Chargers Considering Trading Up For Mark Barron

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Yesterday, Acee tweeted out that the Chargers have discussed the possibility of moving up in the draft to take Alabama SS Mark Barron. In order to take Barron the Bolts would probably have to move up in front of the Dallas Cowboys to get him.

The two teams in front of Dallas are the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. The Chargers have made deals with Pete Carroll before and I don’t know if they will trust us in making a deal again. We ripped them off by trading Clipboard Jesus over for a bundle of draft picks.

If Dallas decides to pass on Barron for some reason, then the Chargers will have to jump in front of the New York Jets. The Philadelphia Eagles hold the spot in front of the Jets and Andy Reid is always willing to trade.

If Mark Barron is the player that AJ covets, then he will try to make that move to try and get him. Is this the right move though? Would you rather get the safety over a pass rusher in the first round?

I want the best player possible and I think that Barron is a better prospect than a lot of the pass rushers. We have depth at outside linebacker this season, but the strong safety spot is up for grabs. Atari Bigby would be the favorite to take the job right now with Darrell Stuckey battling for it.

The pass rushing prospects have a lot of question marks. If we are able to keep our second round choice somehow, then we could get the pass rusher we need there. Marshall DE/LB Vinny Curry could be a possibility in the second round.

Would you trade up for Barron?

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  • BoogaP

    Like I don’t have a hard enough time making up my mind on the draft and then I see these highlight videos and totally re-think the whole thing!
    Barron looks like a complete stud! Great length and uses it well in pass coverage.  On the play where he got beat up the left sideline, i think against Florida, he was still able to close, “Get physical”, and with perfect timing he broke up the pass.
    Very physical in the box making lots of plays at the line of scrimmage.
    He would look awful good next to Weddle in our secondary.  Maybe go Ronnall Lewis in the second?

    • BoogaP


    • biggsybolt

      @BoogaP for some dang reason I’m still stuck on Perry. I might just be because (in my football mind) with out a strong pass rush no matter who is in the secondary they will look to be fools! Aside from the old AFL and Air Corelle days our front 7 got the job done and help our team make the tourney! Although I will wait till the end of the season to completely grade AJ’s draft I would be full of @#$! if we didn’t pick up a outside rushing LB. Well you knew how I felt anyway but, still unable to change my mind!


  • BrandonReisinger

     @BoogaP  I like Harrison Smith better then Barron myself, Plus he wants to be here! Weddle would take him under his wing and it would be a dynamic duo! I think AJ really just needs to stay at 18 and stay true to his board and take BPA, regardless of position.  then trade up in the 2nd and grab smith. I’m not buying into all the hype about us picking up a pass rusher, i think we are pretty deep in that category and our “need” for pass rush has been blown out of proportion due to injuries last season, i really think with that with the addition of JJ and having a fresh Barns coming in on 3rd and a healthy SP95 and maybe even a healthy Larry English will be more then enough!

    • biggsybolt

      @BrandonReisinger @BoogaP how about the lack of pass rush the last 3 seasons! The only way we’re adequate on outside pass rush is IF (and thats the hugest word in this sentence) English can stay healthy, and I like many others have my doubts in that.

    • BrandonReisinger

       @BoogaP @biggsybolt Valid point Biggsy, but i would like to point out that Barns did not start coming on till 2nd half of last season. While SP95 was still recovering. and like i said i expect his stock to rise with the addition of JJ, he can strictly be a 3rd down player. All i’m saying is that we should stay at 18 and take bpa, if that ends up being a pass rusher then we should absolutly take it.
      Another thing i have not heard talked about much is that Greg “Manuersky” ran a pretty conservative system imo, we are just not built to play conservative. We are at our best when we got our guys frolfing at the mouth and through all kinds of different blitz schemes at opposing offences. I’m very optimistic about what Pagano can do, time will tell. 

      • epadaon

         @BrandonReisinger  @BoogaP  @biggsybolt manuresky SUCKED!!! 2-man pass rush on 3rd down is RIDICULOUS!!!

