Nov 27, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) and running back Ryan Mathews (24) during the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

BoogaP's Bolts 2012 Stats Projection


I find it hard to believe that I am the only one that likes to mentally manufacture what is possible for some of our Chargers players to put up number-wise during the upcoming season.


Without further ado, I will jump right into this one head first without a bunch of meaningless rambling.  First time for everything folks! Enjoy.

Offensive Stats-

Philip Rivers:  4972 yds  43 TDS 13 INTS   68% Comp. %  8.8 yds/Attpt   89 Long (MVP)

Charlie Whitehurst:  Will look like Barry Gibb all year long holding a clipboard.

Ryan Mathews:  1371 yds rushing   590 yds receiving  19 total TDS  Longest run- 64 yds

Curtis Brinkley: 351 yds rushing 5 Total TDs

LeRon McClain: 213 yds rushing 6 TDS

Malcom Floyd:  54 rec.  1001 yds 9 TDs

Robert Meachem:  53 rec 841 yds 7 TDs

Antonio Gates:  89 rec 1041 yds 14 TDs

Vincent Brown:  48 rec 624 yds 5 TDs

Eddie Royal:  36 rec 501 yds 3 TDs


Jeromey Clary: 8 total penalties…..


Defensive Stats/Leaders-

Vaughn Martin:  2.5 sacks   8 TFLoss

Corey Liuget:  1.5 Sacks  5 TFLoss

Antonio Garay:  3.5 sacks  10 TFLoss

Cam Thomas:  5.5 sacks  11 TFLoss

Kendall Reyes: 2 sacks 1 FF

Shaun Phillips:  17.5 sacks 4 FF  3 FR  2 INT  (Ties for league lead in sacks)

Jarret Johnson:  3 sacks  16 TFLoss 1 INT 3 FF 3 FR

Antwan Barnes:  5.5 sacks  9 TFLoss

Melvin Ingram:  11 sacks  3 INT 1 FF 1 FR

Donald Butler:  164 Tkls  2 INT 4 FF  2 FR

Takeo Spikes:  71 Tkls

Jonas Mouton:  31 Tkls 2 FF 1 FR

Andrew Gachkar: 18 special teams Tkls (Leads team)

Quentin Jammer:  2 INT   14 PDef   1FR

Antoine Cason:  3 INT   17 PDef   1 TD

Marcus Gilchrist:  4 INT   6 PDef     2 TD

Shareece Wright:  1 INT  8 PDef

Eric Weddle:  8 INT   79 Tkls   1 TD  (Leads NFL in INTs)

Atari Bigby:  1 INT  61 Tkls  2 FF    1FR

Darrell Stuckey:  38 Tkls  ( 12 special teams Tkls)

Brandon Taylor:  29 Tkls  1 FF


Richard Goodman:  29.7 yds a KR   2 TDs  (Leads the NFL)

Eddie Royal:  15.7 yds  a PR  1 TD


I know, I know…. this is a classic case of authentic frontier jibberish.  News is slow.  I do this every year and it just so happens that this is my first year with BoltBeat.


By the way, these are not Madden numbers.  If these were Madden numbers I would easily blow them all of out of the water.  I have been playing Madden since it came out in 1988.  I’m pretty good.  For those of you that want to challenge me online, that time will come as well.  Let me know what your gamertag is and I will get something set up.  My gamertag is…. you guessed it, BoogaP.  I haven’t played online since last year.  No worries, I got you!


Thanks a lot for reading.















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  • boltsfan1972

    @boogaP how accurate are you usually with this if this is acurate were gonna kill people?

    • BoogaP

       @boltsfan1972  @boogaP
       Fairly.  Last year I nailed INTs for Weddle. Pegged Spikes for 100 + tkls.  Way off on Phillips sacks though.  Rivers, I had less INTs (who didn’t) but was off by only 2 TDs. Had Goody w/ 1 KR td.
      Was off on Gates yds. Thought that he would have had more. Etc. Not bad usually.

  • biggsybolt

    Nice write up Booga, ROTFLMAO at Clary! I do see Mathews with 1800+ rushing yds and a long of 80+. One name missing is Castillo, I see hi taking back the starting job maybe 3 sacks 2 FF 6 TFL. 1 question…. do these stats include playoffs and Superbowl?

    • BoogaP

       lol. No, they dont. I gprolly should have put reg. season #s. 
      I really like Liuget and Martin.  If anyone is gonna push either of those two it will be Reyes, imo.  I would LOVE to see Castillo rebound w/ a strong year!

  • RMainwaring

    Way off on Clary. He’ll have at least 2 false starts per game. Rivers will beat Drew Brees’  single season passing record and Cam Thomas will have at least one SMASH!

  • pels04

    Best part…..Clary penalties ha. I hope you’re right man and i hope they all can get close to these numbers. I would love to see it happen but i cant imagine every player at every position to put up there career best numbers

  • BrandonReisinger

    By my count 38 takeaways, I’ll take it!! How many did we have last year?

  • EdgarHerrera

    Love the optimism BoogaP but honestly for all these guys to have those type of numbers is unrealistic. No way Philips gets 17.5 sacks 8-9 is more realistic, that was the most unrealistic one of all. Some if not most of these players could and might get these numbers. By my count we would have 11 probowlers this season. I also think you have underestimated Meachem, Liuget, Barnes, Spikes, and Bigby. Good predictions though maybe we could turn this into some kind of competition or something also.