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Who The Chargers Will Take, Should Take, Could Take, and Shouldn't Take In The Draft

We need a dominating dictating defense! That is what AJ Smith has been saying over and over again. We need it! At draft time, that needs to be our priority.

I went over to NFL Spin Zone and saw a list of the first few teams in the draft and who they will take, should take, could take and shouldn’t take. I thought it was a sweet idea, so had to make one for our Bolts.

Who they will take:
Joe Schmoe from Maine

We are talking about AJ Smith here! Who we will pick.. NOBODY KNOWS!  Anytime that we fall in love with someone in the draft, we just seem to go in a different direction.  Who did you like going into last year’s draft? Did we pick him?  NOPE!

Joe Schmoe! That’s how we roll! Expect it!

Who they should take:
Nick Perry, OLB/DE, USC
Whitney Mercilus, OLB/DE, Illinois
Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama

Defense, Defense and DEFENSE!! We need impact players on the defensive side of the ball and we need to get more pressure on the quarterback. The Giants had all kinds of players that they could put on the field to chase around the quarterback and it worked out well for them. We have to give coach Pagano the same ammunition.

Who they could take:
Mark Barron, SS, Alabama

The depth at the strong safety position in this draft is lacking and Barron is at the top of the class. It would be a surprise pick, but we would be filling a huge need on the team. There is also some depth for pass rushers in this draft and we could be able to pick up the pass rusher that we need in the next round.

Who they shouldn’t take:
David DeCastro, OG, Stanford
Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia
Anyone on offensive side of the ball

Did I mention that our priorities should be defense? The offensive starters are set and we can draft for depth at positions later in the draft, but we should not use our first round draft pick on an offensive player. Cordy Glenn and David DeCastro have been popular in mock drafts for us, but we have bigger needs to fill.

What do you think of the list? I know there are some of you out there that want to take that offensive player!

@joebeltran619 from twitter sent me this pic and needed to add it to the post:

Source: via Ernie on Pinterest

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  • sdboltzfan

    I love the list. Exactly my thoughts. I actually think we should take Barron first, then de/lb in the next round. Like you said, depth at the safety position drops pretty dramatically after 1-2 guys.

  • the gorn

    I’m not sold on picking a safety in the first round.  I’m in favor of getting an OLB edge rusher or an OL.  If we want to be dominant, we need to show the NFL that we can shove around the other teams.

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Trade down and get an extra Second Rounders.
    1. Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
    2. Alameda Ta’amu, DT,Washington
    2. Shea McClellin, OLB, Boise State
    3. Lavonte David, SS Nebraska – you convinced me Ernie. Plus, this actually could happen depending on how far along the Boltz think Stuckey has progressed.

    • epadaon

       @A_Eme_O_Ere hahaha… love it…
      that would be quite a haul if we were able to make that happen! defense defense defense, and i can tell you believe in that!

      • A_Eme_O_Ere

         @epadaon Well, AJ has shown he can get OL help in the later rounds or as free agents after the draft. 

        • the gorn

           @A_Eme_O_Ere Who are you referring to other than Dielman?  All the other late rounders (4th and later) and UDFA are all journeymen.  BTW, I’m not sold on Gaither.  He could still be a lazy slug.

        • face1992

           @A_Eme_O_Ere that coud not really happen, because with stephen gilmore pro day he put hisself as a lock for the 2nd or 3rd corner off the board, he would not be in the 2nd round, but i like the alameda ta’amu, and maybe a pass rusher, like ronnell mcclain, vinny curry and Harrison smith, i really believe Harrison smith will be an excellent fit with Weddle

    • the gorn

       @A_Eme_O_Ere  Lavonte David, SS Nebraska–It could work.  Steeler great, Carnell Lake, was a college linebacker converted to safety.

    • BoogaP

       Really like the idea of trading down to get another second.  We have a lot of holes to fill.

