Wear your LT Jerseys Today!!


One of the faithful BoltBeat.com readers had a great idea to honor L.T.’s legacy today by wearing your L.T. jerseys and posting a link of it in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

I think that is a GREAT idea! Please feel free to post the link of you sporting that #21 jersey at the bottom of this article.  I would also ask that you leave a “thank you L.T.” comment and maybe even your favorite L.T. moment as well.

If we get enough participation throughout the day, I will see what I can do to get @chargers, chargers.com, @nfl, nfl.com, etc. to post our article showing the true Boltheads giving their support to one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL.

Although the greatest Charger of all time can be disputed by some, I have no problem saying that L.T. is my favorite player of all-time.

I would also like to thank the San Diego Chargers, the Spanos family, A.J. Smith, and everyone in the Chargers organization for making this happen.  Another very classy move by our Chargers.

I am currently working on another article which will highlight all of this offseason and why I believe that not only has it been outstanding as far as the on-the-field decisions but off-the-field as well.

There’s something special about this season BoltHeads.  I can feel it. Can you?

A note to any and all people who are still bitter about seeing L.T. in a Jets uniform:

Go to Chargers.com, you tube.com, or anywhere you can find L.T. highlight videos.  I don’t need those reminders, but some of you may.

We love you L.T. and today is a day that millions of Chargers fans could have only hoped to be possible.  Today is your day, L.T.  Thank you so much for what you have done for the Chargers, the fans, and the city of San Diego.







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  • boltsfan1972

    I will be wearing my powder blue 21 today during press conference. First LT Thanks for making watching football electric!!!
    My fav. LT moment was everytime he threw a TD !!! Priceless Legend of the Game!!!

    • BoogaP

       Tied Walter Payton for TD passes by a Non-QB.

  • PacMan1904

    @BoogaP cool will do!

  • RMainwaring

    If I had one!

    • CallyUlrich

       @RMainwaring I hope you will add to your collection soon…

      • RMainwaring

         @CallyUlrich Absolutely…when I have the $$

  • TheNakedPresident

    Sitting in summer school rocking the fresh white #21.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @TheNakedPresident why do i love your username so much? 

      • BoogaP

         @epadaon  @TheNakedPresident
         Why do I agree so much?
        <Will Ferrell voice> We’re going streaking!!!!!

        • TheNakedPresident

          @BoogaP @epadaon well I’m glad I gave a good laugh. 19 yrs old and happy to be a 4 yr fan. in Norv we trust, Super bowl or bust.

      • RMainwaring

         @epadaon  @TheNakedPresident Maybe he’s president of a nudist colony! LOL

  • Jabbyburns

    Rocking the LT powder blue in Baltimore, watching the presser.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    i will be rocking that LT jersey during my bowling league today! gonna miss that guy! 

  • CallyUlrich

    Sporting the navy blue jersey with pride!!!  LT21 will always be my favorite! I’m anxious to hear what he has “in the works”

  • BoogaP

    @r_mainwaring I keep trying to go to BoltBeat and its acting up….

    • r_mainwaring

      @BoogaP Really? Hmmmmm…

    • r_mainwaring

      @BoogaP I’m not having any probs

      • BoogaP

        @r_mainwaring Up urs Randy! LMAO! j/k. whatever show off. Just let a man act like a kid and play some Madden! LOL! #BoltUp!!!

        • r_mainwaring

          @BoogaP Nyah nyah!! :-P

        • r_mainwaring

          @BoogaP Nyah Nyah! :-P LOL

  • TheNakedPresident

    Hey @BoogaP now that L.T. Is retired and with him saying he wants to be a “fan”of football is he a Charger fan?

    • BoogaP

       @TheNakedPresident  @BoogaP
      In my opinion, LT was always a fan of the Chargers after being drafted.  As far as being a fan of AJ Smith…. not so much.  I must admit though, he’ll have to get in line amongst the others that don’t necessarily approve of AJ. lol

      • joeynicks

         @BoogaP @TheNakedPresident  LMAO Completely agree with ya booga! I would think he would HAVE to be a Charger fan now right?Honestly though it was I was CRAZY HAPPY to see LT around that powder blue baby! Only regret is that he never won a bowl though. Then again having fans like us is kinda like winning the bowl!!!! WOOOOO!!!! Bolt Pride forever! LT21 THE REAL LT AND THE CLASSY ONE! NEVER FORGET YOU PLAYA! STAY AROUND THE PARK! NEVER LEAVE US!

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