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Should the Chargers Draft Safety Harrison Smith?

While the safety class in this years draft seems weak, Harrison Smith is one of the top free safety candidates in the 2012 draft.

According to a scouting report, in the past three years he’s had mixed reviews. He’s had good some good performances against very good teams and has had some forgettable games as well. Smith had a decent performance at the Senior Bowl and the Combine, showing blazing speed and good physicality. He covers the field well and is good against the run.

On the downside, he didn’t have a single interception in 2011 and his playmaking abilities are inconsistent but who knows what impovements he can make with a little coaching. He’s probably not a first round pick but maybe an early to middle second rounder. If the Chargers were to draft him, he could be a starter soon and make a good tandem with Eric Weddle.

Should the Chargers draft him? He might not be around when we select in the second round, should we move up in the draft to take him OR should we just hold our ground and look to draft a different safety?

  • KennyRedman

    But He had 7 interceptions the year prior. Smith led the secondary and ranked second on the team with 90 tackles and paced the Irish with 10 pass breakups in his senior season

  • chargerrocket

    We have a need at SS. If we are not able to get Barron in the first round, we need to try to get Smith in the second round even if it means trading up. Besides Barron, Smith is ready to contribute immediately including on special teams. He’s a four-year starter with football smarts and confidence. Not impress with George Iloka…poor tackling skills.

    • ThomasBell

       @chargerrocket I thought he started 3 years at ND. Doesn’t matter the Chargers need to get this guy even if that means trading down to pick in the late 1st round.

      • KennyRedman

        He is a three year starter with about half a season at LB

  • MikeTuck

    If Perry isn’t  there at 18 I wouldn’t mind a pick of Harrison and Wagner in the 2nd. That would be a great future middle of our defense for years to come. Weddle, Butler Harrison and Wagner.  That was the old Chargers stop the run first type tacklers. We had Williams but if our D-Line is going to be alittle porus or we’re going to take some chances blitzing you need some great tackling machines behind them.

  • MikeTuck

    To the side note of worried about loosing Rivers or not. The Chargers need to find a competing QB for the back-up and 3rd spot. Rivers is a warrior but if he goes down our running game has to pick up. That’s why i’d pick up Boise’s Kellen Moore. He knows how to run a running game and his escapability would help, because if Rivers goes down the opposing team is going to bring it. And running and causing havoc is the best way to get the D to back off. he doen’t have a strong arm but delivers it at a high percentage. A guy that can do that on the run is going to help if Rivers goes down. Whether a 5th to 7th round or invite your going to get a smart FOOTBALL PLAYER.