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Chad Ochocinco Gets Cut… Will He Find A New WR Job?

I know this is not Chargers news, but this is one of the most popular/hated football players of the century. Chad Ochocinco was just released by the New England Patriots and this could be the end of his career.

He did nothing with Tom Brady as his quarterback and he might not have anything left in the tank. The Raiders are still in the league and there is always a chance that they take a chance on a name. I don’t care if they are under new management or not, they are still the Raiders!

Nobody say Chad to the Chargers!

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  • pels04

    Ah poor guy…..wait, he was on a team last year?!?!(sarcasm)

  • Jordan Lamm

    Not with us…

  • boltsfan1972

    I think he will I think last season humbled him and now he will work harder so I say yes he will play next season

  • Mauricio Vargas

    Oh gawd please no! Diva WR’s are a cancer in the locker room. One of the few things I agree with A.J. is that he tries to draft overall good people. Players who were team captains that display leadership. Players who were active in community service. Guys who wouldn’t add to the NFL blotter report. As much as I liked V.J., the man made some questionable decisions, even while he was sober.

  • MontyHeldt

    @chargersbuzztap hopefully anywhere but with the BOLTS! Chad Ocho Nono is non relevant-o. The guy is a bum!

  • BReisinger86

    Yeah, he can go join the J.E.T.S JETS JETS JETS. There more of a MTV reality show then a football team anyways. I’m sure they would welcome him with open arms.

    • BReisinger86

      They’re** sorry grammar Nazis 

      • PeteSpinning1

         @BReisinger86 You’re lucky! We were just getting ready to send in a squad of goose-stepping stormtroopers as you posted this; )

  • flchargerfan

    @chargersbuzztap nope.. There’s always Arena football

  • RMainwaring

    Seems like the teams are less tolerant to arrogance these days. He’ll find another job. I think McDonalds is hiring.

  • MikeTuck

    It’s funny that again the squeekest wheel got all the pub. Like Floyd and Jackson, Occhocinco and Houshmandzadea. Housh has always been the steady warrior making big catches all his NFL career. Yet Ocho got all the hype. He was darn good but not that much better than houch so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • BoogaP

    He will sign with the Dolphins. Book it! Hard Knocks! Child please….. believe me. It will happen.
    Ok, maybe not for sure with the Fins.  But someone will sign him.

    • epadaon

       @BoogaP and that would make Hard Knocks entertaining… please let it happen! haha… Ryan Tannehill’s wife and Ocho! im tuning in

  • BoogaP


  • PeteSpinning1

    He’ll work. Maybe he can play on the same team as T.O. again…. muahahaha! He’s an ass!!!!
    Honestly, I hope we get one of those hilarious “T.O. Style” crying press conferences from him… about how he feels like New England let him down, and never gave him a chance… that would be AWESOME T.V.!!! Did anyone catch that piece on NFL Total Access about Ocho being cut? They were showing all the EASY passes that Brady was putting on the money, and he just flat-out dropped! I mean, there had to have been 5 or 6 passes that a High-Schooler could have caught that nutmegged right through his hands!

  • Tavo Alvarez

    Hey Aj smith want to sale out every Sunday then sign ochocinco’!!!!!!!!!!!!..