Nov 28, 2010; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers linebacker Stephen Cooper (54) is congratulated for coming up with an interception against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Don’t let him fly the Coop!!!


Well…..Manning is in the AFC West now. Would anybody like to argue with me about needing a pass-rusher in the first round? Anybody? Anyone? Didn’t think so.  SP95 I’ve got love for you man; I’m not hating by ANY means.  I have that powder blue throwback 95!

I can understand those of you that might contend that Barron might be a good pick in the first round as well. Bigby is strictly a stop-gap, imo. Sounds like some think Stuckey is more than a special teamer…. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings!!  I truly hoped Bigby would be in a Chargers uni two years ago, I must admit. Can’t deny the strong need for a SS in this defense. That being said……

We need to bring back Cooper!! I put two exclamation points for a reason. People, Charger fans especially, seem to think we have the Colts number. More importantly, Manning’s number.  FYI- We don’t have Sproles anymore…….But that is not the purpose of this article.

Cooper owns Manning. Cooper, not our beloved Bolts, owns Manning. Some of my favorite Charger moments of the last 25 years include Manning audibling with Cooper doing the same. I’m not worried about the fact that he got paid for being injured……again…kinda.

He is worth the risk knowing that Manning is a rival QB twice in the regular season. Seeing Cooper orchestrate that defense against Manning was like hearing me sing “Amazing Grace” or “The National Anthem”……This one time, at music camp….I met the mother of my two amazingly beautiful children. Don’t tell my daughter that she has been “fibbed to about being the most beautiful girl” my wife is extremely hot……But my daughter looks exactly like her at her age so……Stay away you little terds that can read!!  She is 3!! Plus, Paw Paw Winky( ;)  ) will “get your mind right”, so to speak!!  Yeah, I can sing. I’m damn good too.  I’ll touch on that later….in a different article.

Bring Cooper back at the Vet minimum. Please, A.J., I implore you to do so. What do we have to lose?? A roster spot that belongs to one of my favorite Chargers of all-time??? Get it done today, please and thank you.

Thanks for listening!!! Now go comment! Watch your language! You know who I’m talking to!! LMAO!!!

Dick Goodman…..Hilarious…..

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  • biggsybolt

    I had asked epaddon about coop last week. This is why. If he is a viable player bring him in as an assistant lb coach to help tko and Butler.

    • 619chargers4life

       @biggsybolt he is up there in age. always like him. but we dont need any more old players coming to this D to play. To coach i would be all for it. we dont need to keep getting older. we need to get younger

  • SteveDiaz

    We need to address some serious defensive players in the draft. I was hoping to get Leonhard at safety, but bringing back Cooper is not going to help our defense now. We already have enough veteran players. We need to go younger, faster, and stronger now for our Defense. If we don’t sign Garay, look for us to address this in the draft also.

    • epadaon

       @SteveDiaz i hope we do bring back garay… we dont have enough high draft picks to fill all the holes. pass rush and safety are big in this draft for us

    • BoogaP

       Nice Post!  I don’t care if Cooper literally plays in only two games. Against Denver would be my choice…. And, truth be told, the Manning-led Broncos will look far different than the Manning-led Colts.,…But he wants to do “his thing.”  He will be the offensive coordinator.  He will be the “coach on the field.”  Denver has made the decision to put it’s full faith and trust in Manning.  That is a serious commitment.  Cooper has him figured out.  Cooper has his number, so to speak.  Bring him back!
      Rivers, you got what you asked for in wanting to compete with the best!  That being said, you are the best and when you kick his butt twice this year and next, I will celebrate our birthday all in the same……although, I am 3 years older than you, we share December the 8th my friend!!  Along with Gilchrist, of course. Who, by the way, will fill the nickel role and exceed all expectations in doing so!!! Well, not all……I expect him, as well as many other young Bolts, to really benefit from a full off-season!
      Bolt up!!!  Thanks for reading!!

  • SteveDiaz

    @epadaon. Me too. I think our db’s would look a lot better with a pass rush. I was also hoping we could re-sign McNeil and make him a RT to replace Clary. That would give us a great OL and give Rivers time to throw. I don’t know why we re-signed Whitehurst for that amount of money, because Volek did a great job for us. I have a feeling we’ll re-sign Garay and Hester, then concentrate on defense in the draft.

    • epadaon

       @SteveDiaz that would be interesting to see big mac and gaither as the bookends!!! would be pretty sweet

    • BoogaP

       Check out my article on Backus re-signing with the Lions….Agreed on McNeill and Gaither…..
      Will never forget what Volek did for us in the playoffs especially…..But, glad to see Charlie Clipboard back in a Bolts uni!!

  • Charger_Gal

    @BoogaP @biggsybolt @rockthebolt @cheech619 “Cooper own Manning. Cooper, not our beloved Bolts, owns Manning.” LOVE IT! With you 100%