Chargers Release QB Billy Volek, Sign SS Atari Bigby

Another era has ended in Charger Park. Long-time backup quarterback Billy Volek has been released today after the signing of Clipboard Jesus. He has been with the team since 2006 and has helped us out in some key moments, most notably the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. He was considered one of the best backup QBs in the league, but now the role will go to Charlie.

In addition, the Chargers added a new strong safety to the roster with the addition of Atari Bigby to the roster. He had been a member of the Green Bay Packers for 5 seasons and was a member of the Seattle Seahawks last season. He only started 2 games last season and he will add depth to the secondary.

Who let the real AJ back in the building?

Here is SP’s reaction to the signing of Atari:

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  • biggsybolt

    Not good when one of the major leaders say something like that! I’m assuming he will be a back up to the rookie we haven’t drafted!

  • BoogaP

    LOL! I have a feeling, 95 , is being funny……

  • BoogaP

    Was hoping to get Bigby two yrs. ago…… Big hitter but will have to learn more…. Clipboard Jesus? 
    Glad to see what goes around…..comes…. back around……?

    • epadaon

      @BoogaP AKA Charlie Clipboard