Baldinger Says Chargers Not Favorites To Win The West

Brian Baldinger of NFL Network thinks the Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC West.

Really? What planet is he on? Did he say the Chiefs?

Sometimes I think Brian Baldinger, Warren Sapp and others like them, say things like that just to stir up the pot, not that they themselves actually believe it.

I do admit, last year the Chiefs had a formidable defense with that fierce linebacking crew headed up by Tamba Hali.

Yeah, Hali got to Rivers a few times but I tend to attribute a lot of that to our makeshift and often overmatched offensive line.

Matt Cassell is solid at times but inconsistent and far from elite.

At least two of the quarterbacks he’ll have to face twice a year, are, and I ain’t talkin’ about Carson Palmer and even he’s better than Cassell.

Don’t forget, Cassell will be without Charlie Weiss as offensive guru as well.

The only two guys that stand out on that team are Tamba Hali and Dwayne Bowe.

Jamaal Charles will be back from injury but is he a threat?

I say no.

Who else do they have besides a bunch of unproven rookie draft picks?

Romeo Crennell is not a proven head coach. If anything, he’s proved the opposite.

If Baldinger is right, I’ll be eating my words by the end of the season but I’m confident he is not.

At least Jamie Dukes is on our side.

See Baldinger’s comments at:


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  • Jordan Lamm


  • Trong Lam

    I like it. Now we have something to prove.

  • boltsfan1972

    First off I love me some BOLTS but with Charles and Berry back KC is a threat . Manning hasnt been hit hard yet untill I see him get back up after a hard sack he is not a factor . I mean Barry Switzer won a SuperBowl with Jimmy Johnsns team.KC was in the division title race with two of their starters out for the year. We need to take everyone in this division seriously. We”the Chargers”  will win division but only by a game.  

  • 619chargers4life

    dont forget these are the same ppl that had us picking o line in the first round lol i love all the motivation they are giving our bolts i cant wait till kick off. i love it lol 

  • biggsybolt

    Nice write up randy. Couldn’t agree more, Crennell was a one hit wonder in Cle. Weis is gone and Cassell is pedestrian at best. They have made some decent moves on the D side though, and having Berry back will help them alot. I certainly ain’t afraid of their LiLB …. Brandon Seiler!

  • MikeTuck

    Yes Mr. Baldinger does say things to play devils advocate, but I think there’s alot of trueth behind their thinking and I imagine it has to do with Smith and Turner more than the team. I was taught by a old bookie I worked with that you bet on the Jockey more than the horse. in other words you can have the best horse and the odds will still be against you if you don’t have a great Jockey. Turners record and Smith’s control issues have alot to do with everyones decision. If it weren’t for Bisacci helping with the coaching dutys I’d be more on that side. but I think Turner can and did learn from his last two seasons. I think he will give Rivers alot more rope this year and Bisacchi will keep the team on their toes and in tune to the game. Chargers 14-2, Denver 10-6, KC 9-7 and our dear Raiders 6-9..

    • RMainwaring

       @MikeTuck  I think our Chargers will surprise all the nay sayers this season. I hope Turner is learning from his mistakes. This season will really speak volumes.

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Why would Baldy or anybody on the networks rate us higher? They spend the majority of the time talking about Tebow and Sanchez, Jerry Jones’ belief that the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders and how they can make out the outline of a halo around Peyton Manning’s neck. They throw us an inconsequential bone now and then and anybody who follows the team knows that they haven’t done their homework. I hope that they and the rest of the league continues to overlook us. Anything to give us an advantage is alright by me.

    • BrandonReisinger

       @A_Eme_O_Ere So true! It shocks me that NFL NETWORK is not up to speed on what teams are actually doing. I hear that they are bringing in the cast of “The View” along with Martha Stuart to host Total Access

  • Bleu

    yea he gota stir up the pot he just cant be that stupid to believe any of that crap…… the chiefs have nice d that dude brandon flowers its a beast also……… but the chiefs to win the west get it outage here!….

