money, while the organization pays out to players that don’t produce. Lt, Turner,  Williams, Sproles to name a few are gone. i get it. but who was drafted, or signed to step up and replace them? Who has step into Williams shoes and dominated like he did?Example; Jonas was drafted in the 2nd round, fact. Jonas was projected to go in the 3/4th rounds, fact. AJ wanted him, so he took him with the 2nd round pick, fact. Aj put his own wants above the teams needs, ignored the scouting reports, and took a player to high instead of trading down, opinion. Jonas has been injured, unable to produce and is still has to paid, fact. if jonas were taken in the 3/4th rounds it would’ve saved the team money, that could have been used elsewhere, opinion, based in fact.

        • BoogaP

          @arnie @biggsybolt Do you think he overpaid Weddle? He kinda did alright. I’ll get back to you.

        • biggsybolt

           @arnie FACT:Michael Turner, who has been the Chargers’ insurance policy for LaDainian Tomlinson, agreed to join the Falcons on Sunday. A source told’s Michael Smith that Turner agreed to a six-year contract believed to be worth $34.5 million, with approximately $15 million guaranteed.(Pulled Ffrom
          FACT:Tomlinson’s six-year pact will be worth roughly $60 million, with $21 million in guarantees. (LT’s 2004 contract equaling roughly 10 mill a year. Pulled from
          That is even more than what “My opinion” stated above! It was a great PR move to keep LT and let Turner walk at that time not to mention the price was way to high to keep both from 2006 on (like I said above)
          LT’s #s:
          2008: 1,110 yds
          2009: 730 yds (Yes he was injured, But also lost some of his game due to age “30″)
          2010: 914 yds ( with Jets)
          2011: 280 yds ( Yep, he lost a step)
          That should be enough FACT for you to see you are dead wrong on that one!
          Here is a link to Jamal Williams’ stats from 1998 as a rookie to 2010 as a Donko. You must remember he tore a triceps against Oakland in the first game of 2009 and was released do to age and injury in march 2010.
          I have thrown enough FACTS at you in this reply to make you realize what you said about my opinion being nonfactual is complete and utter BULLSHIT!
          On to your complaint about Mouton being drafted to early. It happens to every GM, the draft is basically a crap shoot! You must have your head so far up your ass to think it has not happened to other GMs and great ones at that. Just look at Brandon Meriweather  and New England.
          I hate having a battle of wits with and unarmed person!

        • BoogaP

          @biggsybolt @arnie Preach!

        • RMainwaring

          @arnie A.J. Smith has always tried to get value players for the least amount of money. This may have worked out earlier in his tenure but lately, not so much. With the new rookie wage pool, things will be much different. Each team has been assigned a “year one rookie compensation pool” number based on the number of picks it has and the position they were selected. It also has a “total rookie compensation pool” number that covers the length of the contract
          All first-round contracts must be four years with a fifth-year club option. All other picks must be four-year deals.
          The CBA features a “year-one formula allotment” with rookies that places a value on every pick in the draft, thereby providing the team with a guideline for how much each player should earn in the first year.
          Deals can be altered so that percentages aren’t exactly as prescribed, but since there are limits on how much money can be distributed without going over the allotments, contracts are all but decided as soon as the player is picked.
          First-round picks used to haggle over every available penny, using such things as option bonuses, escalators and guaranteed salaries to manipulate the salary cap. Holdouts weren’t as common as they once were but they still existed. That means the Chargers can decide to pay Mouton 3rd round money even though they chose him in the 2nd round if they want. I don’t know what Mouton’s contract amount was but knowing A.J. Smith, he damn sure wasn’t gonna over pay him. Yes we can all agree that in recent years, Smith hasn’t done a very good job and he knows it. That’s why this year you’re seeing a different A.J. Smith. I’m super excited for this season. #BoltUp #ThisIsOurYear

    • BoogaP

      @arnie Do you really think that the money that the Bolts would have saved if they waited to draft Mouton until the 4th would have been enough to keep Vjax? Cough, cough, cough, coughing fit. cough.

      I’ll wait for your response and then proceed.

      LOL. You must feel really passionate about this to come back to an older article to argue.

      If you’re wondering why I did it’s because both my phone and email tell me when any comment is left in any article on BoltBeat.

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