May 29, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle Mario Henderson (75) at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

The Chargers Depth Out At Tackle

The depth out at the tackle position is not very pretty. The starters are Jared Gaither on the left side and False Start Clary on the right side. They are solid, but we really need them to stay healthy. After the starters are just a bunch of guys.

If Clary or Gaither went down with an injury, the first guy off the bench would be Mario Henderson. Guess where Big Mario played football last year? NOT THE NFL! He was playing for a team called the Colorado Ice! He came into Raiders camp out of shape, so they decided to release him and nobody picked him up except for this Colorado team.

He was also arrested for gun posession while with the Raiders and he was 4 blocks away from the jail. The officer asked if he wanted to walk or lay across the back of the car for the ride, he chose to lay across the back. (NBC)

If Mario is motivated….
If Mario comes to camp in shape…

If this/if that! He better get rid of those uncertainties, because IF one of our starters go down, Big Mario will be in the spotlight and we need him to protect our baby giraffe.

After Mario on the depth chart, Brandyn Dombrowski. We saw what he did last year filling in for Marcus McNeill and it was not pretty. The Oakland Raiders made him look like he was on skates. It was a MESS and we can’t have that happen again.

Mario and Dombro are our top reserves for the position right now. Can’t we find anything better?
We tried to claim a tackle off of waivers a couple of days ago, but he decided to retire instead. Anyone have Marcus’ number? I think I would rather take my chances on injured necked McNeill over Colorado Ice!

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  • BReisinger86

    Scary stuff, I’m pretty sure that we will pick someone up before the start of the season though. Seems like we are just waiting till we can pick McNell or another vet up at the vet min. would be pretty surprised with the emphasis on depth and what happened last year if we left a hole open like that.

    • PeteSpinning1

       @BReisinger86 I concur.

  • PeteSpinning1

    Ernie!!! This whole article has me busting up!!! I know it ain’t that funny, but…. For starters, is it just me, or does his picture look like Captain Spalding from the Rob Zombie movie Devil’s Rejects?!!! Then, “false start Clary” might be almost as good as baby Giraffe! Also.. I can’t help it.. even though it’s FAR from funny.. Dombrowski on rollerskates makes me chuckle (then cry a little, too). When I think back to that moment he came in, it was like he was asking “Who? Me? I’m going in? Let me get my pads on real quick”. Not to poke fun at the guy, but he was a deer in the headlights, and the Raiders had just destroyed players far more talented than him. That’s gotta suck for him… Not pretty is an understatement. I particulary laughed hard at the last setence. Do we really have to choose between a player w/ a spinal injury, OR an out of shape AFL player? Is THAT what our options are down to? I hope we can do better. It’s not like they didn’t have… oh, I don’t know… ALL YEAR so far to address this! Either it’s REAL thin out there, or we had so many holes, they ran out of dirt to fill em’ (Not that McNeil is a bad player, or anything). I won’t get too excited, because at first, I was like “Jarred Gaither who?”. But, I really hope that we don’t see the baby giraffe galloping toward the sidelines again this year. Having said that…. GO CHARGERS!!!!

    • epadaon

       @PeteSpinning1 dude… are his teeth gold? hahahahaits scary and laughable all at the same time. 

      • PeteSpinning1

         @epadaon BLING BLING!

    • BoogaP

       CREEPY!! I didnt want to use the Captain Spaulding reference as it would Ive seen that movie!! LMAO! Wow.
      YES!!! He does!

  • charger17

    Why not get Mcneill back and start him over Clary………. Then Clary could backup both positions.

    • BReisinger86

       @charger17 Pretty good idea if we could get him cheep and he could make a smooth transition to the right side

    • BReisinger86

       @charger17 BTW if you take all the false starts out of the equation Clary is a pretty solid R. Tackle.. But the false start always seem to come at the worst times and have cost us more games then i care to count

      • PeteSpinning1

         @BReisinger86  @charger17 I know!!!! You are so right. After that Raider game, though.. I hope that was a gut-check for Clary. He was not picking up his assignments, and Dombrowski was a turn-style.Our lack of depth was exposed.  I hope they can play more like they did at the end in 2012. If so, this is a moot conversation.

  • RMainwaring

    I do think we could use a little more depth at O line. Dombrowski got beat up last year playing tackle (BoogaP set me straight on this) his natural position is Guard where he’ll likely play this season. As I said before, I would like to see Marcus McNeill back in the mix if he’s healthy.

  • BoogaP

    Any F.A. that would be signed this time of year would be on the cheap. Doesn’t matter who it is.  Unless there is a veteran cut that would have been signed at the start of free agency had he been available, then all F.A.s are cheap right now. 

    • PeteSpinning1

       @BoogaP I can’t say I’m stoked that we haven’t made a move on it yet, but there is still time. Good players get cut all the time. Shoot… when did we pick up Gaither? Week 10 or something? Not to say we shouldn’t get someone in advance, but let’s hope AJ isn’t done yet ; )

  • arnie

    LOL! a tackle would rather retire than play for the Chargers? LOL!!!see this is what bugs me, despite Big macs injury issues, i would rather have him signed, than lean on Dombro. Why? BigMac is a 3 time pro-bowler and has a proven value. Dombro, has proven he is an expert at moving backwards.