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Chargers 2012 Draft Visits and Workout Tracker

Here is the latest list of 2012 Draft prospects that the Chargers have worked out:

Old Dominion defensive tackle Ronnie Cameron.
California safety D.J. Campbell.
Oregon State cornerback Brandon Hardin.
Oklahoma linebacker Ronnell Lewis.
Jackson State defensive end Donavan Robinson.
Alabama tight end Brad Smelley.
Illinois safety Tavon Wilson.

Source Pro Football Talk

Not exactly first round talent on that list. Some of those guys might not even get drafted. Ronnell Lewis from Oklahoma might be the biggest name on the list. He could be drafted on the second day and would be a OLB in our system. He would also be able to contribute to special teams.

At least we have more defensive players in for a workout, then offensive guys. There are no offensive lineman on this list either. DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE!

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  • sdboltzfan

    What a poor list of possibilities. If Aj pulls some random pick in the first im gonna riot!

  • RussellGrant

    OK Lewis has a nose for the ball and likes to hit people.  Good combo.  If he’s around on the second day he’d look good in blue. 
    I’m assuming most of these guys are 2nd day / invite to camp guys.  I have a little bit of time at the end of the day so I went looking for video clips…
    Donavan Robinson has a motor but I only saw one game’s clips on him.  He was all over the Texas Southern QB.
    Tavon Wilson sounds like a good guy.  Interview shows a fair amount of football intelligence, as he explains setting up coverages in front of him.  Can he play?  Not sure.  No footage up.

    Brandon Hardin had a good stick on special teams against USC.  Wonder what else he can do

    D.J. Campbell had a couple of clips.  A good pick on a bad pass and a strip on a runner.
    But you gotta show some love to a guy named “Smelley”.  I mean come on!  The headlines write themselves.  Smelley put some Stink on the game.  Beyond that the man can catch.  Soft hands.  Rivers would love him.

    • BoogaP

       Nice work man!!

    • epadaon

       @RussellGrant nice job grabbin that film on everybody… i like what i see from Lewis… he just wants to lay people out .. cant have too many players like that.