L.T. A Bolt For One More Season?


When Ladanian Tomlinson spoke at the Junior Seau tribute, I couldn’t help but think how natural he looked in powder blue.

After all the friction when he was released, clashing of egos, some butts being hurt, I wondered, as he did, how the San Diego fans would react seeing him again at Qualcomm for the first time since 2010.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the fans were warm and receptive to see the star running back that made the San Diego Chargers go from mediocre, to being a real threat that teams were afraid to face in the playoffs.

After his departure, some butts were hurt, harsh words were exchanged between he and A.J. but when all is said and done, LT realized that he is a beloved San Diego Charger.

In an NFL football player’s career, he must realize when it’s time to hang up the cleats. Some are forced into retirement because of injury and some just don’t have any gas left in the tank. If L.T. is truly done with football, it will be for neither of those reasons.

I think he still has some gas left in the tank.

My question is if you were A.J., would you consider bringing L.T. back for one more season?

Let’s pretend for a moment, A.J. puts away his ego and entertains the idea to give him one last hurrah, should L.T. even consider it?

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  • BoogaP

    I too believe that L.T. has some tread on those tires.  AJ will never do it, though.
    If Spanos was really interested in filling up The Murph, he would force AJ’s hand and make him do it.  LT, although we all know that he is not the same player he was once, by a longshot, would help bring in some “fair weather fans” to the stadium.  The stories and publicity his signing would receive would be epic.  Can you imagine what the stadium would be like when his name was announced for the first time?  Even better, could you imagine the noise when he scored a TD?
    I’ll one up that with the best one or them all, could you imagine how it will be when we win the Superbowl this year? EPIC
    It would also show some fans that AJ is human, to a degree anyway. Won’t happen though. I love our RB situation w/ Mathews, Brinkley, McClain, and Hester.  Baker and Hayes are competing for the third spot right now. 
    But if they want to guarantee no blackouts for 2012-2013, they’d do it.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @BoogaP it would be like when Jerome Bettis was with Pitt handing over the job to fast willie parker.. he ended up getting that championship as the backup 

  • KeenanRickless

    I could see it, if nothing else, to sell out the stadium. Plus having a veteran like that on the bench could do wonders for our RBs. Have Mathews learn a little from the TD champ and mentor Brinkley some. I think it would be cool.
    He said he is 95 percent retired so I doubt he would want a ton of greenbacks, just get his name in powder blue one more time and he would be happy. I think when your not as good as you were, you learn a little humility and I think he may have hit that spot. As much as I cringed when he picked the j e t s j e t s jetsjetsjets, I for one would welcome him back.

  • JedCaba

    At the Junior Seau Celebration of Life event, the fans were going crazy for LT. I was one of them. The chants of “LT LT LT LT!!!!” He’s so classy. He was asking everyone to quiet down and that it was a moment for Seau. Sorry for being off topic but I’m still bummed about the whole Seau thing and recently his restaurant was closed. Anyway, I think it would be harmless if they got LT back. It would boost the whole teams morale & bring a lot of the fans back. I still think fans should remain fans despite his absence but I can empathize with them on why they stopped supporting the Bolts after his departure. Mathews still has a long way to go to be able to dominate the way LT did & if he had LT to nurture his natural abilities then maybe we can talk about playoff contention again. Plus our defense is beefing up. Yeah.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    a one year contract… .if he makes the squad.. awesome!!! if he doesn’t, he hangs them up and retires. makes too much sense..
    i dont think he is a starter anymore, but do think that he could fill the role of a 3rd down back really well! 

    • Bleu

      @epadaon he can still catch very well. He may not have the athleticism he had but he is very wise. Matthews needs him more than anyone…..

  • BoJackRusso

    Tomlinson can still play. Rex Ryan or whomever his OC is underused him last season. He got a bad rap and unfairly so. Now that we have a real fullback again he could surely be useful. He is also a great blocker and could teach Mathews a thing or two or thee about football, and he is a master of knowledge about the passing game. He could still be very effective out of the backfield on 3rd downs if they get him on the outside, sweeps, etc. He could also be a slot receiver. Imagine him, Matthews and McLain with a tight end in at the same time with Royal and Floyd lined up wide. The defense wouldn’t know what to think.
    I know AJ is an overly prideful S.O.B. but it would be a great move, he’d play his heart out, the fans would nearly bring the house down when he was just on the field. One final year, one Superbowl he so so deserves. It would be glorious!! LOL
    I’m not giving up hope. He’d probably play for the league minimum and you know he is really always a Charger, just like Junior. It would be a great way to end the career. If AJ doesn’t do it, he’s a piece of crap.

