“Thunder Bolts and Lightning!”

So I have been thinking the last month and a half or so of a nickname for Phillip and the new receiving corps. Well it hit me last night during a thunder and lightning storm that rolled through my area. As the Thunder was clapping and the lightning was flashing I started singing some Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody to be exact. Then it hit me, Rivers, with his quick decision making and “Thunder Bolt” of an arm tossing it out to his “Lightning” fast receivers. Just think of all the YAC that will be accumulating by the likes of Floyd and Meachem on the outside and  Royal and  Gates inside running pick plays. This really excites me as any of our receivers has the speed that has been missing the last few years. O WAIT!!! I almost forgot about Brown, Parrish, Rosario and Green. We all know that Floyd, Brown and Gates can go up and get the ball and all 3 of them have the speed to make a short pass into a huge play. Some of you are saying, well with out VJax we lost our deep threat, I call BS. Floyd (assuming he stays healthy) can fill that roll and Brown showed me last season he too can move into that spot. But I do believe that Meachem will start in that 1 wide out position and do very well, we know he can take a short pass to the house and run the deep post alike. Rosario is climbing the ranks to take the #2 TE spot fast and Green was drafted for a reason, he is quick and has good hands. I see Parrish as a back up  and special teamer, gunner on punts and when we kick off (which will be often) and returning punts and kickoffs. As you see Bolt Heads we have something very special here! “Thunder Bolts and Lightning, very very Frighting, to Me!”


P.S. I will be hosting another semi-live chat along with my boys BoogaP and Randy Mainwaring  at 7pm Pacific, Saturday June 16


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  • Calum

    Does it not fit better with Rivers being ‘Lightning’ and his receivers being the ‘thunder bolts’? ;) For exactly the same reasons as in your article of course! (although you really have to concentrate on Rivers being a fast thinking instead of physically fast!) lol, fun article! 

    • biggsybolt

      @Calum It was hard deciding that, but there are lots of ‘Thunder Bolts’ and just one ‘Lightning’ so it just made sense. Thanks for the read!

    • Bolts_NFL_music

       @Calum Yeah maybe Rivers isn´t physically the fastest, but he´s still fast enough to score a rushing TD against the Broncos :)

  • boltsfan1972

    Cool write up very original!!!! Phillip is now Thor lol

  • charger17

    Maybe Blitzkreig too WW2 lol

  • pels04

    Fun read man! Gettin me all fired up to see this offense in action! Dig the nickname too.
    P.S. Best lightening storm I’ve seen in a long time

    • biggsybolt

      @pels04 Thx bro! Yeah that storm was epic started about 9 pm here in Oldtown and didn’t quit till 9am. Wifey said it snowed in Newport this am. Crazy North Idaho weather still not used to it!

  • Chargertom

    All i can say is i can’t wate! But still don’t want summer to go to fast! It’s going to be fun to watch!

  • RMainwaring

    I don’t think the Chargers will miss V.J. one bit. I think the WR core will be better than last season. IMO.

  • BReisinger86

    No new posts today?! I…….. Feel…….. Itchy……….. Can the season start now please????? 

  • RussellGrant

    I’ll go with Rivers Air.  Simple and to the point.

  • MikeTuck

    There was so many strikes in the storm he’s talking about that if the amount and distance of the thunder are any indication of the year ahead hold on to your seat because it will be a hell of a ride.  I’m looking forward to alot of thundering steps from Mr. Mathews. I think he’ll surprise even his teamates this year. And the better he does the more Air time our W/R’s will have. Floyd will be great as always but I’m interested in seeing Brown take that #2 spot as last year he worked hard in the off season with Rivers and he’s doing so this year. He caught tough catches between double teams last year so he wants the job.

  • BoJackRusso

    Pretty cool nickname.

  • Boltfan53

    @BoogaP @fansided @BB_Chargers sounds good