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Randy's Top 10 Most Disliked NFL Players


In the spirit of my last article “Top 10 Most Disliked Players In The NFL”, that was put out by Forbes and put to the general public, I thought I would put out my own Top 10 players I dislike the most.

Here it is:

10. Mark Sanchez  - Because he plays for Rex Ryan and the Jets.

9. Chad Ochocinco – Don’t like a showboat. Arrogant

8. Randy Moss – Diva

7. James Harrison – Dirty player

6. Ndamukong Suh – Real dirty player. Likes to stomp other players in the head while they’re down.

5. Carson Palmer – I’ve never liked Palmer and now that he plays for the Raiders, I don’t like him even more.

4. Plaxico Burress – Thug

3a. Ray Lewis – Murder trial. Who are your friends?

3.  Jay Cutler – Crybaby. Sits out playoff games.

2a. Ben Rothlisberger – Sexual Assault. Keep it in your pants, dude!

2.   Peyton Manning – Obvious reasons and he’s Eli’s brother.

1.   Eli Manning –  I have no respect for someone thinking they can choose who they’re gonna play for coming out of college.  Show some humility.


I know it’s 12 but I just couldn’t leave out Ben and Ray.





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  • BrandonReisinger

    Hahaha! Nice man, i would have Cutler as #1 on my list… Man up already cupcake!

    • BoogaP

       As much as I feel like Cutler is a baby. The guy is a Diabetic and a decent QB. Do I think he’s whiny as all get out? Yes.  Does he have a cannon for an arm? Yes.  Will he have a good chance to improve w/ out Martz as OC? YES.  Still don’t like him but he is a decent QB.

      • RMainwaring

         @BoogaP  @BrandonReisinger Can’t stand him.

  • boltsfan1972

    my number one is Warren Sapp because he insulted Weddle and Rivers. All that comes out his mouth anymore is garbage. I hate that I feel that way because I am a longtime fan of Warren’s and a diehard Miami Hurricanes fan

    • RMainwaring

       @boltsfan1972 He can be on my next list top disliked players of all time. Right now it’s just active players but yeah, I can’t stand Sapp either. 

  • chargerrocket

    I know he was a #Charger but I really don’t like Antonio Cromartie. He doesn’t know how many kids he has and he couldn’t make that tackle on Shon Greene and he’s a Jet.  

    • RMainwaring

       @chargerrocket I believe he’s a deadbeat dad too. A couple of his kids Mothers had to sue him for child support. Frikkin guy makes millions and can’t even man up to his responsiblilties.

  • PeteSpinning1

    I gotta throw Brett Favre in there. Regardless of being America’s favorite golden boy QB, and his good play… sending pics of your junk to sideline reporters, and getting caught dirty-talking to girls on the phone with girls you were cheating with by your wife, (when she has cancer) is on the same level as Rapistberger, IMO. I just can’t imagine doing something like that to my wife, when she is going through a traumatic experience like that.. Says a lot about his character, to me. That, and I hated his radio comments about Rogers (who deserved to be praised for being lights out!), and every minute of the “retired – not retired” crying BS. So self-important.