Celebrate The Life Of Junior Seau On Friday At Qualcomm

The San Diego Chargers will be hosting a celebration of life event in honor of our San Diego Icon Junior Seau. The event will take place at Qualcomm Stadium on Friday, May 11, and will begin at 6:30 pm. They will have special guests telling about their memories of Junior and may need to bring out the tissue box with you. Put on your number 55′s and get out there to celebrate the life of one of the greatest!

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  • MikeTuck

    I would have given anything to be there. more than anything Seau achieved on the field the thing Seau was above all others was a true leader. He and harrison were both outstanding team leaders and it is what is soarly missing from the Chargers defense up to now. Leadership takes a tremendous amount of respect and Seau had a ton of respect. I pray someone this year steps up. it can’t be the alpha male, it takes alot of football intelligence to. it’s the film room junkie, and the guy around the ball every play. Off the field it’s the guy the rookies look to to learn how to act like a proffeshional player. it’s a player that can be your friend until the horn sounds, then he’s your general and you don’t question his play calling, your in position before the ball is even touched by the center.Most of all it is lead by example. I believe a teams defense should have a Secoundery Leader and a LB/Line Leader. The head guy calls the D in the huddle and both make sure the guys are in position. Seau was a true Leader hands down.
         When Mr. Spanos dismissed Junior he should have thought it all the way through. Cooper was a good leader that stepped in but he was new and repect takes time. Now that Coop is gone with no one to step up it is time to see who all players look to when things aren’t working. Coaches need to watch who their looking to and teach him to do the extra homework to be that field leader. This is where a paycheck should excell all others, and sometimes the GM and Owner overlook how important that player is. There will never be another tandem like SEAU & HARRISON until someone excepts the responsibility.

  • MikeTuck

    First and formost it’s celebrate Seau’s life at the MURPH. We don’t have to call it Qualcom on the outside. But this was a quick comment about the difference between a Chargers Fan and a fairweather fan. Alot of you voted with your brain instead of your heart, a knee jerk vote. I hate LA myself and have spoke out very loadly about Mr. Spanos being a AL Davis loving clone. Only as Biggsy told me Davis has forgot more about football than Spanos new as a kindergardener. Spanos wants Luxeryboxes and a stadium named after him to glorify a man in his father’s footsteps. Alex was helped by Davis to get a team, hate that LA haters. He’s trying to make his mark in a league without being a fan or caring much about the NFL Family. So San Diegans start a campaighn not county wide but all ajoining countys to Oceanside to except a tax added over 10 years to build Seau Stadium. Junior and alot of other Charger plyers have given more time, money and effort to the City than Spanos. If they want a new Convention Center fine Spanos entertainment. But get the word out to give money from the intire area to build the Charger facility & Seau Stadium with all profits going to repay and then upkeep the Stadium. Maybe then a Family can again afford to go to the game instead of Spanos and all his corporate cronies. Hell yeah you could have luxury boxes, at luxury prices all going back to the project. The City controling the naming and use could involve kids and charitys that Junior and all other players have funded in the past and present. It’s time for the people to own and run their facility in the name of their Chargers.

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