  • sdboltzfan

    YES!!!! BRING HIM BACK he needs to retire a Bolt!

  • Surf_the_Spear President

    nope dont want him …. LoL bring back Burner Turner 

  • Surf_the_Spear President

    nope dont want him …. LoL bring back Burner Turner 

    • BoJackRusso

       @Surf_the_Spear President Isn’t Turner tied up under contract in Atlanta?

    • Chargertom

       @Surf_the_Spear President
       Nobody cares what you think! We want him back!

  • sdsuperfan

    YES…Bring LT back for one more season!!! What a great way for him to end his Career!!! LT will now be able to play second seat to Philip and be a perfect mentor for Mathews!!!

    • BoJackRusso

       @sdsuperfan Exactly!

  • Chargertom

    YES!!!!YES!!!!!YES!!!!!! Bring L.T.Back!!!!!! We Love the guy!!!!!!

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    Well actually it all has been said already, but I wanna also mention that LT still could help the team. He wouldn´t be the classic starter anymore, but at 3rd downs he still would make effective plays. And because of his experience and meanwhile also wisdom, he could teach and be support for Mathews i guess. And for sure as Charger fan you want to see that man retire in San Diego, you just WANT IT!! LT come back – we fans will welcome you with open arms.

  • http://[email protected] Randy Espinosa Sr

    A.j.Smith needs to jerk his head out of his ass, and bring “LT” home.

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Darren Smith asked him today if he was offered a contract by the Chargers if he would play for them. LT answer was that he was “95% retired”. Translation: Boltz aren’t one of the 2 or 3 teams he would consider playing for. 

  • Tom Spalsbury


  • All Charged Up

    I thought I saw AJ shoot down this idea a while ago. But maybe with the lack of picking up that veteran RB, and with the unfortunate event with Seau, he may reconsider.

  • EricPadden

    I like the idea myself. I dont thin there is a better option out there right now that we could pick up for a song and we definatly need  a good veteren running back. LT would be a great option on third down and he could help groom Mathews. He could definatly use the help with blocking an ball security. It was unfortunate when LT left under poor circumstances. It would be great if he could come back and help us on our super bowl run and go out on a positive. I think AJ needs to sallow his pride and pull his head out of his ass and see what a great PR opportunity it is for him and it can really  address a team need for a real bargain price.

  • Nick Diaz

    yes prrease!

  • johnnyrotten57

    However it happens, L.T. needs to retire a Charger.

    • RussellGrant

       @johnnyrotten57 Agreed

  • RussellGrant

    If LT came back, I really think he could get his step again and show glimpses of the LT we knew.  Remember we have a real fullback in front of him and Matthews who has something to prove.  Overcoming AJ’s ego though?  Let’s try something smaller to solve, like world peace.

  • MikeTuck

    As much as I’d like LT to get another chance I think he’d be a distraction for Mathews and mcClain. LT won’t get his step again do to his not wanting to be injured for life, which I think he showed when he sat out playoff games while being hurt ( but as badley as I don’t want to think it HOW HURT) I’d like to see him on the roster for one game, a Raiders game at that, to retire a Charger. AJ was part of the problem but LaDainian was more about himself than the team. After seeing all his fantastic runs the image I’ll always be left with is him setting alone on the bench, helmut on, sulking when he should have been the biggest cheerleader on the Chargers. Lead by example and that he couldn’t do. Ladainian’s dream was to be like Emmitt Smith, but Smith was a team guy and fought through all kinds of injurys. I still love the man but it’s 2012 and we have a chance to do what others couldn’t.

  • tank58

    its one of those situations that I would love to see happen, he can help Matthews out so he can be the star RB he was suppose to be since we traded up for him.