Jan 2, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs former coach Marty Schottenheimer is inducted into the 2010 Chiefs Hall of Fame during halftime ceremony of the game against the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

If You Got One Chargers Do-Over, What Would It Be?

This is for all the armchair GM’s out there (all of us) that keep saying, “We never should have let go of ___________”

If you could go back and push CTRL+Z (computer nerd talk for UNDO) on just ONE situation, what would you undo? Would you make sure that LT never left? Would you have signed Vincent Jackson to a long term deal when he held out? Would you have kept Lorenzo Neal or Michael Turner? Kept the lightning bug in town? Drew Brees? Would you have kept Marty in town?

Then there are the transactions that we never should have made. Selecting Buster Davis! Passing on Troy Polamalu and Nnamdi Asomugha to select Sammy Davis. Taking fragile Larry over Clay Matthews.

Since we have not won that championship yet, we all have our second guesses. It is our job as Armchair GM’s!!!

What transaction would you like to hit the UNDO button on? Just one choice!

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  • boltsfan1972

    I say Harrison because that position has haunted us since .Dont get me wrong Brees was an awesome QB but Rivers is quite capable. SS position is a revolving door in SD .I have only been a fan for about 8 years and ive seen 13 or 14 players play SS.  

  • Chargersfan4life

    I wouldn’t change anything I like the team the way it is.

  • Sportsguy307

    @chargersbuzztap Mcree picking off Brady and instead of trying to be a hero just go down!!! Game over!!!

  • Calum

    I only want one thing, as it’s still annoying me. Let’s re-do that snap at KC and pop in the FG, then we’d have at least played in the post season. :)
    On a larger scale, i’d re-do every one of Keading’s missed kicks in the playoffs. I’m certain I could’ve made at least one of them.. .

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @Calum anything could have happened if we just got int the tournament!

  • chargerjroc

    @chargersbuzztap take Troy p instead of Sammy!!

  • BrandonReisinger

    Would have kept Sproles!!!! I’ll never get over it

    • BoogaP

       Nice one. Love Sproles. Hard to see him killin it elsewhere.

  • BoogaP

    McCree should have hit the ground after that int in AFC Championship game…… Idiot!!

  • BoogaP

    Great idea Ernie.  My list is a lil long but I’ll only do a couple.

  • BoogaP

    Hiring Mike Riley.

  • ShawnMakeEmSay

    Letting go of Ron Rivera he’s defensive schemes were the best

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @ShawnMakeEmSay id rather have wade phillips… all pressure all the time!

  • johnnyrotten57

    Toss up between  letting R. Harrison go and Fred Dean.

  • CindiSpears

    Letting Seau, Harrison, Brees, Tomlinson, Turner, Tolbert and Sproles go.  Any of those. 

  • RMainwaring

    Chargers-Jets playoff game 2009.

  • RussellGrant

    Clay Matthews would be here instead of Larry English.  Keep Turner who has been solid for the last few years, but that would mean shipping LT for those last couple of not as productive years.  Maybe when they let Marty go we should have given Ron Rivera his HC shot (He was a candidate).  We have needed a defensive minded coach for years.  Match him with an offensive whiz of an OC and we would be contending.

    • RMainwaring

       @RussellGrant Agree. Only reason Rivera didn’t get the job is because Smith and Spanos were all about getting someone with head coaching experience hence, Norv Turnip. 

  • tubbs45

    DRAFTING RYAN FRIGG’IN LEAF.  So sick of hear that dudes name….

  • MikeTuck

    I’d have liked to give LT another chance at not sitting the pine with the injury and giving it a shot at playing with the pain knowing that would be his closest chance at a title.  That and what Russel said about Clay Mathews being there, shop at home Smith!! Marty was a coach I never liked with Cleveland then KC, but the way he changed his whole personality and put his trust in the players themselves was awesome. He was calling a more diverse offense than Turner which is saying alot. And his son is doing a fine job, which is one of the factors he and Smith disagreed on. Family knows family and Marty had the Chargers being one big family. Smith like Spanos is corporate and one thing they like is complete control, not alot of trust which is exactly against being family. Marty would have got it done if he would have stayed.

    • EricPadden

       I agree. I was at that game against the Pats and we had it won. There is footage of Marty telling our secondary your going to get a interception, when you get it just get down and we win the game. That’s coaching. He cant help it the idiot tries to run the ball back anyway and fumbles it right back. Bobeled kick Maety coaches just fall on it and the idiot tries to pick it up and fumbles it right back. Marty did his job the players lost that game by defying his coaching and being selfish. I think that will be AJs legacy. The only GM to ever fire a 14-2 coach and go backwards every year until he loses his job.

  • Steven White

    Pick any of kaedings missed playoff field goals

  • Chargertom

    Theres to many mistakes to mension. So with that I’de go back to dark blue helmets for my answer!!!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @Chargertom hahahahahahha

  • SandyPeisner

    Great Question.
    1. Not fire Marty
    2. Don’t draft Ryan Leaf — Larry English — Buster Davis
    3. Keep Rodney Harrison

  • arnie

    you have it in the picture up there. 
    Keep the guy the took this team 4-12, to 14-2. Fire the guy that didn’t like Marty. promote buddy nicks or Jimmy Raye to GM. that way, Lt is still playing here, Light out is still on the squad, Sproles and turner are probably still here as well. and we have one or two championships as well. larry english isn’t drafted by us, and Dombrowski  and Clary never wear lighting bolts.  see it’s domino effect…. and all started with the firing or 14-2 Head Coach. Also i step in a say Wade Phillips can go be HC of Cowboys but he can’t take any of his staff. as well as Cam Cameron stays as OC coordinator.