        • BrandonReisinger

           @epadaon  @BoogaP  @biggsybolt Yup! conservative play gets us nowhere!! We need some swagger! No one wants to revert back to Martyball in the playoffs 

        • biggsybolt

          @BrandonReisinger @epadaon @BoogaP I like that “Manuresky ” lol. I always called him “Getoff Mynutsky” ! I think Pagano will have a way better scheme this year similar to his brothers and Phillips. And with the way the league has change back to passing the last few years, pass rush is of the utmost importance these days, not to mention the addition of Manning to our div.
          On to Martyball …. um just look at my “fans perspective” interview @BoogaP granted me the other day and you’ll understand how I feel on that. Here’s a hint Marty should’ve had a ring with us!

        • BrandonReisinger

          @biggsybolt Yup, Mcree not going down after that pick still hurts! If there was ever a year where we could have taken it all that was it! Same year LT broke the TD record if I’m not mistaken. Anyways, was not trying to bash Marty he always had us in contention. His fault “and this is true for his whole career” not just with San Diego. When he got into the play offs he went way to conservative! Seems to me in recent years the team that is willing to take some risk and play aggressive is the one that takes home a title, that’s what I would like to see out of this organization!

        • biggsybolt

          @BrandonReisinger Agreed! I saw on twitter today that the Giants might be willing to trade Osi for a 3rd, if AJ makes that move going trading up and going Barron sounds good to me.

        • scottmiller1904

           @biggsybolt  @BrandonReisinger  @epadaon  @BoogaP  @BoogaP Getoff Mynutsky. freakin awesome

        • epadaon

           @biggsybolt  @BrandonReisinger dude… OSI!!! i would be doing backflips!!!

        • BrandonReisinger

           @epadaon  @biggsybolt How realistic is getting Osi? what would we have to give up? Do we have the cap room? Would love to see him and Blue and Gold, but sounds like a bit of a wet dream to me.

        • BrandonReisinger

           @epadaon  Sounds like a good article for today man ; ) 

        • epadaon

           @BrandonReisinger  @biggsybolt its OK to have wet dreams right? Osi costs about 3 mill this season, but he will be a free agent after. i dont see it truly happening since we just signed JJ. 
          only way i could see it happen is if we let go of SP. 
          hahaha… i will put it on the list!

  • epadaon

    i keep jumping around on who i want in the draft, but for the last 2 weeks this is who i have wanted! if pagano can rush more than just 2 lineman at the quarterbacks, then we will be better in the sack department

  • ThomasBell

    As Long as we get a Pass- rusher and a SS in Barron or Smith i’ll be fine with the decision. When was the last time the Chargers drafted a SS in round 1?

    • epadaon

       @ThomasBell dang it… you made me have to open up the media guide on that question!!! 
      Does a corner count? Antoine Cason…
      Safety… go back to 1991. remember Stanley Dick… errrrrrr Stanley Richard? out of Texas.

  • Robby Nevarez

    Barron is exactly what we need, IMO

  • RussellGrant

    Barron can flat out ball and I think that would give OCs fits to plan for.  A guy who can cover, find the ball and hit.  We have a lot of holes and I still want an edge rusher so depending on how much they would need to give up for Barron I’d say look at the option.  Cautiously.

  • epadaon

    i just thought of something and it is totally unrelated….. WHEN IS @BoogaP GONNA GET THAT HAIRCUT?!?!

  • @kencaminiti21

    I would trade this year’s #1 and next year’s #1 to move up and get Barron assuming they can still get a pass rusher with thier 2nd round pick.  If they can end up with Barron and a guy like Shea McClellin from Boise St in the 2nd round that would be pretty nice. 

    • biggsybolt

      @@kencaminiti21 I read Dallas is willing to trade up to 10 to get him it might take 4 #1 picks to trade up far enough IMO not worth it!

  • Bolt Beat

    i would love for us to make this happen!!!

  • Robby Nevarez

    Been watching more highlight videos since this post, this guy is the real deal.

  • KeenanRickless

    I think I am just being optimistic, but I think that English and Luget will step up this year. After reading about how Harrison wants to be with Weddle, Im an instant fan. I want him here now. Trade down in first round to get him, then take a pass rusher in 2nd round in case our DE/OLB combo fails still.

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