Nov 19, 2011; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal guard David DeCastro (52) warms up before the game against the California Golden Bears at Stanford Stadium. Stanford defeated California 31-28. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Should the Chargers Have Taken David DeCastro Instead of Melvin Ingram?

Nov 19, 2011; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal guard David DeCastro (52) warms up before the game againsNov 19, 2011; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal guard David DeCastro (52) warms up before the game against the California Golden Bears at Stanford Stadium. Stanford defeated California 31-28. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

With the 18th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers selected Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina. When Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that pick most Chargers fans leaped out of their seats with excitement, including myself. Considering that Ingram was supposed to be long gone by the time the 18th pick rolled around it was an absolute steal for the Bolts to get him when they did. The Chargers haven’t had a legitimate pass rush threat since Merriman came off the juice and his body fell apart.

But what if they didn’t take Ingram? What if they went another direction with the 18th pick? With all the trades that went down with the first 7 picks there were a ton of options available!

The offensive line has some serious issues that need to be addressed. With such a lack of depth and quality starters on the o- line was DeCastro a better option? DeCastro was considered an instant plug and play starter and just about every mock draft had him going in the top ten. He would have given the Chargers a beast of an offensive lineman for the next ten years down the road.

Are you happy with the Bolts taking Ingram? Or would you have rather they used the 18th pick on another player? Get the conversation started.

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    @chargersbuzztap NOPE!!!!

  • Bleu

    Ingram was the best choice hands down.

  • RussellGrant

    We needed a hitter and one that should have gone top 10 fell to us. 

    • Bleu

      @RussellGrant there are so many teams that were battling for other players it was almost stupid that we landed Ingram, but it was beautiful!…. Next year let’s get some db n olinemen.

      • devinradigan

         @Bleu  @RussellGrant  Him falling to us was pretty amazing. It was like Christmas came early to SD.

        • Bleu

          @devinradigan @RussellGrant we got the biggest steal in the draft while every1 else was shuffling around we simply stood still in got the most atheletic productive footplayer at his position in the draft in my opinion

  • epadaon

    you four with the vote for DeCastro…. explain yourself

    • Bleu

      @epadaon its hard to explain sometn dat don’t make sense!….. Lol.

  • chargerjroc

    @chargersbuzztap we will know in 2 years… I wanted Decastro. But so far so good. and if tyron green improved… we good.

  • BoogaP

    I am now convinced that Devin is a Raider fan….. Had my suspicions but, well, if walks, talks, writes, and acts like a duck…. Quack.
    What if I was 6’4″ 235 and was more accurate than Philip Rivers?  What if it really could be cloudy w/ a chance of meatballs?  What if I did live in Aspen where the beer flows like wine? What if I had a dollar for every time I fell asleep reading a what if……alf;jjlnkzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

    • devinradigan

      Oh no my secrets out!!! Sick burn Booga…sick burn.

      • BoogaP

         LOL. I liked ur response! Can’t say the same for any of your articles…. Keep trying. It HAS to get better.
        Your secrets are your secrets;) Quack. Quack. 
        I will say that I won’t comment on your attempts to write anymore. Out of respect for you.
        Ask Melvin Ingram what he thinks about who we should have taken at 18. Or ANYONE who knows anything about the NFL. DeCastro will be a great player and there is no doubt about that.  We simply ended up getting lucky and landing the best pass rusher in the draft.  It was kind of a need, by the way.

        • biggsybolt

          @BoogaP @devinradigan Boogs os it that time of the month, lol, I won’t tell wifey!!!

          On a serious note, yes the Oline needs some help, but the glaring holes were on D and they needed and were addressed first. Remember this saying….’ if they can’t score they can’t win!’ Meaning if we score 10 and they score 3 we still win, right?

        • epadaon

           @biggsybolt  @BoogaP  @devinradigan we all are very emotional at this moment in time… and he might be on his rag too.. .haha

    • Sam123123

      @BoogaP Take an impact player who was meant to be a top 10pick or a guard who’s good but he’s only a guard. I think hes a raider fan too with this post.

  • the gorn

    I’m okay with Ingram.  Altho we needed oline beef, we didn’t address it in the draft, except for our fifth and seventh round picks.  We had so many  needs.  We’ll just have to piece something together with what we have and free agents.  I also wonder if we need to try Molk at guard.  I wish we had more choices at this point. 
    RB doesn’t bother me since there are so many decent ones available via free agency. 

  • wulffman68

    I hate stupid questions and polls.

  • epadaon

    i would love to see what the people that wanted DeCastro would have said… i think there is a good argument that could be had! We had a Pro Bowl guard in Dielman and now we have Tyronne Green who is still an unknown. We already had a butt ton of linebackers and we needed to fill a bigger need! 
    I really wanted to see us trade back up in the first round to try and select DeCastro. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN BRILLIANT!!!

  • Bleu

    DeCastro is a nice prospect but he just wasn’t a top player. We got some descent players n I’m satisfied with the way we flew under the radar n got what we needed bkuz in every round u not gone be able to get what u want

    • epadaon

       @Bleu i would have hated to be another team to have passed on ingram.. could you imagine how seattle and hew york will feel when they see him this year kill it – jurassic melvin

      • Bleu

        @epadaon it all depends on whether our defensive tackles can be strong inside and demand double teams……. Then he can hit da edges hard.