Should The Chargers Bring Back Marcus McNeill?


Despite ongoing neck problems (spinal stenosis or narrowing of the spin) McNeill had a stellar college career.

In 2006 he was drafted by the Chargers 50th overall. (second round)

He had a great first couple of years, being voted to the pro bowl in both 2006 and 2007.

In 2010 McNeill got a new contract for 6 years, 48.9 million.

Then came 2011 when everything went South.

After two knee surgeries and a neck injury, McNeill found himself on the IR.

In comes Jared Gaither and the rest is history. McNeill was expendable.

Now on the free agent market, several teams have passed on him, having opted to draft a rookie at the position instead.

I think Marcus still has a lot left to give and if he can stay healthy, Chargers could bring him back in at a reduced rate.

He could provide experienced depth on the offensive line.

God knows we need it.



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  • biggsybolt

    Great article! I do think we should bring him back, he’d be cheaper, knows the system and possibly put a big push for someone else’s job… say maybe Clarry!

  • Joel Ayala

    For depth maybe and a realllllllly reduced price! As insurance. I’m good with that! GO BOLTS

  • JonVivian

    I think it would be fantastic if they could get him back with a lesser contract.

  • Steven White

    I agree. Why not? Nothing to lose.

  • chargerjroc

    @chargersbuzztap I want lt and ok itch big Mac

  • boltsfan1972

    I think it would be good if he is healthy but it is a big risk . Certainly at the right price Mceil would  be well worth the risk. He is a big part of the reason Rivers stayed healthy

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Just the fact that all the other 31 teams have passed on him speaks volumes. Loved McNeil and the stalwart job he did with us but I think his condition is going to get worse not better. Wish the best of luck and health to the man.

    • RMainwaring

       @A_Eme_O_Ere Well, wouldn’t say that 31 teams passed on him, just the ones that were interested. I think like 3 or 4. That’s exactly why the Chargers should bring him back. He would play for a significantly lower price but it all boils down if he can stay healthy. Other guys have had worse injuries and came back and played. Mark my words, he’ll play again. Maybe for the Chargers maybe not but he’ll play again.

  • Bleu

    if the price its rite them that would be beautiful truth be told we actually need hm and as much help from solid players on our oline……

  • Chargertom

    I don’t think we need him.He’s just going to keep getting injured.Time for him to retire…

  • SandyPeisner

    Heck Yes! Former pro bowler still young with much to show. Look at issues we had last year. Great pick up

  • MikeTuck

    Insted of Clary it would be a dream if he could stay healthy. That might just give the Chargers the Oline they need to start running the ball well and keep Rivers upright. I wouldn’t spend to much on him due to the neck problem. They really need to keep him in mind while seeing if they can pick anyone else up to take over the Rt side.

  • BoogaP

    This article sounds familiar…. lol. Do it!
    Ppl this late in Free agency, OF COURSE it would be on the cheap!
    Bring him back A.J., please.  We know you won’t bring back the other Bolt we would all like to see…..

  • arnie

    you forgot the hold out year. Big Mac still made the pro bowl despite being there only half the season. if McNiell is healthy bring him back. if he isn’t, Big mac should consider walking away, or face the possibility of not being able to walk at all. i’m more concerned about his health than playing football. i like Bigmac and i remember who it was that opened all those holes for LT, and protected Rivers.

  • SwissBolt21

    Of course they should! However, it doesn’t seem it will happen. Big Mac will want more monez than backup or right tackle money. He certainly sees himself as a left tackle and the Chargers already have signed a big money LT in Gaither, so it will be difficult to sign McNeill at a reasonable price.

    But of course, if the price is good, bring him back! He’ll be so much better than Clary on the right side!

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    Well generally, a comeback of McNeill sounds good to a Chargers´ fan, but the fact that he´d rather play on the left side and that he probably won´t be able to play the whole season cause of his injuries, I´m not too sure if it is a good idea…but of course if there´s a really “good price” on the table, then take the risk and bring him back…

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    @SwissBolt21 Cause of his injuries I´m not too sure if a McNeill comeback is the best idea at this point for the #Bolts

  • JohnHambrick

    73 is a beast but injuries make him a liability, the price would have to be just right for them to bring him back and he is a great player so in offering him what would be considered the right price he may not take or want.

  • BoJackRusso

    He’s still available. Bring him back. No way he’s done. He’ll get a call from another team sooner or later and we’ll miss out.

  • PeteSpinning1

    Yep, let’s do it. I already kind of figured we would end up bringing him back, anyway. We should try to get him for the Luis Castillo “cut & re-sign” rate… lol! If another team wants to offer him too much money, though… I would just let him sign elsewhere. He at least knows the playbook, and he has been a good Charger. Unfortunately, he will have to take a back-up role to the “beast” Gaither! I wonder if we can do the same with Volek? Clip-board Jesus scares the CRIZZAP out of me if PR ever goes down!

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  • MikeTuck

    Mac needs to re-evaluate his life. He wants more money, he might retire, he doesn’t know if he wants to play anymore, wait he’s back and looking for a team yet there’s no one jumping on the bandwagon.  He really has some issues he needs to work through and then commit to what he wants. Yes I think he’d be a great addition if he wanted to play football for the sake of playing football. But if the check is the only thing he desires then we’ve seen that McNiel and he wasn’t the all-pro we drafted. I really think McNiel needs to decide what job he enjoys in life and then push himself to be the best. Seau, Jammer, McNiel. Is this having to deal with Spanos and Smith? I can see where it would wear on a player that your not valued by your management.