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  • MikeTuck

    Funny thing about it Smith bys in to the East Coast bias that ESPN perpetuates. SEC thi and SEC that, their good I get it. But there’s alot of Pac 12 and Smaller wesstern devisions with alot of pros in the NFL. Fresno had a Superbowl QB, laugh if you want, but Doug Williams, Bob Griese, and alot of pther QB’s just controled the game. Looking for Defense USC, Dor Olines Oregon, even Boise has a good OT this year. The hype is bogus and like all maketing it’s who your promoter is. Kiper is the worst as he goes on and on about speed size and IQ. How about a football player. Speed doesn’t = Quikness which is way more important in the first 10-20 yrds. Size and wieght can be of value but at that age you don’t know if they’ll end up with the same quickness and size. IQ and the heart of a football player is the most important thing. Ask a few Navy Seals the value of smarts, quick thinking, quick reacting.  It can nulifie size alot.

    • the gorn

       @MikeTuck I agree with you on the measurements stuff.  People rely on it too much.  These guys should be watching film and drills, not track and field events for football players.  I suspect that it’s laziness.  The film takes too long.  This is why guys like Jeremy Lin get overlooked.  Instincts are more important than 40 times.

    • Bleu

      @MikeTuck I agree to a certain extent. I just feel like we need to deal with higher calibur football programs and the best of the best is the SEC AND PAC12 period!……… We need to she away from those exceptional football program and go for the money so we can hit da jackpot…….. Dats not to say dat other programs are weak but im tired of chasing bologne wen i want steak…….

  • BoogaP

    Ernie- You’re probably right on “Joe Schmoe.”  With the each and every draft I get more and more nervous preparing for who A.J. takes in the first round.I will say that I wanted him to take Mathews and love that pick.  Other first rounders in recent history, not so much.
    With this being a make or break year for  A.J., and Turner for that matter,I really believe that he will nail this draft.  Just a feeling.  I’m completely torn on OLB or SS in first round.
    Regardless, the draft is less than a month away!!! I can not wait!!

  • BoogaP

    Stephen Cooper went to Maine, maybe he knows Mr. Schmoe!  lol

    • epadaon

       @BoogaP  Mr Cooper was the inspiration for using Maine :)

  • 619chargers4life

    Every year i try to pick our first round draft pick and ive only been right once. that was when we traded up to get Mathews. i felt like i won the lottery lol then last year i was praying we got WR brown and we did and i was stoked again lol. but this year i have no clue what he is going to do. all the talk about a dominating dictating Defense from AJ got me thnking he is just saying that to throw everyone for a loop which AJ is really good at doing. But this year he might be for real. I think we may trade up but i dont think AJ is trying to give up a second rounder this year due to the fact that we need a SS. so my first round pick looks like this.
    If we trade up we pick Perry or Upshaw.
    if we stay where we are, then i can see Mercilus. 
    personally would love to see Mercy-less putting the smack down in the blue and gold 

  • epadaon

    thanks to joebeltran619  we have the joe schmoe jerseys!! hahahahaha


  • MikeTuck

     @Bleu All I’m saying is we go across the country because the Eastern teams get hyped alot. remember the year Wa. and miami tied for the NC but Wa. had beat them straight out that year and they still got a split, this was before computers figured it out. But the Pac 12 and Wac and Mt. Western all have good programs. USC, OR, OR ST AR they all have high calber players. I’d put James and Hillman up against anyone in the draft. USC consistantly puts out great D- players ( so we passed on Mathews ) The safety from Montana, Bobby Wagner Utah St ILB, The St. of Oregons recievers have alway been good. It use to be close to home as a source of pride and keeping your players. Kiper sells crap like all marketing execs. but it’s marketing. Draft out west to keep guys around and have them be proud to be playing close to home. Anybody can give me alot of crap about this and their all listening to ESPN. There are atheletes to be found out here and it’s the total of the many that make up a team and it takes a coach that knows their talents to use them correctly. this year lets show them what the dudes out west have. 

  • DonnDunlap

    14 linebackers on roster. 8 offensive linemen to open 2011 season (lowest in NFL) and Chargers are worse this year at this position. Barron or Glenn would be a wise choice. Larry English was a down lineman suited better for a 4-3 as is Perry and Upshaw. AJ thinks that he can convert these guys to NFL OLB/pass rusher and every scout knows they lack hip action/flexibility to cover in space.Not to be contrary but the SEC has won 6 straight national championships and the Chargers have just about the fewest on roster in the NFL. The SEC and O-linemen will rule the 2012 draft and AJ better get on board.