  • MikeTuck

    @ Chargertom; I think they should play with the yellow pants this year every time they play the Raiders. Old Blue unis & Helmuts I always thought that was their best look. They lighten the yellow alittle.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @MikeTuck i would love to see the yellow pants!!!

  • MikeTuck

    I’d relly like to see them do it a couple of times. I think the team would dig pictures of them in them.

  • JohnHambrick

    If we keep marty and the focus he brought we win our first trophy! all you hear outta the press and the players is how nice and great a guy norv is! Well I dont kno about you guys but i wouldnt describe any of my coaches as nice guys! Great men, but nice isnt what we wanted!

    • RMainwaring

       @JohnHambrick Nice doesn’t win championshiips.

  • joeynicks

    Marty is the easiest and biggest one to think of! I have met the man and even just talking to him for 15 mins made me want to go to to war for this man. AMAZING! Think of it like this Norvs only season worth mentioning was Marty’s team! thank you!

  • MikeTuck

    Marty comes with the whole package including his son which isn’t to bad a coach. Smith’s ego really got the better of him and Schottenhiemer knows more about football than Smith knows about his family. I really am not a Marty Fan in fact I couldn’t stand marty ball in Cleveland and KC, but for some reason Marty changed which for a coach to adjust like he did he had to be open minded. Marty trusted the team to run the plays and he got very innovative. The Chargers would have had a Championship if it weren’t for Smiths EGO.

  • jaysallday812

    @r_mainwaring hands down every charger fan should say who?….Ryan fucking leaf!!!

    • biggsybolt

      @jaysallday812 @r_mainwaring hindsight is always 20/20

      • jaysallday812

        @biggsybolt @r_mainwaring agreed

        • BOLTSFAN1972

          @jaysallday812 @biggsybolt @r_mainwaring I think hindsight is
          40/40 #LifeLessonsLearned

        • biggsybolt

          @BOLTSFAN1972 @jaysallday812 @r_mainwaring I’d agree if 40/40 wasn’t nearly blind lol

        • BOLTSFAN1972

          @biggsybolt @jaysallday812 @r_mainwaring duh went wrong way with it should’ve been 10/10

        • biggsybolt

          @BOLTSFAN1972 @jaysallday812 @r_mainwaring ROTFLMAO

        • r_mainwaring

          @BOLTSFAN1972 @biggsybolt @jaysallday812 You guys are crazy!

        • BOLTSFAN1972

          @r_mainwaring @biggsybolt @jaysallday812 I have to say I have meet some awesome people and fans on twitter

        • jaysallday812

          @BOLTSFAN1972 @r_mainwaring @biggsybolt I have to agree being in Indiana there ain’t no charger fans around its definetly nice to meet u all

        • biggsybolt

          @jaysallday812 @BOLTSFAN1972 @r_mainwaring I too agree! Also the peeps at Boltbeat

        • r_mainwaring

          @biggsybolt @jaysallday812 @BOLTSFAN1972 Yeah dawgs!

  • street

    indy called us in 83 with a trade possibility. we had 3 1st round picks….count em 3.. they wanted to trade us the rights to draft darth elway for our 3 ones… we passed..

  • MikeTuck

     @street ; That was the best desicion ever made. #1 we wouldn’t have been able to see Seau intercept that pass which was awesome. #2 I feel the same way about Kobe Assault, it’s the pros, you don’t get to decide which team you want to play with if you use the draft. Become a unsigned free agent take the drop in pay and try out for your team of choice. These erogent atheletes think that the streets were paved just for them. Elway probably would have set the year out if a deal was done. Manning the same thing, these guys that pull this crap shouldn’t be allowed to join the league for 2 yrs and then come in as a free agent.

  • street

    well mike if seeing junior pick of john elway once in 1994 is better for you than following one hall of fame q.b with another than you win buddy…. personally iam about superbowls…  billy ray smith, gill byrd, and gary anderson were “good players” but they really didnt make the impact that elway did now did they… take your pom poms off and actually think about what don coryell cold have done with 2 quarterbacks of that caliber back to back…

  • MikeTuck

     @street Elway was scoreboard your right, and a QB has alot more show as he controls the ball. Those other years Elway didn’t win when he had no running game. Seau did alot more than that pick, in fact he was always around the ball on defense. You need to be able to separate the difference between being a great Offensive player and a Great defensive player. Seau couldn’t change games like Elway, but he did cause the QB’s to change gameplans because of his play. But most notably I’m not all about scoreboard. It becomes something less of a game when you play sandlot rules, You can’t pick your team and threaten to not play if your going to be in the draft. He and Manning needed to be held out of the NFL for at least 2 years to show some respect for what it means to be Drafted, Kobe too!