Run Ryan Run!

Not Sticky Icky Ricky! Should we start chanting “Run Ryan Run”?

In a recent post from Pro Football Talk, Ryan shared coach Turner’s thoughts:

“Coach Turner’s coached a lot of great backs,” Mathews told King for King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column. “He’s told me I remind him of Ricky Williams, which is the kind of back I would like to be. In college I was a workhorse back. I believe I can do that here. My training has really improved, and I’ve set high standards for myself. I shouldn’t come off the field at all this year.”

Norval coached Pretty Ricky in Miami when he had his best season as a pro. In 2002, Norval coached Ricky Williams up to 1800+ yards and 16 TDs! That is Ricky’s only All-Pro and Pro Bowl season he had in his career.

There are some big expectations for Ryan this season. He has put in a lot of work this off-season and the anticipation for the season keeps on building. He now has a bulldozer in front of him to plow the defenders out of the way and there is nobody else on the roster to steal carries from him. This could be a season where he puts up some riDONKulous numbers and that could be a huge thing for Philip Rivers and the offense.

I can’t wait to see what Ryan has this season. If he runs like 2002 Ricky, then we could be looking forward to some GREAT things. Just stay away from the mota Ryan.


What do you think about the comparisons of Ricky and Ryan?

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  • Bleu

    its time for him to produce the Chargers went and got mcclain just to help elevate RM24 ‘S game and I think it will do just that. mcclain is a great block he has alot of upside.

  • BoJackRusso

    I guess he’s a little like Ricky. The both have unexpected speed when they can turn the corner and go down the sideline. I think Ricky is more of a bruiser but the way Ryan has been working and by how he looks, that type of physicality could show up this season. It’s not really Norv’s style per say, but PR might need to rely on the ground game early in the season depending on his relationships/gelling with the mostly new receiving corps.
    Personally, I think we ought to lay off all the Matthews talk and let him slip under the radar like the rest of the team right now. We all know he had a good yet mostly unnoticed (except here in SD) season and is ready to step up to the level of the best in the NFL. I think so anyway. Especially like Bleu said now that we have a genuine FB again.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @BoJackRusso i know what you are saying… i think we are building the expectations like crazy… and i am setting myself up to be disappointed… i cant help it though.. it is what i do a lot

  • RMainwaring

    Mathews says he wants to be like Ricky Williams? Does this mean that Mathews will fail the league’s drug test 3 times, get suspended twice, retire, go study “holistic medicine”, come out of retirement, only to fail the drug test again (4 times total) like Ricky did? I hope not. If Mathews has a season like Williams did in 2002, let’s just hope the team doesn’t have a similar season. The Dolphins went 9-7 and failed to make the playoffs. Hey Norv, sound familiar? I don’t think Mathews is anything like Williams. He reminds me more of Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster. I don’t want him to be anything like Ricky Williams! (except running for the running for over 1800 yards, part)

    • BoogaP

       Randy- Simmer Simba! lol. Retract the claws. Mathews is young enough to not know all of those specifics. Norv prolly showed him video highlights that had nothing to do w/ off the field stuff.  I am not trying to short change Mathews the way that you did Rivers’ ability to call the offense cuz he is too fiery and wants to win…. Ahem.
      Mathews wants to put up the numbers. Not to fail the drug tests buddy. lol.
      Faster and quicker than Foster but less patient and hasnt had as good of an offensive line. Yeah I said it.
      Peterson is currently the best RB in fthe NFL.
      The guy, Mathews, looks like a damn mac truck, as I have stated numerous times, in every video or pic that I see. Being like Ricky isn’t a bad thing, imo. If you look at it the right way.

      • Bolts_NFL_music

         @BoogaP  @RMainwaring Yeah I hope he´s lookin´ at the numbers. If he wants to be like him, ok, but I hope that does not include being forced to leave the NFL and playing the CFL for one year uuaahh :) Stay in San Diego buddy and keep that BoltPride alive :)

      • RMainwaring

        All I’m saying, Boog, is that Williams issues off the field affected what he did on the field.  I can only imagine the numbers Williams would have had if not for the weed. In that way I don’t want Mathews to mirror Willams. I don’t want Mathews to be anything like Williams. I want him to be better. AND I never said Rivers shouldn’t run the offense. I said he SHOULD have more control, just not total control . Ahem  :-P   

    • biggsybolt

      @RMainwaring I hope I get 4 chances like Ricky did! On a side note, why can crack whores and illegal immigrants get federal help and not have to find a job while ppl that want to work have to submit to drug tests?

  • SkinnyDuzIt

    #Shoutout to @r_mainwaring .. writer over @ http://t.co/HYahsvXx, appreciate the follow dude.

    • r_mainwaring

      @SkinnyDuzIt Thanks for the S/O brother.