Jan 7, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem (17) looks back as he scores on a 56 yard touchdown pass against the Detroit Lions in the fourth quarter in the 2011 NFC Wild Card Playoff game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints defeated the Lions 45-28. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Fantasy Football: Malcom Or Meachem?

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

In fantasy football, you are supposed to put your feelings on your own team on the back burner, but you know that you want to draft a Bolt somewhere down the line. I seem to have 2 or 3 on my roster every season. They are the players that we know the best and it is easy to cheer for these guys.

Now, if you wanted to select one of the Chargers receivers to be on your roster, which guy would you be aiming for: Malcom Floyd or Robert Meachem? Both have a lot of potential, but they also have their unknowns.

Malcom is a STUD if he can stay on the field… but he has to stay on the field. He averaged 19.9 yards per catch last season and he finished the season with 5 touchdowns. Philip Rivers is very comfortable throwing the ball out to M80 and there is a lot of trust in that relationship. It is never good for fantasy owners when Malcom is sitting on the sidelines throughout the week before the game comes on Sunday. He needs to be more durable for fantasy owners to enjoy his production. He needs to be more durable for the Chargers to gain consistency on offense also.

Robert Meachem has never entered a season as a full-time starter. He was stuck behind the depth chart in New Orleans, but now he will be getting more opportunities to make big things happen. He was a big play receiver for the Saints and he will look to make some big things happen for the Bolts also. Will more opportunities result in more fantasy points for fantasy owners?

Which of the two would you rather have on your team?

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  • Allan Roger Scott II

    Floyd will be the Bolts #1 WR option this year. He has the chemistry with #17. Brown won’t be too far behind when it comes to fantasy #’s.

  • boltsfan1972

    I say both because It depends on what’s beating coverage that week speed or size.

  • Joshua Curtis

    Vincent Brown.

  • Huy Nguyen

    Meachem I love m80 but hes fragile after a big catch.

  • David Crosby

    M80 baby!!!!!

  • jollygreen66

    I’m taking Vincent brown over both. The next Steve Smith

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @jollygreen66 which steve smith? the panthers one or the other guy

    • biggsybolt

      @jollygreen66 I too like brown, dude is a effing stud

  • pels04

    As much as i love M80 and his acrobatic catches I would definitely take Meachem. First reason is what you said Earnie, he has a hard time staying on the field. I think he on average has missed 6+ games/yr. and has played only one full season. Number 2, even when he does play his fantasy stats are all over the place, too random for me. Meachem is finally getting the chance to be the #1 WR on a team and hes been waiting for this opportunity for a while now.  So with that i think Malcoms numbers will stay about the same. Last reason is what Meachem can do after the catch. VJ and M80 have great height to go up and get the ball but you wont see either of them go for a 80-90 yrd TD. Although we have been at the top of the league in passing yrds and 20+ yrd receptions we are barely above average for 40+ yrd receptions. I think that stat will change for us this year. Both have potential but im going with the biggest upside and that has to be Meach.  At 6′-2″  hes got decent height to go up it if he has to but he also has the quickness to break away after the catch.

  • BrandonReisinger

    I’m going with M80!! Although i’m predicting it will be very close and M80, Meachem, and Gates will all be over 1k yards this season

  • Bleu

    I’m taking meachem………. it may be close but I think meachem takes the cake…..

  • CindiSpears

    I have had Meachem on my FF roster for many seasons. I cannot wait to have him as a Charger!!!

  • KennyRedman

    Meachem will put up some huge numbers as compared to his time in New Orleans, but Rivers loves his big targets in the endzone. I have to go with Mr. Floyd.

  • street

    both guys will probably have similar numbers when its all said and done..

  • Borderdoc

    I’m so happy to see Meach with the Chargers. This is going to be a great season!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @Borderdoc we all are stoked to see him here with VJ taking the money

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    I think i would pick Malcom over Meach… He has a good chemistry with Philip already and when he is healthy, that boy is really good! I wouldnt want to make him one of my starters, but is he is the backup, then i think i would be happy with what i have 

  • Nikolaj Juul Andersen

    Floyd depending on matchups and health situation
    Meacham over the course of the whole season

  • MikeTuck

    Those that say Meachum are just as wrong/right as Floyd. I think Floyd will have the better season as Rivers trust of Malcolm going up after the ball will wiegh in. But the only fantasy winner is Rivers and Gates. Rivers has so many weapons that none will be as good in numbers as Peyton or Bradys teams. Teams with one or two main receivers have a advantage in the fantasy market. Mathews will deliver too! Floyd has been my favorite since he came in the Chargers organization. Great hands make great recievers and Floyd has soft hands with the strenghth to fight off double teams. That combined with what seemed to be better runs after the catch makes him a likable target for Rivers.

  • Joel Ayala

    Meachem!! He’s gonna make all of us Bolt fans forget about ???? What was his name again? On yeah Vj