Jan 1, 2012, Oakland, CA, USA; Fisheye view of NFL referee Clete Blakeman conducts the coin toss before the NFL game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders at the O.co Coliseum. Chargers captains are safety Eric Weddle (32) quarterback Philip Rivers (17, linebacker Takeo Spikes (51) center Nick Hardwick (61) and fullback Jacob Hester (22). Raiders captains are punter Shane Lechler (9) running back Rock Cartwight (25) and defensive tackle Richard Seymour (92). Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

NFL.com Releases New Power Rankings, Chargers Ranked Last in AFC West

It looks like we can’t get any LOVE from the guys over at NFL.com. They released their latest power rankings, which factored in free agency and the draft and they ranked us at the BOTTOM third in the LEAGUE! Of all the teams in the AFC West, we are ranked last.


It sure seems like we have more fans in Las Vegas, then we do out on NFL.com. At least they put us as favorites in 12 games during the season.

Now to these power rankings: the Denver Mannings are ranked 10th in the league and best among the AFC West. Everyone and their mama has jumped onto that bandwagon! The Chefs are ranked at 15th and they called them “Denver’s biggest threat.” The Rai-duhs will be battling us for the cellar, ranked at number 20.

Sitting at rank number 21, our San Diego Chargers! Only one way to go from here: UP!

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  • BoJackRusso

    Not a day goes by that I don’t log on to NFL.com, but this is a joke. Other than Jason LaCanfora we get no love at all. I can’t wait for the season to start so we can start kicking the snot out of other teams.
    What’s even worse is that they all seem to be blind about the AFC West. Always talking about what a weak division it is, etc. The teams have all been better the last few years and division games are NEVER easy because they know each other so well. The Black Hole, Arrowhead, Mile High(Invesco, whatever) are ALWAYS tough places to play.
    I can’t wait for the season to start.

  • ThomasBell

    They have the Raiders in front of us, are you kidding me? After what the Chargers did in FA and in the draft they still think losing V-Jax, Tolbert, Dielman, and Gregory will still affect us. Let’s see, they got Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal for losing Jackson, drafted Edwin Baker and signed Le’ Ron McClain; they could sign a vet RB still. The Dielman signing probably hurt the most because the Chargers did draft an OG in Troutman, but he’s out for the year. They did sign a G via FA for depth, but that’s to back-up Vasquez to give him confidence since he’s plays superb with competition. The Chargers biggest needs entering the draft were an OLB, SS, DL, O-line depth, and CB. They drafted OLB Melvin Ingram check, they got DT/DE Kendall Reyes in round 2, drafted SS Brandon Taylor check, Jhonnie Troutman G and David Molk C for depth. The Chargers need 1 more CB for depth so they could get one via FA or as an UFA. If you still think they need O-line depth they did sign OT Mario Henderson. They could sign a vet RB in Jackie Battle who I think will fill the Tolbert situation and he did visit them, but no contract was made. For CB depth, getting a guy like Brant McFadden or Donald Strickland will be great value as another veteran presence will only help Cason, Gilchrist , and Wright. With that said, NFL.com are idiots and this is probably the reason why Jason LaCanfora is headed to CBS.

  • nimyaj

    @anandp29 haha they’re 3rd, at least. Raiders are horrid.

  • biggsybolt

    Not worried one bit! I love being the underdog, I feel it makes the team fight harder to get what they want.

    Still not sold on Manning being 100%! Cam SMASH!!!!

    • RMainwaring

       @biggsybolt  I want Norv to change his “Mr. nice guy” personna and light a fire under this team. Waitin’ for those T-Shirts to come out. We all should get a percentage for giving him the CAM..SMASH idea!!

  • Bleu

    All I can say is this is very amusing. I like the underdog role. The NFL.com guys r idiots. One thing I can say for sure is the CHARGERS r aware of all this bs n I truly believe they are going to rise to the occasion they now have something to prove. We always had something to prove but we now have a young team full of great prospects. We have have a lot of defensive players we have takn in the first round the past couple seasons and I think its time everything gels. I can’t c how they got the raiders ahead of us

  • BrandonReisinger

    Pretty sure those power rankings are based on fan votes on NFL.com, and every other football fan in the world other then us die hards on this web site only hear this “LOST VJ, LOST VJ, LOST VJ, LOST VJ, ohh and Tolbert too” Lets just let our domination on the field speak for itself 

    • Bleu

      @BrandonReisinger I’m with u on that one bro. Why does it seem like people think VJ is the only guy who can catch?….. Let’s go CHARGERS we used to being hated on across the globe….

