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Booga's All-time Chargers "Unsung" Offense


These guys aren’t going to the Hall of Fame unless it’s taking the family to soak in some football history.  My list is not only arguable, it is completely disputable! Hence the idea for the article.  I want to see what all the Boltheads out there have to say.  Who do YOU think was under-rated/under-appreciated? Who made an impact in your eyes, as far as the Charger offense is concerned?  Or, heck, who are your favorites? Here comes my squad.  I’ll be coming out with my defense, as well.  Yes, I have to put Dennis Gibson on there regardless of his “other” career stats.  But let’s check out the offense for now.

QB) Stan Humphries    Backup QB) Doug Flutie

HB) Lionel James   HB) Ronnie Harmon

FB) Steve Hendrickson

WR) Anthony Miller  WR2) Gary Garrison  WR3) Curtis Conway

TE) Alfred Pupunu

T) Roman Oben     T) Jim Lachey

G) Mike Goff   G) Kris Dielman

C) Courtney Hall

There it is folks!  Remember, these are just Chargers that I like and have left memories in my mind.  As to including Dielman, he is one of my favorite Chargers of all-time.  I don’t know that I could ever make a list about the Chargers that doesn’t include his name.  a positive one of course!

Hit me up in the comments with questions or memories of your own! Thanks for reading.


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  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    booga… love the list. Marion Butts? Tony Martin? 
    LOVED Ronnie Harmon!!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED! 
    can we get an all-time BUST team as well! ryan leaf, buster davis… 

    • BoogaP

       Loved Martin.  Humphries to Martin at Huskies Stadium against the Seahawks for 99  yd TD baby!!  RB was the toughest position for me.  I wore #26 in peewee football for Lionel James.  He had the all purpose yards record for a while.  Butts!  I remember when I got his rookie card in a pack and on the back it said, “Butts is like John Dillinger in head gear!” Even as a child I always loved RBs who could also catch the ball out of the backfield.  Harmon topped 1000 yds one yr and James just missed 1000 by about 80 yds or so another year.And who doesn’t love Pupunu! That pass he caught in the AFC championship against Pittsburgh to help send us to the big one!  And of course the coconut celebration.  My dad and I assumed a pineapple.  Pupunu’s Pineapple celebration.  Rolls off the tongue better!
      You read my mind on the BUST team.  I wanted to see the reaction the “Unsungs” received and then go from there.  WR) Buster Davis   WR) David Boston  Back up QB) Babe.  Just a few teasers.

  • biggsybolt

    Awesome, crack that pineapple Pooo! I too love Butts, Harmon, Little Train James, I would add Chuck Munice to the list. If my memory isn’t failing me Hank Bauer was a HB also. Can’t wait to see the defensive unsung heros….Gil Byrd would top my list

    • BoogaP

       Bauer was a HB but he specialized in being a special teams dynamo!  Better than Osgood was in his prime! Love me the real # 22 for the Bolts.  Gill Byrd is one of the most under-rated Chargers of all-time for sure!He might make the list…. Ha Ha!

  • MikeTuck

    BoogaP; How long you been a Chargers Fan. The 80′s offensive line was twice as good as this. Fouts was a better QB, Alworth, Joiner, Chandler, Gates and Winslow. Muncie, Tomlinson. THE cHARGER HAVE BEEN AROUND ALOT LONGER THAN THE SUPERBOWL YEAR. The only good thing about that team were Seau Gibson Byrdetc. Humphries was a good QB but Ross deserves all the credit for taking these misfits to the Superbowl. And Ross leaving tells you all you need to know about Spanos.

    • BoogaP

       Were you drunk commenting again Mike? LOL!  Read the article, man.  These are guys that I like(d). 
      Lachey, Garrison, James, and Miller were not on the Superbowl team.  Oh and BTW, Byrd wasn’t with the Chargers during 94-95. So he had NOTHING to do with the Superbowl team.  Also, Our d-line had O’Neal, Mims, Parella, Rueben Davis, and Shawn Lee. That might have had something to do with us being a good team.  Notice I said good, not great. 
      I will say that your comment was far easier to read/decipher than most of your comments.
      Bolt Up!

      • biggsybolt

        @BoogaP @MikeTuck All I have to say about that eras d is ALOHA MR.HAND! That d- line made Elvis “Toast” Patterson look good!

  • MikeTuck

     @BoogaP I didn’t say Byrd was on the Superbowl team, I said he was in the late 80′s to 90′s and was the best CB we’d had in a long time. I read the list and I still disagree with it. Love the RB’s but they didn’t have the impact Muncie and Tomlinson did. In Tomlinsons case if Marty would have been kept as Coach there’s a good chance they would have got to the Superbowl. (And I’m not a Martyball fan, but he losened up and trusted his team to get-r-dun ) If you look at Fouts front line we’ve had few that got to that caliber. At TE I’d agree if we put 2 TE’s down. Pupunu was the best blocking TE. And leaving out Coach Joiner who Largent broke his record was pathetic. Humphreys made good with what he had. That Superbowl defense had some great players too. But Big Hand Johnson, Dean, We fed the 49ers for all their SB years. Ever since Spanos bought the team from Klien it has been Micromanaged into hell. Butler was a great pickup but Smith has got alot of issues. Look at their crying about the NFL, the Stadium and now Agents. No Clas what so ever.

  • MikeTuck

     @biggsybolt You got that right, like I said to Booga, Dean Johnson,Williams etc. We had some really good linemen through the late 70′s to the early 80′s and every great pass rusher was let go to the 49er’s and lets not forget hometown boy Gary Plummer. Seau stuck it out to bad Plummer didn’t, but who wanted to play for Spanos a man with very close ties to Al Davis the Chargers #1 enemy.