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3rd Round Draft Pick LSU SS Brandon Taylor w/ Death Valley Voice

I had a chance to chat it up with Buzz Breeden, the editor over at Death Valley Voice (an LSU fan site), to get his thoughts on Chargers recent draft pick SS Brandon Taylor. Here is what he had to say:

What is your scouting report on Brandon?
Here is what I wrote in our ore-draft preview.
Brandon Taylor- Don’t know if he has far to go to reach his ceiling, but I agree with Drew about his leadership. For the last two years Taylor was the anchor to the secondary and even though he wasn’t the most talented, he made sure that all of those players were in the right position to show off their talent. He will bring depth to any defense and special teams unit.

In short, he can play the run just as good as mark Barron, but don’t expect much in the passing game. He was regulated on only covering running backs and non-NFL caliber tight-ends.
With some coaching obviously he can improve his coverage still.

Because of his quiet leadership skills, the chargers just picked up a few more fans in Louisiana.

Did he ever have a nickname in college?
No nickname, but he did earn the honor of wearing number 18. A tradition started by Jacob Hester

What is this number 18 tradition?
In short Hester took the number his freshman year and wore it during his entire career. He wasn’t the most athletic guy, but his leadership and shear determination helped him become a fan favorite.

Once Hester left, tight end Richard Dickson took the number and he had the similar traits like Hester.

In 2010, senior reserve tailback Richard Murphy wore the number and last year Taylor became the first defensive play to sport it.

Number 18 represents not the most talented player, but the most respected. Think of it like this, instead of having a C on his shoulder, he wears 18.

 Brandon Taylor will be competing for the starting job with Atari Bigby and Darrell Stuckey. It should be one of the best competitions in camp. The starting job is up in the air and whoever is the hungriest will win it. Who do you want to win the starting safety job?


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  • the gorn

    Great work, Ernie!  I hope Taylor pans out.  I’ve heard (and this report confirms it) that Taylor will have trouble covering TEs.  Hopefully, he’ll get a little better and the schemes will be drawn up to minimize his deficiencies.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @the gorn he was surrounded by talented players at LSU and we will need to surround him with some good players so that we can hide those things… getting after the quarterback hard will help 

      • Bleu

         @epadaon if we can groom this guy properly he can pan out

    • Bleu

       @the gorn man they just need to coach the guy up and maximize his potential. with an elite guy like weddle beside him he can only get better. and what he lacks for in the passing game he can make up for stopping the run and becoming a hard nosed box safety

  • Bleu

    look man just bcuz this dude wasnt chosen to cover tightends r whatever doesnt mean that he cant. when u have a secondary that has tyran mathieu and mo claiborne on the roster all u need your ss to do is stop the run and quarterback the secondary. Alot of these reports are biased if you ask me. Harrison sith got taken in the first round and he isnt as good as brandon taylor. but we needed someone to occupy that position in our secondary so hopefully he can rise up and play his position well.

  • MikeTuck

    The Leadership is exactly what is needed in the Chargers secoundery. We also need a leader in the LB core. Seau/Harrison made sure the defense was ready at the snap of the ball. The last ntwo years the Chargers were seen looking at each other, out of position and beaten on defense. All this could have been prevented by some strong leadership. I was hoping Butler had that leadership quality, he still might. in training camp we need to find the smartest quickess thinking LB to mcall the defense. And not only call it but make sure they are all on the same page. A great defense flows together and knows each other like themselves. Here’s to finding the most respected Seau type LB to lead this group.