      • BrandonReisinger

         @Bleu  @BrandonReisinger For real!! The analysts that have actually been following this teams off season know whats up, This team has taken leaps and bounds forward not the other way around. Micheal Irvin set his super bowl matchup of 2012 as Greenbay over SD

        • BrandonReisinger

           @Bleu But Micheal Irvin also picks us every year to go to the Super Bowl lol! Love that guy!

        • Bleu

          @BrandonReisinger I’m telln you bro were gona feed off all that negative energy people got for us. That’s when u know u r are battletested when u beat the odds. I’m so sure about us winning the afc west that I’m noy even focused on our division. I’m worried about the afc north n east bcuz that’s who we will see in the playoffs. No worries about the traiders, donkeys, r dem good for Nthn cheifs

  • Boltbuddy

    Maybe it’s the 5th toughest schedule but whatever… The main reason I think the chargers will do much better than expected is because they got tougher. Hands down tougher. Jarret sealing the end on run downs, McClain grinding and Ingram smashing, the chargers are going to crush it.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @Boltbuddy i like that… we have a different attitude for sure

  • PeteSpinning1

    Hahahaha… When i read that we were ranked last, I almost died laughing. Ok, haters… keep it up!
    NFL.com sucks anyway… here is my impression of NFL.com.
    It’s a friggin’ joke. 32 teams in the league, and they can only report on 5 of them in a one hour show Then, they re-hash the same 4 stories until you get a nose bleed, and your eyes roll back in your head.
    Charger will destroy the AFC West this year. Just because they expect us to be dead last. Then all the NFL guys will say, “I told you the Chargers would be better this year.. remember when I said that one time, back in May?”, and try to act like they knew it the whole time.

    • RMainwaring

       @PeteSpinning1 Even back when the Chargers beat the whole NFC East, we didn’t get any love. I’m so sick of it I could friggin’ scream!  I guess the only way we can gain ANY respect is to get back to the playoffs and win a superbowl. I’m tired of our team being viewed as “soft”. Norv, If you’re listening, let’s do it. It’s either playoffs or you’ll never get another head coaching job in the NFL.

      • Bleu

        @RMainwaring @PeteSpinning1 the only way we can shut these haters up is by winning that superbowl. Theta what in loocn for us to do once we do that no more critics

  • Trong Lam

    YES! Finally… Let’s claw our way up shall we?

  • Dave Johnson

    As usal we will prove the minds at nfl.com wrong

  • Raymond Balcorta

    Yes we always prove the opposite finally were the underdogs which usually feeds yhe guys’ motivation im just mad about we couldve been 3rd at least the traiders? The traiders are considered better than us? Hope it feeds their anger fuck that Chokeland team

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  • RMainwaring

    I wouldn’t put too much credence in their so called power rankings. Just one idiot’s opinion (prolly a Raiders fan) Oh wait……..You’re probably a Raiders fan if you….try to write a power ranking for NFL.com and F*** IT UP!!

  • PeteSpinning1

    You’ve always gotta remember that 99% of the analysyts at NFL.com, and the announcers on TV, are from the East Coast. That’s why they are constantly ramming teams like the Jets, The Giants, The Pats, The Steelers, The Ravens, The Eagles, and The Redskins down your throat. If it’s not East Coast, it almost doesn’t exist to them. A lot of them are from the Chicago area too, so you will always get bombarded with Bears, Packers, Vikings, and Detroit news. Dallas has been annointed “America’s Team” for some reason, and are in a division with 3 East Coast teams, so that’s why you hear so much about them. It wouldn’t matter if the Pats or the Steelers went 4-12… they would still never shut up about them. Any other team has to work HARD to get a mention. SF is dominating EVERYBODY, so they get attention, New Orleans is lighting up the scoreboard, so they get a pass. If Peyton Manning (An East Coast favorite) hadn’t have gone to Denver, and NFL.com wasn’t wringing the Tebow shammy last year.. you would never have heard anything about Denver. Sometimes, I even feel like the officials call more penalties on non-east coast teams. I have been watching football for 30+ years, and it’s impossible to ignore at this point. If the Chargers are looking to get some love from NFL.com, they shouldn’t hold their breath. They will have to beat Miami’s perfect season or something ridiculous like that. Just an opinion.

    • RMainwaring

       @PeteSpinning1 Maybe we should start our own NFL West Coast.com or something…..

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