  • Calum

    I think KC have to be the neutral favorites at this point despite their QB.  I still think the Bolts will do it though, cautious optimism is the key.

  • Borderdoc

    Is it me or does Brian Baldinger seem to be flipping us the bird?

  • Chargertom

    Balldinger’s a Idiot!!! I wonder if he would put money on that statement?

  • BrandonReisinger

    I’m just about ready to write off NFL network altogether, nothing but a bunch of babbling idiots with diarrhea of the mouth!!

  • BoogaP

    I have news for you guys…. The Chiefs are the biggest stepping stone in our way for the AFC West crown. My prediction of Superbowl Champs still stands firm.  This Is Our Year!
    That being said, I was elated that Manning didnt go to KC.  He’s less of a threat with the Donkeys, in my opinion.
    Although Charles and Berry are coming off ACL injuries, overall, the Chiefs are very young and very talented.  On D, Hali, Flowers, Berry, and Derrick Johnson are all studs.  Justin Houston, who I wish the Bolts had taken a flyer on 2 yrs ago, really came into his own last year.  Put Poe’s mountain of a body in there and all he has to do is take up space.
    Charles and Hillis give them a great 1-2 punch in the running game.  Moeaki and Boss mean 2 TE sets. Bowe with Baldwin are hard matchups especially if you throw McCluster in the slot. Adding Winston on that o-line helps immensely.
    Don’t sleep on the Chiefs. Cassel is there one major weakness.

  • BoogaP

    Oh, btw, forget Baldinger and that weird azz pinky of his! He flip-flops on us allllll the time. In season, i mean.
    NFL network has really dropped off quality-wise in recent years. They only put the “power crews” on occassionally.

  • BoogaP

    One more thing. I’d rather listen to Sapp all day than hear Dukes ever say another word on TV.
    My wife used to watch Total Access ALLLL the time until Dookie started embarrassing himself on NFL Network.  Why do you think they cut the show he hosted on there? Put Up your Dukes or something like that. It was the worst program on the network, in my opinion.

  • boltsfan1972

    Tell them @BoogaP!!!!

  • CindiSpears

    He is an idiot.  I love the middle finger shot.  I’m giving one right back at him.  I find it interesting that these guys make random statements and then in December when playoffs are looming and we are leading the division they do not take them back.  In January he will be like “yep, I knew the Bolts were going to hit the playoffs”.  Bunch of bla bla bla.  #boltup!

  • MikeTuck

     @CindiSpears Yes but he’s with a great nation of talking heads that NFL and ESPN has hired to blab about anything as long as they fill a alotted amount of time. The jokes on the people paying for this crap, the sponsors. Oh wait their beer commercials no wonder, they have to put a limit on free beers before interviews.
       Seriously around here we call them talking heads and I long for the 3 networks old commentadors, they would stand behind their projections a lot more often, and they were alot more accurate. I wonder why we can’t find a few Journalism Majors that are fans to dig alittle deeper than these guys do. I really think we are fools for thinking any differently though, Turners record speaks for itself and they aren’t basing this on our talent level. It is history their looking at insted. I’ve been a glutten for punishment for alot of years, but I really believe Norv will put Bisaccia in charge of alot of the dutys that Norv gets bad feedback on. Bisaccia has more fire and will pass that on to the players. He’s also probably going to communicate with Rivers alot better, listening to what Rivers is seeing. Turner is great when he was coordinator in a box above the game seeing it from that point of view is alot different than on the ground level. The key will be Rivers and how much calling power he has. It will change everything if he has the time to get a good rythem going along with reading the D.

  • Joel Ayala

    Baldinger as well as all those jerk off experts are all on the Donkeys Nuts!! And slowly there getting of the Chiefs bandwagon too. It’s ok. Under the radar is best for us! That way we have no pressure