Moment of Silence for Junior Seau: May 5th, 5:55 p.m.

I’d like to ask that all people take a moment of silence on 5/5 at 5:55 p.m. pacific time. Please do so for 55 seconds in remembrance of one of the finest players to ever set foot on a football field, Junior Seau.  I am not afraid to admit that I am currently balling my eyes out.  You will be missed by millions, Junior.  Rest in peace.

The FanSided Sports Network, the fastest growing independent sports media company on the internet, will shut down all 32 of its NFL websites on May 5th at exactly 5:55 PM Pacific Time to observe a moment of silence for recently deceased NFL great Junior Seau. The moment of silence will last for five minutes and has been recognized by Reggie Bush of the Miami Dolphins, Peter King of Sports Illustrated and thousands of others.

“At FanSided the fans come first. When it became apparent to us that David (Booga) Peters’ tribute resonated so much with the NFL world, we wanted to support this sign of respect to an NFL great,” said Patrick Allen, FanSided’s VP of Content.

“It’s only a game but we cheer just as much for the name on the back of the jersey as we do the logo on the helmet.”

Be sure to check our USC site’s article remembering Junior Seau.

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  • Boltfan53

    @BoogaP Hey Dave I have a Seau 48 powder blue left in my store ..would you like it? You get 1st shot..

  • paulcocker1

    @SI_PeterKing @jenniferleechan how old your retreiver

  • notbriang516

    @SI_PeterKing What’s the ruling on tweeting during a moment of silence?

  • JamesPGerry

    @SI_PeterKing watching Marcellus Wiley on ESPN. So moving.

  • ThePlymouthJim

    @SI_PeterKing CBC’s excellent investigative piece on brain injuries on NHL players: RIP Seau, Mike Webster, all.

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  • jturnipseed05

    @reggie_bush Tell ya followers to follow “ThisNigga” for a mention and shoutout!!!!!!

    • BoogaP

      @jturnipseed05 #smdh

  • tavmongo

    @reggie_bush here here Bush Man!

  • PatsFanSD

    So terribly sad. Patriots fans everywhere mourn the loss of such a great man.

  • adamcbest

    As a Chiefs fan, I respected him as much as any adversary not named John Elway. Seemed like a good man, too. RIP, 55. You were a helluva, helluva player. Ferocious and inspiring.

  • Arowhead_Addict

    Great idea. Putting the reminder in my phone now.


    @BoogaP @fansided @bb_chargers @chargers showing some support #SEAU55 #RIP

  • BellaMadrid1

    @chargers my condolence to the parents and Seau Family. As well The San Diego Chargers Family.

  • AlexWBlack

    Great idea, we should maybe link it in to help draw attention to mental health issues w/ pro athletes and the lack of support they receive for it.

  • taurusvirgofan

    @reggie_bush Reggie how’s life treating u right about now? I hope all is well wherever u are…

  • Mr_Green718

    @jenniferleechan 49ers ill lol

  • nickyBLUeyes

    @jenniferleechan are u doing this for a genuine memorial to Junior Seau? or as an attempt to gain more twitter followers? I had to ask

    • jenniferleechan

      @nickyBLUeyes If no one followed me but simply spread the word it would make me extremely grateful.

  • nickyBLUeyes

    @jenniferleechan and don’t worry about replying …. As much as I hope your sentiments are genuine,, twitter users Do tend to have agendas

    • jenniferleechan

      @nickyBLUeyes I attended USC w Junior as a fellow athlete. I regularly hung out with him. He had the biggest smile and gave the best hugs.

      • nickyBLUeyes

        @jenniferleechan I’m sorry Jennifer ….. Did u read Jim Harbaugh’s statement about Junior?? It was very nice

        • jenniferleechan

          @nickyBLUeyes Colin Cowherd read it this morning on the Herd and I shed a few tears. Very touching.

  • GetDownFYAD

    @marcelluswiley He’s still be alive if you were a better friend instead of chasing ESPN dollars, Marcellus

  • BB_Chargers

    @JACK_fm will the radio station be joining in on the moment of silence?

  • MikeTuck

    I mourned the passing of by far the favorite defender of the boltz. This just killed me to think of the pain Junior had to be going through to take his own life ( If that is what it is ) . But it brought up futher pain as I read of what a great friend he was to Dean Spanos. Never has loyalty been so abused as the way Seau was shown the door. Ye s it’s hard to stay atop unless you have a revolving door, but not to a guy who had given his heart and soul to a club. He still had alot to give. Letting go is hard enough for these atheletes never less be excused like a 2 year rookie when your dedication to a organization and City were unbelievable. He said the last time he saw Junior was at the dedication, that says it all. I was just giving in to were stuck with this ownership when this happened. This is a statement as to the ownership and it’s loyalty to it’s players. Chargers win in spite of your employer, and for each other. I doubt after you’ve been used up they’ll have any use for you. This is exactly why I have the feelings I have for the current ownership of the Chargers. Winning teams have a real family loyalty that extends past your service. Pittsburg, New England, Washington and yes Dallas. The Patriots owner shows more emotion than our own owner and that says it all. Seeing Junior leave was painfull enough, but this was crushing. Farewell Junior, you meant alot to your city and fans and you’ll always be a Chargers at heart.

  • brandirahill

    @RapSheet oh Ian!! TYSM!! Xoxo! :)

    • RapSheet

      @brandirahill no prob!

  • JuliaEpati

    We celebrate your life Junior Seau, and will miss you so deep in our hearts, But will never forget such a great ICON -who helped so many people and who love so may kids. So for now I will say see you again..When we meet up in heaven, cause you are now our guardian angel watching over all of us and your dearest family the SEAU’S.. We say in our lanugage of SAMOAN’S——–Malai lou malaga junior Soifua!!!!!!!!

  • gretamalone2

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