Indianapolis Colts Release Their Whole Roster

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The Indianapolis Colts are dropping players left and right and teams that are in need of veteran players are watching closely to try and pick up some of the leftovers. The Chargers just picked up a middle linebacker yesterday with the signing of Demorrio Williams, but there is another veteran that is now made available and could help the team in the middle of the defense.

De-Gary Brackett was released by the Indianapolis Colts now and he is one of the best coverage middle backers when he is healthy. We have always struggled covering the tight ends and Brackett could be able to help us out. He was only able to play in one game last season with a rotator cuff injury. If we were able to pick him up, he could add more depth in the middle of the defense and Demorrio could be used mostly on special teams.

The Colts also dropped TE Dallas Clark, S Melvin Bullitt and RB Joseph Addai. These are all positions that the Chargers need more depth at, but all of these guys have a history of injury problems.

There should be more action on the waiver wire in the next couple of days before free agency starts and the Chargers should be watching closely. Hopefully there will be more pass rushing options for us to choose from.

Would you guys consider Gary Brackett?

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  • RussellGrant

    They want a clean break from Manning and they are going to get it!  They are releasing everyone who has injury problems.  Still I might be up to looking at Gary Brackett.  But stay away from DeGary Brackett.  He’s a whiner!

  • CindiSpears

    I would take Brackett.  He’s only 5’11″, but at 235 lbs he can hit.

  • NickGoulart1

    I love the title of this blog post!…….seriously though, looking at it from their point of view– it needed to be done.
    I agree on Brackett.  Too bad we just signed Williams.  Way to jump the gun AJ (and I’m normally one of his few supporters).  We should have let a few more chips fall before siging the guy.  I doubt people were banging down his door.  I doubt we will use any more funds to sign any more over the hill ILB’s.  Especially with Mouton coming into the fold….get me an OLB (*cough* Mario)!

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Can you imagine the Boltz in a 2-tight end set and the 2 tight ends are Antonio Gates and DallasClark? Awesome!

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    BTW – if AJ is still interested in adding experience/depth the Vikings just release 34-year old Steve Hutchinson

  • MikeTuck

    NO Doubt Brackett should have a Chargers Uniform on next week. You look at his work and you see a consistant presence, and with Butlers consistant play they should do a lot more to lock down the run. And he knows how to cover that’s no doubt so covering TE and Slots over the middle will help.

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Brackett would be great but it looks like his small size has really taken a toll on him. I’d rather we take Kuechly or Hightower but AJ probably won’t go there because we got Mouton last year.

  • dorourke2312

    To be honest, I’m tired of us picking up guys who are made of glass or over the hill.  We need to stop signing other teams’ trash and start going after younger players.  We need to rebuild our roster, not make it older and more injury prone than it already is.  Any one of these colts players would be a huge waist of time (Just like Bob Sanders).  Let’s look a young free agents who can contribute to the team for more than 2 seasons. 

    • RussellGrant

       @dorourke2312 That would be the best move but young stud free agents who can impact a team are going to want young stud free agent money which AJ historically will not pay.  We all want a new car but sometimes we have to drive the beater and hope it gets us to work.  AJ’s free agent money isn’t new car (young stud free agent) money.  It is more set to the beater (over 30/ “Don’t worry.  My doctor said my back was fine”) kind of free agent.

      • dorourke2312

         @RussellGrant Well if AJ wants to keep doing what he’s been doing by all means go ahead.  Seems to be working…

  • MikeTuck

     @dorourke2312 Amen to that, we need a youth movement. 2-3 NFL years experience on a solid team. Look at if they’ve increased their abilitys at their position and that’s a sign of learning capability and i’d pick up players who match what we need to the criteria.It shows that they are a serious player and the value has posibilitys of continuing to rise.

  • MikeTuck

    @ RusselGrant; Right that’s exactly the reason he should have been let go. If your picking up a stud that’s going to be working with your first unit you give him a 3 year and pay him. if your just picking up backup then get the best beater available. But AJ has been short changing this team by gambling on injured prone, older, mediocre players and it’s hurt the team. We could have a first class first unit if they’d cut the players that he’s gambled on and have just been hanging around burning money ie; English and he’s not the only one. I’d hoped that he would clean house of some of these players he bet on and they’re burning money for spots on the first team. We can get young hungrey college walk ons like Gates to play special teams and backup, and maybe we get lucky for the future. But pay the price for a A+ first Unit.

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